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10 Casino Movies on Netflix Right Now

Check out this cool list we made of 10 Casino Movies on Netflix Right Now:

netflix image

1. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

This is an absolute classic, based on the cult novel by Hunter S. Thompson, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. This crazy tale of excess follows reporter Raoul Duke (Johnny Depp) and his sidekick lawyer Dr. Gonzo (Benicio Del Toro) on a mission to find the American dream. Raoul Duke is a sports reporter reporting on the Finke Desert Race in Las Vegas. He has a penchant to push things to the extreme, especially his consumption of mind-altering substances. The story takes place on the last Vegas strip where the two anti-heroes turn on, tune in and drop out, all the while falling victim to their own follies as paranoia overtakes their thoughts. The director Terry Gilliam really did put the pages on screen and this truly is one of the greatest adaptations of a novel.

2. Casino

Another Scorsese masterpiece starring Robert DeNiro, Sharon Stone, and Joe Pesci. Casino is a look at behind the scenes of a mob-run casino. DeNiro plays Sam, the manager of the casino with mob ties. The mob operation sees them skimming money from the casino and not claiming it to the tax man. Throw in a psychotic enforcer, a harlot and heat from the police and you get an action-packed masterpiece filled with an outstanding cast doing outstanding performances.

3. Girls, Guns and Gambling

Need I say any more?! Well, I will. This movie stars Christian Slater as a poker playing Elvis impersonator who gets into hot water when a priceless artifact, a mask, is stolen from one of Vegas’s heaviest hitters by someone dressed as Elvis. So the chase is on to get the mask back before someone has to pay. Things get messy and characters from the Vegas strip get intertwined as everyone wants the mask.  Girls Guns and Gambling is an over the top romp on the Vegas strip.

4. Owning Mahowny

Based on a true story, Owning Mahowny peers into the life an accountant, Dan Mahowny, embezzling money to feed his gambling problem. Soon enough he attracts the attention of the Feds and some hard-hitting casino thugs. Never knowing when to walk away, Mahowny finds himself deep over his head, while his personal life with his wife Minnie Driver disintegrates. And still Mahowny doesn’t let up as the beast consumes him into unscrupulous greed and a one track mind. The late Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s performance is outstanding as per usual while playing Dan Mahowny. This character-driven drama is irresistibly entertaining and will have you questioning the sanity of compulsive gamblers.

5. Ocean’s 11

This remake of the Rat Pack classic stars George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and their squad as they try to pull off one of the biggest heists of the century – to rob the three main casinos in Vegas, The Bellagio, the MGM Grand, and the Mirage. It’s the fifth highest grossing movie of 2011, pulling $450 million at the box office. It’s brilliantly directed by Steven Soderberg and will have you on the edge of your seat as you ride along with these lovable rogues. Ocean’s 11 is definitely worth a watch.

6. Rounders

Rounders is one of Matt Damon’s early roles and sees him playing the main character of Mike McDermott, a law student who just happens to be a masterful poker player. McDermott gets himself into hot water with the KGB and loses his whole bankroll. His criminal buddy, Worm, played by Edward Norton, gets out of jail and convinces Mike to get back in the game to help him out with a debt. They do and things turn to sour grapes when Worm starts cheating in games. The KGB catches on, and comes after Mike and Worm with a heavy hand. It’s definitely worth a watch just to see John Malkovich brilliantly play a Russian mobster.

7. 21

21 is based on the true story of six MIT students who have the exceptional ability to count cards and to count them well. It follows the story of Ben Cambell, a gifted student who gains entry to Harvard. A $300,000 tuition fee sees him scraping for every penny he has, until he realizes it’s futile. A professor from school, played by Kevin Spacey, sees promise in Ben’s potential to be a real earner by counting cards at the casino. He joins the team along with 5 other MIT students and they begin hustling casinos for big profits. Like all get rich schemes, things go south and it sees Ben cutting deals with enemies.

