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2017 movies

This category has been fabricated to cover those 2017 movies that hit this year. Even though there’s a high chance that some might not release this year in my country. I will try my level best to cover them next year. I am only a human after all. Please bear with me.

American Assassin Movie Wallpaper

American Assassin Movie Review (2017) | Every Rebellious Child’s Dream

American Assassin movie can't be taken seriously. It feels like every child's dream when they are growing up, wishing to revolt against something, everything, and against everybody. Not listening to anybody, doing things as one pleases, being the sole hero, to stopping everything bad without bothering for consequences. Mitch Rapp (Dylan O' Brien) is a one-man army with absurd unrealistic dialogues in his mouth, who calls the shots himself and ...
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Logan Lucky Movie

Logan Lucky Review (2017) | Steven Soderbergh Returns to Heist

It's one hell of a sight to see Steven Soderbergh get back to heist movies. Logan Lucky is as ravishing as his Ocean's franchise used to be. It has a star-studded cast, a great story, great humour and is really satisfying to watch. Almost manages to take you back in time to the Ocean's. Logan Lucky is smart, inventive and funny and that's what makes it an enjoyable flick. The ...
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it movie 2017 wallpaper

It Movie Review (2017) | A Perfect Paragon of Dark Poetry | Full Analysis with Spoilers

If you think It Movie is limited to horror, you are dead wrong. In fact, to me, it even didn't feel like one. So what is it that makes Stephen King's It one of a kind? The metaphor, yes! If you are watching the flick reading between its frames, you are definitely going to enjoy the flick more. I will acquaint you with how beautiful Stephen King's fancy is by ...
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batman and harley quinn movie wallpaper

Batman and Harley Quinn Movie Review (2017) | Worst DC Animated Movie Yet

Batman and Harley Quinn movie is hands down one of the worst DC animated movies yet. It went straight to video and there's no surprise there! It is demeaning and disparaging to all the characters in the DC universe. A Batman flick deserves a better story and dialogues, goes without saying, a character like Harley Quinn deserves a better movie. The humour is so not funny. It makes you feel ...
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the hitman's bodyguard movie wallpaper

The Hitman’s Bodyguard Review (2017) | An Act of Deliberate Plotting

The Hitman's Bodyguard is as weird, absurd and fun as it sounds by the very title of it. Doesn't that give away a bit of a plot as well? So, we already knew the nub of the tale even before walking into the theatre. Of course, oblivious to how much comedy the movie was going to pack in. The good news is that the movie is exactly what it promises ...
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the dark tower movie wallpaper

The Dark Tower Movie Review (2017) | The Tower Fails to Stand

Fans of Stephen King, witness disappointment! The Dark Tower movie adaptation by Nikolaj Arcel is an undercooked meal that fails to do the book the justice it deserves. Hell, it even doesn't stand as a good movie on its own. If it only had some eye popping action to shoot it forward, the movie would have been entertaining at least. But it is all so limited that you are forced ...
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Upcoming 2017 Movies

While there are many that I have already covered so far, there are a whole lot of 2017 movies that are yet to hit the theatres. When they do, I promise to place them here, so everything stays organized. I intend to provide you Amazon links for buying and renting movies so that you could instantly order them in case you miss them.

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