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Abominable Movie Review (2019) | This Flick is Abominable

Did not expect this from Dreamworks Animation! Whilst the Abominable movie tries to be all cute and cuddly, it stands so without any logic. There are so many instances wherein it overlooks basic common sense. At a point, it becomes so frustrating that you stop enjoying the movie and you want it to simply get over with.

That’s not the only thing that’s frustrating. The story of the movie is also very similar to so many movies we have seen in the past. The backdrop is set in China, that’s the only part where it tries to be different. However, you can’t simply paint over a movie and expect it to fit in a different map.

The worst part is that the movie isn’t funny. It tries to be on so many occasions, but the humour is so not up to the mark. Even so, you would realize it’s stuff that kids often enjoy. So calling Abominable movie a kid’s movie wouldn’t be wrong.

The Plot of Abominable Movie

I wouldn’t say the plot of Abominable movie had anything special to offer. We have seen the same concept in so many movies in the past that it has become cliched and boring.

The story which is conceived by Jill Culton, almost akin to Bumblebee except that it is not at all serious about what it is trying to achieve. It is almost as if a child wrote the story taking inputs from several movies built on a similar line.

abominable movie yeti and girl

A girl trying to get away from home meets a Yeti, who is all chubby and good. Earlier captive he is trying to escape its fate and dreams of going home. If that wasn’t fantastical enough, wait for it, it is a magical Yeti too.

Then the whole movie is an effort in ensuring that the Yeti goes back home. In that process, a guy understands that he was too quick to judge, that people should read into other’s stories too before making a quick judgment about them.

Some okayish points are there, yes, where you are forced to think that in a not so fantastical world, Abominable movie would have still made sense. But unfortunately, all the segments that constitute it as a whole are intensely flawed. It takes away all of your interest as the directors Jill Culton and Todd Wilderman keep overlooking basic reasoning.

It was a real bummer to find that the creators of a movie like How to Train Your Dragon could not meet their standards.

Everest – The Yeti

It wouldn’t be wrong to say a lot of effort went into the making of Everest, the yeti. It is hands down very cute. Its creation has been done thoughtfully, letting the teeth show from the bottom of his mouth. Big eyes with two dots for nose give him a quite adorable appearance.

The CGI of the movie is brilliant. Plenty of moments suggesting that. Afterall it comes straight from the studios who brought you How to Train Your Dragon.

The animation of the flick is great. You have got to marvel at the power of animation when you realize how it makes even scenic landscapes appear stunning and unreal. The movie uses them aplenty. In a magical setup where they show a piece of land gush in like a wave, it all seems very alluring.

Often when Yi plays, the power of the violin’s music blooms flowers around her. It is a scene that melts your heart for not only the music at that juncture is extremely soothing per se but even the camera work has been done beautifully.

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The Illogical Stuff in Movie Abominable

The bits that make the movie less savory are the illogical stuff that the movie carries. It is so high on it, that it forces you to shake your head on countless occasions.

For instance, why would a Yeti understand English and that too in a day? Or how can be someone’s parents be okay with their children going on a trip to China without telling them?

If Abominable movie was initially conceived with a cliched plot it should have at least tried to be a tad funnier or at least different. Unfortunately, it isn’t both.

Paper-thin characters that try to have a story without having any content to back them up occupy its content. It all ends up becoming very frustrating.

abominable movie gang wallpaper

Music and Screenplay

The Abominable movie has a brilliant score that comes straight from the violin of Yi (Chloe Bennet). However, the creators milk it more than it was necessary. There should have been some variety in what Yi plays since towards the end it all starts to become a tad monotonous.

If you take a look at the screenplay of Abominable movie, there is nothing out of the ordinary it has to offer. Some really poor writing with stuff that tends to cringe you sometimes.

One of the most vexing characters in the flick is that of Jin (Tenzing Norgay Trainor). Not only is he irritating right from the very beginning, but even when he tries to have a change of heart, it somehow doesn’t feel satisfying to watch.

What’s worse is that he tries to do stuff that is not funny and then the creators want us to guffaw at such daft things.

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The Final Verdict

I had walked in the theatres with high expectations on this being a Dreamworks Animation, and I was utterly disappointed by the lack of seriousness the movie retains in filmmaking. It seemed like a movie that goes to video when it does not meet the standards.

Remember if you are sound enough to understand, reason and rationale, this isn’t the movie for you. However, it is the voice of an adult complaining.

If you are a child or have a kid at home, they are definitely going to enjoy this new character that is not only huge but amiable and adorable at the same time. Kids don’t really delve into logic, and so it sort of fits the bill.

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  • Good CGI
  • Everest


  • Cliched concept
  • Poor Screenplay
  • Impoverished Direction

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