8. Win It All

Win It All is the story of another hopeless gambler who is destined to lose. Jake Johnson plays Eddie Garret, a compulsive gambler with a long history of losing. Even though he loses this doesn’t deter him from going back. Again and again. One of his dodgy friends gives him a bag to look after before going into prison. Low and behold, the bag is full of cash. Unable to help himself, Eddie dips into the bag to fund his gambling habits. Before he realizes, he’s spent most of the money and his friend is about to get out of prison. Win It All also stars Keegan Michael Keye, of Keye and Peel fame. It’s a humorous perspective of a hopeless addiction.

9. Casino Royale (1967)

An oldie but a goodie! The plot of Casino Royale is a bit ridiculous. Bond (David Niven) is forced out of retirement to find out why all MI6 spies are being killed. It turns out they are being killed by sultry women because they can’t resist sex. The Evil Noah’s plan is to train up an army of sexy women to kill all men over 4 foot 6 so all the women will be his mwaaahooohahah. The slapstick humor is a far sight different from other Bond films. The film didn’t achieve any critical acclaim, although made a lot of dough perhaps due to Burt Bacharach’s award-winning soundtrack.

10. Bugsy

The story of one man’s dream to build a gambling mecca in the desert. Bugsy Siegel is a long time gangster with a plan – a huge plan. He sources funds from other gangsters in New York to build a hotel and casino out in Las Vegas. The all-star cast, with the likes of Warren Beatty, Harvey Keitel and, Ben Kingsley makes for great viewing as they bust out some serious acting chops.

Need a casino fix on Netflix? Even if you can’t make it to a bricks’n’mortar casino, you can learn a lot for free about casinos from movies – so check out this list to see what’s hot!

What Movies to Expect in 2018

With 2017 almost coming to an end, we take a look at What Movies to Expect in 2018. We have shared with you hundreds of trailers to give you a sneak peek into the future, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the coming year looks really promising. While there’s the DCEU lineup that’s still busy trying to establish its niche, there is the MCU’s stronghold that is trying to wrap its amazing cinematic storyline.

Then there are some really good books that have been adapted already, not to mention some really good horror movies waiting to give you the chills. Let’s not forget the gaming movies like Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One or the insanely popular Tomb Raider that are also dabbing their throttles.

The lineup for what movies to expect in 2018 already sounds cool!

What Movies to Expect in 2018

Check out the list of what movies to expect in 2018:


    1. Insidious: The Last Key: The year is going to take off with the fourth chapter in the Insidious series. It looks horrifying as hell.
    2. The Commuter: Liam Neeson will return to kicking ass, contradicting his statements on stopping with all the action flicks.
    3. 12 Strong: Chris Hemsworth takes a break from being Thor to star in a Nicolai Fuglsig movie.
      12 strong movie
    4. Den of Thieves: Gerard Butler is the good guy who plays the bad guy. Beware enemies you don’t want to face this kind of twisted.
    5. Maze Runner: The Death Cure: The third installment of the James Dashner novel. Dylan O’Brien is still running!


      1. A Fantastic Woman: Already winning the critical world, Sebastian Lelio’s next is a girl in grief. Daniela Vega is a fantastic woman.
      2. Winchester: The House that Ghosts Built: This Spierig brothers horror should not be missed for the sheer fact of how good their movies are.
      3. The 15:17 to Paris: This Clint Eastwood movie is based on Dorothy Blyskal’s autobiography and is literally built on patriotism.
      4. Fifty Shades Freed: The steamy life continues for Anastasia Steele as sequels keep releasing.
      5. Peter Rabbit: Relive this twisty slapstick tale of a forgotten Rabbit from the fairyland.
      6. Black Panther: The first Marvel flick of the year that might give us a glimpse into the world of Avengers on what is about to go down.
        Black panther wallpaper
      7. Early Man: Aardman Animations gives us their next stop motion animation wonder after making the relentless Shaun the Sheep movie three years ago.
      8. Game Night: A light comedy to tickle your bones the movie will see Jason Bateman with Rachel McAdams.
      9. Annihilation: How can you forget Alex Garland after Ex Machina? His next is an equally intriguing adventure starring Natalie Portman.


