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2017 movies

This category has been fabricated to cover those 2017 movies that hit this year. Even though there’s a high chance that some might not release this year in my country. I will try my level best to cover them next year. I am only a human after all. Please bear with me.

Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle

Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle Review (2017) | An Entertaining Upgrade

Suprise! Surprise! Jumanji resurrects in our very own gaming world and you know what? It's not bad at all. Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle has all the things to entertain you despite its fantastical roots. That being said, there are elements in it that will make you scoff nevertheless, but isn't that how this entertaining franchise has always been? Fanciful and scratching the surface of surrealism? Plot of Jumanji Welcome ...
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Ferdinand movie wallpaper

Ferdinand Movie Review (2017) | A Pacifist’s Tale in a Violent World

Surprisingly a good movie! I would be honest with you. From the trailers, I didn't expect much from Ferdinand Movie.  But I was wonderstruck when I actually saw it. Watching it become a powerhouse of emotions as the movie progressed, I knew I had been dead wrong. That a movie should not be judged by its trailer, just as no book should be judged by its cover. Ferdinand movie didn't ...
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star wars the last jedi movie wallpaper

Star Wars The Last Jedi Review (2017) | Epicness Continues

One word. Epic! Star Wars The Last Jedi promises goosebumps and it delivers exactly that on a silver platter. Episode VIII in the Star Wars saga has an extremely well-written story that gambols on different storylines to keep viewers interested. It has so many awe-inspiring moments in it to leave you wonderstruck, nay, starstruck with each scene that follows. Whether it be the inclusion of new characters or species, Star ...
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Wonder movie wallpaper

Wonder Movie Review (2017) | Always Choose Kind

A wonder-full movie! Wonder movie is based on R. J. Palacio's eponymous debut novel. Boy! Has it been adapted brilliantly! With Jacob Tremblay doing justice to the role of Auggie, this movie is going to melt your heart on countless occasions. It is riveting throughout and lets you relate to its characters. Unlike other movies where a protagonist-perspective is often brought into play for right about everything, Wonder movie doesn't ...
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coco movie wallpaper

Coco Movie Review (2017) | Remember the Forgotten

Pixar still doesn't fail to amaze! With fancy that could put the fanciful to shame, Coco movie invites applause even by hopping into different universes. It launches with the theme of a dreamer Miguel (Anthony Gonzalez) who is bent on becoming something he is destined to. Just when you think the movie is going to be all about it, it turns into something more exciting as it progresses. There are ...
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Qarib Qarib Singlle Movie Wallpaper

Qarib Qarib Singlle Review (2017) | Keeping Up with the Gifted Irrfan Khan

Tanuja Chandra's Qarib Qarib Singlle places Irrfan in a light we love to see him in - the ballsy carefree reckless man who doesn't hold back from talking his heart out. The flick is built on romance but the chemistry, unfortunately, doesn't have the right spark to make you really feel it. On one hand, Irrfan simply mesmerizes you with his realistic performance. On the other hand, there is Parvathy who fails to impress ...
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Upcoming 2017 Movies

While there are many that I have already covered so far, there are a whole lot of 2017 movies that are yet to hit the theatres. When they do, I promise to place them here, so everything stays organized. I intend to provide you Amazon links for buying and renting movies so that you could instantly order them in case you miss them.

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