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spies in disguise movie wallpaper

Spies in Disguise Review (2019) | Pigeon Me Not

Spies in Disguise movie is a delightful take on the world of the spies, and all those 007 cliches that it tries to overcome with a concept whose mere mention would draw out instant guffaws. The movie pulls our attention toward pigeons, those literally invisible birds that are breathing among ...
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Abominable Movie Wallpaper

Abominable Movie Review (2019) | This Flick is Abominable

Did not expect this from Dreamworks Animation! Whilst the Abominable movie tries to be all cute and cuddly, it stands so without any logic. There are so many instances wherein it overlooks basic common sense. At a point, it becomes so frustrating that you stop enjoying the movie and you ...
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The Angry Birds 2 movie wallpaper

The Angry Birds Movie 2 Review (2019) | Gets An Upgrade

The Angry Birds Movie 2 is a major upgrade in terms of humour. The first one was badly written in terms of jests, but this one, fortunately, is the exact opposite. We have plenty of good slapstick humour going around here that makes this movie a hoot. Even though there ...
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the grinch movie wallpaper

The Grinch Movie Review (2018) | A Middling Entertainer

The Grinch movie is entertaining, yes, but it feels like an arrow missed. Based on the popular Dr. Seuss book, the flick is a good adaptation of the story that shows Max, Grinch's dog, in a great avatar. It is fun to see the relationship Grinch shares with him. However, ...
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hotel transylvania 3 summer vacation wallpaper

Hotel Transylvania 3 Summer Vacation Review (2018) | Just Stop Already!

How should I put it? Umm....Hotel Transylvania 3 Summer Vacation feels like when you are changing channels on your Television and you stop to see what Drac is up to, and you end up seeing it anyway just for a smile. To frame it in a sentence - it's not ...
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incredibles 2 movie wallpaper

Incredibles 2 Movie Review (2018) | 14 Years of Punishing Wait is Over

The sequel to Incredibles is finally here after 14 years and it's hard not to go gaga over it. Incredibles 2 movie is exactly what we expected it to be - extremely entertaining! In terms of its story, it is almost like its prequel and more, as the creators let ...
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