      1. Red Sparrow: The Lawrence connection will happen once again with Red Sparrow next year based on the novel by Jason Matthews.
      2. Death Wish: If you have been missing the badass action hero Bruce Willis, your end waits now.
      3. Alpha: The Book of Eli director comes with an intriguing tale that’s set some 20000 years ago starring a wolf.
      4. A Wrinkle in Time: Why would Disney stand by and watch? They have their own set of films hitting theatres next year with A Wrinkle in Time standing in the forefront in March.
      5. Tomb Raider: Finding the Lara Croft of the 21st century, Alicia Vikander is the girl of everyone’s dreams. This movie will see her resurrect the long lost gaming franchise.
        Tomb Raider 2018 Wallpaper
      6. 7 Days in Entebbe: Jose Padilha of Narcos fame brings us a story based on the 1976 plane hijacking.
      7. Pacific Rim Uprising: After five long years the sequel finally arrives. Is it really possible to miss this?
      8. Isle of Dogs: Can you really miss any of Wes Anderson’s amazing experimental movies?
      9. Ready Player One: Steven Spielberg, the name is enough! The popular book has found a perfect fit.
      10. Mary Magdalene: Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix are all set to deliver their best performances


      1. A Quiet Place: If you have been thinking horror movies are being monotonous, check out its trailer. Do not make any noise though!
      2. You Were Never Really Here: The Joaquin Phoenix crime movie has already started making noise in its screenings.
      3. The New Mutants: The age of the new mutant peeps is already here.


      1. Avengers: Infinity Wars: C’mon! Can we really overlook this? Thanos will show who the daddy is after all.

    29. Slender Man: People waiting for this haunted affair are going to rejoice when the slender man gets loose.

    30. Solo: A Star Wars Story: A spinoff on Star Wars one of the most loved characters. Han Solo will be played by Alden Ehrenreich. The movie is directed by Ron Howard.


      1. Deadpool 2: The merc with the mouth will be back this time with Cable to show us a great time.
      2. Ocean’s 8: The legacy continues with the bloodline. Sandra Bullock is the Ocean here and she is on the lookout for a team.
      3. Incredibles 2: Didn’t we wait enough for a sequel? Come already!
      4. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom: The sequel to Jurassic World is going to be here. Let the dinosaurs rule the world again!
        Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom movie
      5. Sicario2: Soldado: The sequel to the extraordinary Denis Villeneuve movie! Shut up and take my money!


      1. Ant-Man and the Wasp: So we had been missing the Ant Man for a while now. This one promises to take the adventure further.
      2. The Nun: Get ready for nightmares! The Nun from the Conjuring universe will show up in July.
      3. Alita: Battle Angel: From the renowned producer James Cameron and director Robert Rodriguez comes the insanely popular manga series.
      4. Mission Impossible 6: Missions will never cease to exist in the popular MI franchise. Yet another installment by Christopher McQuarrie.


      1. The Equalizer 2: Denzel Washington reprises his role as the badass assassin.
      2. The Predator: No generation of movies is complete without a Predator movie. Ours is going to hit in July.


      1. Robin Hood: Another version of the classic tale of Robin Hood with Taron Egerton in the lead.
      2. Goosebumps: Horror Land: Jack Black reprises his role in the universe of R.L. Stine books.
      3. Smallfoot: The animated movie with a different take on the fantastical world of big foots.


      1. Venom: Can’ t see Tom Hardy enough! Welcome the badass villain from Spidey’s world.
      2. First Man: Damien Chazelle plays tribute to the real life hero Neil Armstrong.
      3. Mowgli: Can’t get enough of The Jungle Book? Andy Serkis’ take on the famous story is darker than you think.


