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Before The Flood Movie (2016) | The Damage Is Done | Let’s Undo It

Before The Flood movie is an eye opener.  It kills me inside to see how inconsiderate we have been all our life, to the planet that gives us the right to live. The right to survive in it, to experience its stunning creations, to stay ensnared by its bountiful fruits. While one man is on a mission to disclose our eyes, and has been ranting all his life addressing a situation so grave that it calls for immediate action, it becomes our moral duty to take care of our invaluable home.

It is high time, for once, we start caring about something that is real. Something that holds the fate of our future in its hands. Climate Change is happening as we speak. It is time we act.

Before The Flood Movie

Even though I have been following environmental acts by Leonardo DiCaprio closely, the true gravitas of the situation speaks volume in Before The Flood movie.  On the anvil of Fisher Stevens, Before the Flood Documentary is helmed. It gives us a knell of sorts, warning us of the impending danger our future holds for us. Trust all the environmental scientists that have been bawling out all this time – It does not look good!

Enric Sala and Leonardo DiCaprio in Before The Flood Movie

Improper Education: A Big Inhibiting Rock

It makes me really sad how I have never really looked into that direction. As if it was a sub-conscious distant issue that failed to affect my life on the go. Now that I pay the utmost heed, I feel swollen up with a dozen questions.

How growing up nobody ever taught me to do things the right way? Why was I not informed not to harm my environment by learning fossil fuels are not good? That their usage should call for an immediate ban? Instead I was taught how coal is formed with fossils. Why was I expounded everything about excavating hidden treasures for creating things? How about they should be left intact underground so that they don’t soil our future?

Yes, there were insinuations no doubt, but where was the focus? Where was the gravity in the teaching and my learning? Why wasn’t I taught anything about how to curtail prodigal actions? To not consume things that can’t be renewed? To not go for a bike or a car when all they do is create environmental pollution? Why didn’t I learn to create renewable sources of energy, and not just for the heck of it or for experimental purposes but to actually benefit a village or a group of house instead?

India: A Land of Unmindful Festivals

Half of the things in our lives are habits that have tacked along by following conventions. You can’t shut down a nation that dons its culture on its showy countenance. People are too ignorant to realize if anything could have such a massive impact. Half of the multitude has never even heard of Global Warming. Some are lost in their flashy ways of living. They do things simply because it elevates them to a stratum well above the others. That’s where their grimy satisfaction lies. Whilst what remains is a hoard that is just trying to have fun irrespective of repercussions.

If you say your festival is noisy, they get offended. You can’t even imagine bringing them to the gavels, because the judge wouldn’t find them guilty either. For a country that is written in bookish regulations that they follow by their heart, a concept like that of Climate Change is more like a fairy tale.

still of Leonardo DiCaprio in Before the Flood movie

Actions to Fend Off the Wrong

As Before the Flood movie documentary tries to show us the ugly side, it is time we get serious for once, and start doing something about it. I have made a list of little things we could start off with almost immediately.

  • Replacing Light bulbs

We can start off with something as small as changing our light bulbs to save energy. That’s one easy place to start, and ensure that we do something at least, take a step towards a positive direction. Opt for the bulbs that are environment friendly that will help you save a lot of energy.

LEDs are the new fad. They help you save tons. Make sure you keep yourself posted for technological advancement and move forward in the direction of beneficial change.

  • Stopping Festive Insensitivity

I wish a serious action is taken against them all those who bend festive celebrations to their liking by going loud. A law be passed against firecrackers banning them for good, and punitive actions taken against those who disobey. That’s one way to fight environmental pollution.

  • Beef Consumption Issue

To fight off that lingering beef issue, we need to ban it for good for the sheer fact of Methane eruption as shown in the Before the Flood movie and not because it has sentimentality attached. Even though with a heavy heart, you have to let go. Try Vegan products for once. You never know, you might even like it better?

We have to start becoming mindful of our acts. Saying no to things that are not environmental friendly. Lowering our consumption of food that are not heedful, we can deter their reckless manufacturing.

  • Replacing Thoughtless Smoking

People smoke for the sheer fact that others are doing it. Sometimes to justify a myth that it makes them look cool. Hell, their favourite stars are doing it! They just want to try everything that helps them to get under that radar of resemblance. That falsified image is not only killing them but also our planet in the process. It needs to be understood. Their protagonists need to slap those who smoke in their movies. That’s how it would instill. Learn instead from Leo guys!

An answer to smokers shouldn’t be an image of tarred lungs on the cigarette boxes rather the encouragement of vapes. How do we do that, you ask? Well replace cigarettes with e-cigarettes that will not only be harmless to the environment, but will also to the people who stand around them. Promote that shit! We can evolve! Just like we have always managed to.

  • Rallying Usage of Solar Energy

Then amongst other important things, we can start off with switching to solar energy completely. I think it is doable. One can start from one’s home, and then slowly inspire a society, a city, a state and then in the process the whole country.

It is also up to the government, to promote and advertise it on a daily basis, so those who don’t take note, do. Make it a thing that people understand. Those who still live by cow dungs for cooking food, are people who are trying to secretly wish for a lavish life. To tell them lavish is renewable is how we create a mindset. Let’s give them all better alternatives.

  • Move Closer to your Work

If you are not living in your own house, or if your house is a rental, the least you can do is to move closer to your office. You can cut short on the fuel that way. Walk your way to your work. It would be a perfect way to get off the cross-hair. You would be doing your bit unknowingly.

  • Introspect on Earth Day

In the end let us reckon how much we have done. Let the Earth Day be a sort of a reminder of how much we have achieved on an yearly basis. Make a list every year of things you have done in the favour of Environment. Show your gratitude by keeping up the progress.

Time to Act

We have done enough damage. It is time we take a stand. Instead of succumbing to all the imminent flood damage let’s build dams beforehand; Let’s take action before the flood inundates us.

You can watch the full Before the Flood movie here:

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