      1. X-Men: Dark Phoenix: The next from the X-Men’s franchise. Let Jean Grey rise from the ashes again!
      2. The Nutcracker and the Four Realms: Another Disney movie based on the popular fairy tale.
      3. Holmes and Watson: A comedy to lighten up the popular Arthur Conan Doyle series starring Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly.
      4. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald: The next in the Fantastic Beasts series.
      5. Creed 2: Jordan takes the legacy forward with Sylvester Stallone by his side. The sequel to the amazing boxing flick Creed.
      6. Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It-Ralph 2: The sequel to the Rich Moore animated flick set six years after.


      1. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse: The animated take on Spidey’s world which has been in production for a while releases in December.
      2. Mortal Engines: Peter Jackson eyes another big project – the Philip Reeve novel. One of those movies What movies to expect in 2018 list
      3. Aquaman: With a glimpse into the water world in Justice League, the story of Arthur Curry has already found its foundation.
        aquaman 2018 movie wallpaper What Movies to Expect in 2018
      4. Bumblebee: Travis Knight to resurrect the Transformers spinoff single-handedly with John Cena in the lead.
      5. Mary Poppins Returns: A musical to end the year in style, Mary Poppins the magical nanny finally returns.

The list of What Movies to Expect in 2018 is actually huge, but these are the ones to really look out for. If we have missed a movie that you are excited to see, post it in the comments section below and it will be included.

Check out more interesting facts in our blog section.

Paying Tribute to The Epic French Biopic The Intouchables Movie

It has been like what, six years now, since the epic movie The Intouchables movie hit the theatres, right? I think a movie like this needs to be celebrated again and again no matter what year it is. And the music, ah! The music still resounds in my head all day. I am so much in love with it that Ludovico Einaudi‘s Una Mattina now sits in my playlist. It is probably one of the best piano originals you will ever come across. It is hard not to find a story in its notes, and it is such a beautiful one that it might bring tears to your eyes. True story!

Don’t believe me? You can check it out here:

The Direction of The Intouchables Movie

The direction of The Intouchables movie is the first thing you will pay attention to because it’s just brilliantly done. Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano do a fabulous job with it. Right from the opening scene of the movie where you see Driss (Omar Sy) driving a Maserati with Philippe (Francois Cluzet) in the shotgun to the point where we see Driss doing something really good for Philippe it is all magnificently packed. The prologue scene literally justifies the moniker as Driss waves past the cops intact using Philippe as a leverage. He is even escorted to the hospital as he makes them believe that it was an emergency speeding.

Francois Cluzet just looks adorable when you see him smile and laugh like that and Driss gives him reasons aplenty. The latter’s acting is so raw and natural that you don’t feel like you are watching a movie rather standing next to some real characters.  Not to mention the depth of Francois comportment. Unworldly!

Humour in the movie flows in an unrestrained manner, effortlessly through Omar Sy’s mouth. He makes you laugh at odd junctures when you are not ready and you end up guffawing like a mad man.

The Paraplegic Angle

There’s a certain sense of sobriety that comes naturally when you are dealing with a handicap. That’s what Philippe is, and you know there would be some gravitas lurking around the corner owing to the subject it deals with.

I feel nothing but suffer anyway.

At times you discover the gloomy bits too, but Driss has this superpower to take it all away, and you see Philippe beaming up once again in no time. It is all because of the presence of a guy like Driss. A life of a paraplegic deserves someone like him. Real unchecked fun could do what any medicine might fail to do – to make you happy! That’s what Driss is like, a medicine that happens to Philippe to set things right in his otherwise dull life.

the intouchables movie still

The oddity of the pairing is the one thing that makes The Intouchables movie really interesting to watch. While Philippe is an insanely affluent bloke, Driss is just the opposite, from the projects. The grandeur can never be felt unless you show it via the eyes of the poor. You could see real appreciation there, and the unfettered joy that follows is satisfying to watch. Driss seeping into the life of Philippe paints a smile on your face, and it’s all because of the fact that it becomes relatable quite quickly.

Psyche of the Characters

The take on two different people from two different backgrounds and upbringing make for an interesting conversation.

Philippe: Why are people interested in art?
Driss: It’s all business, I guess.
Philippe: It’s the trace of our passage on this earth.

While Philippe’s obsession with art and poetry is evident at a lot of points, you can see and understand why Driss is so averse to them. He exhibits a shallow behaviour mostly, clearly he isn’t as deep as Philippe. However, what he carries is a good heart, and there isn’t a point in the entire movie where he has stopped helping Philippe out in one way or the other.

The movie also tries to make a mockery of what art has become today. With Driss calling it a nosebleed and painting his own painting through randomly brushing one out, and then Philippe actually managing to sell it for a huge sum, this gets proven too. It is a laughable satire that explicitly pokes a finger at those who have become unsettling prigs.

Elevating Life

All the things that Philippe thinks has ended springs up to life with the presence of Driss in his world. There’s a friend in him he sees, a companion he wishes to share his joy with and it’s well rewarded.

I was raised to think we pissed on the world.

It is only natural of you to share what you love with your friend. With Philippe trying to orchestrate some of the best compositions in the world for Driss to witness is probably how you would try to treat a friend too. Driss returns the favour by dancing to his own beat, and making his birthday a blast to cherish.

The Intouchables movie also delves into despondency for a while wherein circumstances compel them to part ways. You can’t feel sorry enough for Philippe then, as he seems to be giving up on living. There is no replacing a true friend and it becomes evident with the setback he faces in his life. And then when Driss returns it’s extreme ecstasy at its best. The story meets the prologue in a theatrical fashion and you feel that insane contentment melt in your heart.

Wish to rekindle the spark, you can buy the movie from here:

The Climax

By the time we reach the end, Driss does something really nice for Philippe. He sets him up with a girl Philippe had been writing letters, nay, epistles to. It is that hidden girl like that painting Philippe often stares at wondering how would she appear to be if she finally turned. That painting is a reflection of the girl he writes to, whom he has never seen.

I imagine her standing up, turning around and I discover her face at last.

The sole climax of The Intouchables movie is the set up wherein Driss arranges a date with the girl without telling Philippe anything about it. When you read Philippe in those final moments you understand that it might as well be the nicest thing that anyone had ever done for him in his entire life. That’s intensely satisfying to watch. The sheer joy on his face, brings joy to your face too.

the intouchables movie still of omar sy and francois cluzet

Driss and Philippe are like those people who fill in on each other’s lives with their mere presence. While there were things that Driss could never afford or even dream about doing, like paragliding which he comes to truly enjoy too, there were plenty of little joys of life that Philippe was missing on. With the presence of Driss in his life, he comes out of his uptight avatar and becomes what he might have at some point secretly craved for.

The music, I will once again say, is absolutely remarkable. Apart from Uno Mattina, there is another piece called “Fly” by Ludovico Einaudi that sounds ravishing too. You are going to fall in love with it instantly.

Go watch this movie if you haven’t still, or if you have, put it on your rewatch list. This movie deserves countless times.

The Incredible Hulk Case Study | That Betty Ross Tranquilizer

With Hulk and Thor‘s epic clash right around the corner, it’s time to reminisce about one of the most crucial chapters of Hulk’s life – Betty Ross. She’s a forgotten page in Bruce Banner’s life that once held steadfast to hold the entire plot of the Hulk story on her soft hands. With Marvel gone completely off track trying to form stories for the sake of mere adrenaline, it is high time we paid homage to the ultimate sedative of monsters all across the globe.

The Beauty Beast Love Syndrome

We have been smitten by the concept of beauty and the beast since time immemorial. And we don’t have to turn pages of history to know that it has always been that way. Mankind has invariably ended up thinking in that direction one way or the other. It’s the rage that does it for them, and it takes a beauty to sedate them. It’s like a perfect shot that every human can relate to.

Hulk is a paragon of that very thought. It was born with that nub of going rogue, of literally becoming a beast of fury, destroying everything and everyone who came in the wake of his turning. He was derived from ideas originating from Frankenstein and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. And we have seen a lot of similar ideas being executed in King Kong movies too.

He is indestructible, and that isn’t just the best part of being him. At least the writers who brought him into the world weren’t thinking his invincibility to be the only amazing thing about him. And I am glad that the Hulk origin story is so much more than what he has ended up becoming today – a mere exhibit for cheap thrills.

Betty Ross – Hulk’s Love Interest

If memory allows you to reinstate past images, you must remember Betty Ross, Bruce Banner’s girlfriend. With a beautiful past that captures his soft side for Betty Ross, suddenly leaving the thread hanging creates a gargantuan hole in Bruce’s heart. His becoming an angry green monster out of the blue takes him away from her unknowingly. Those are broken strings of unfulfilled love. Only lovers who have loved and lost can fathom its huge import.

So there he is! A green monstrous demonic machine that decimates everything that comes his way. He is angry, blame it to the accidental gamma radiations. He only speaks the language of smashing and come what may, he wouldn’t stop. To make such a behemoth dormant isn’t an easy task. And you are already aware nothing, and I mean nothing from this world can make that happen. What do you do?

The Solution

The answer to his rage is none other than Betty. The yin to his yang. The antidote that will forever keep him in check. Hulk can’t possibly imagine hurting her, even in his sub-conscious destructive mode. Just put her there in front of him, and he will change course, or fall like a beast that falls for beauty. It’s like a sudden spurt of hormones inside him that releases because of his insane love for the woman who wears him down almost instantly.

The Beauty and the Beast Hulk and Betty Ross art

It’s the good in him that supersedes then, turning him into his alter ego Bruce Banner who is abounding with love for Betty. Betty is the answer to his wrath. Betty is his cure.

And as always – Love overpowers Anger.

Time to Empathize

Somewhere in our hearts we know the colossal significance behind it. Man has forever been that quintessential beast of destruction, and there’s nothing, literally nothing in the world that could stop him but a thing that’s immensely close to his heart. You put it up, and there’s no way you wouldn’t find a fidget in his step.

Put yourself in his body for a second and think. When you are mad like hell, and you just don’t care about the world, you want to bring harm to yourself and to others with your action, what are your thoughts the? Extreme outrage I presume. But what would bring you to your normal self? The exact opposite – the counter attack in the form of extreme love!

Everyone has that one Betty Ross in their lives who is capable of bringing the Bruce Banner, the good guy out of them. The beauty to their beast. If you tack her against him to answer, he will sing like a canary. She’s the ultimate respite. She’s the goddamn cavalry capable of knocking beasts with memories of past. If you are wired to one, you know who.

Beauty, Nay, Betty is a Notion

And she doesn’t have to be a she. It could be the other way around or even better, a mere notion of love. That’s all there is to it.

Hulk was intelligently fabricated with that stunning notion, and every time I see him go nuts, I can’t help but think about how Betty used to be one of the reasons to pacify him. What a beautiful thought to bring out a fascinating monster!

Betty Ross and Bruce Banner

Today, a series of comics, animations, and adaptations of the green mammoth wonder have been flaring up within split seconds, and trust me nobody’s complaining, I still think that particular essence of building an epitome of destruction went missing somewhere. The enormous reason behind building a colossus ended up getting lost.

It’s like we have once again overlooked poetry.

What is the Terminator Boy Edward Furlong up to these Days?

When was the last time you heard that name? Eddie or Edward Furlong? You might remember him as the Terminator Boy who played John Connor in the 1991 blockbuster by James Cameron. Ring a bell? I know it’s hard to bring back a lost decade. Here a picture of him might help:

image of a young Edward Furlong from Terminator 2 Judgment Day

I was only three years old when Terminator 2: Judgment Day had rolled out. But it wasn’t until 8 years later that I saw the movie for the first time. I know that was some gap. But if you had been in my country and time where Hollywood was frowned upon by parents, I might as well gain some sympathy votes and stand for election.

So there I was watching T2 on Star Movies, alongside my Dad for the first time, who by the way was already mesmerized by the concept of having a robot around for bodyguard, and I realized that the Terminator Boy was really good. Hell! I wanted to be like him. I loved how he looked, and that attitude he wore, I found it to be sheer badass! Soon enough I started copying him, his hairstyle in particular, but for a kid with frizzy hair and a Dad who never allowed me to grow hair long enough to even cover my eyes, I came nowhere near. I had somehow convinced myself that I looked like him when I combed in a certain way. Then I would flick my head as if I pushing all those locks behind.

Post an Early Fame

It was about the same time I came across the movie Before and After. I was jumping on my chair when I found that it was Eddie in there. I watched the movie with utmost attention appreciating every bit of him, and the movie in whole. Didn’t even know that the real actors in the movie were none other than Meryl Streep and Liam Neeson. It had a beautiful theme where a child accidentally kills his girlfriend in a petty scuffle. Being a child, and no girlfriend, I had related to him the most. You see empathy has been my superpower ever since I was a kid.

Somewhere along the way, I came across Pet Sematary 2 too. They used to show dud movies on HBO, yes.

I must implore you to reserve your judgment. I was a kid back then, and I loved even pathetic movies, even those that had pointless themes. Of course, things are different today. But back then I used to be super psyched for everything that TV showed.

I later came across the first part, and then realized why the second one was plain stupid. But I liked Eddie nevertheless. I secretly wished to be Drew Gilbert his friend played by Jason McGuire from the movie. I was fat then, yeah!

Big Projects

still of Edward Furlong as Danny Vinyard in American History X

It was not until I saw him in American History X that I realized there was a whole lot of potential in the kid, and that he was definitely headed somewhere. It was an arresting plot introducing Furlong to a strange world of possibilities. His colossal chance of making it big in Hollywood gawked at him not to forget the success of Terminator 2 that had already shot him in the air.

By that time, our Terminator Boy had already visited T2 in 3D and was looking solid in those acting shoes. I came across Detroit Rock City on HBO and loved it instantly. That rebellious attitude was singing songs in my head too.

That’s when I also encountered the Steve Buscemi movie Animal Factory which I instantly fell in love with. The Edward Bunker story was great and I couldn’t help but cry alongside his seriousness.

He was a Hollywood heartthrob alright, and he looked so cool that I just wanted to be like him. He smoked and everything which isn’t a good thing to copy but I kind of liked that reckless demeanor I guess. All those photos with his love interest Liz Levy used to come so rad that I copied his style, that messy hair that carefree attitude, everything secretly hoping Liz to show up sometime.

The Lost Terminator boy

Then I lost track of him. Some serious life stifled me up good and I guess I forgot everything about Eddie Furlong and my obsession to watch his films and be like him. I used to find his photos every now and then. I heard he was doing The Crow: Wicked Prayer and he looked a complete badass in that crow avatar. But I never got a chance to watch that movie, only to realize later that it fell face forward as a mighty flop.

People have a hard time keeping it together. That’s when the drug and substance abuse happened to him. I didn’t even know it had swallowed the Terminator Boy so much that it started affecting his life. It started skewing his looks. He went into rehab in 2000, and the return wasn’t that great.

Then I saw him in Jimmy and Judy which I found to be ‘Okay’ compared to the movies he had been doing during that time. The movie was entirely shot on a handheld video camera which felt unique to me at that time. Later he went on to marry his co-star Judy played by Rachael Bella after having a serious relationship with her.

still of Edward Furlong the Terminator Boy and Rachael Bella

The Real Life Makeover

All of a sudden I came across The Green Hornet one day, and I almost missed him because he was unrecognizable. There was this cameo where he showed up and I felt so sorry for him watching him struggle to bag a role in a movie. From riches to rags, that’s all I could think about.

I googled him and found him looking utterly disgusting. His teeth were all yellow, he had an obvious podge that disfigured him so much that it was hard to fathom how a man could throw his life away like that.

Rachael Bella had divorced him in 2011 on grounds of irreconcilable differences. He was still a cocaine and heroin addict, doing movies that would always somehow go straight to DVDs.

He was put on 3 years probation when he tried to contact Rachael. Then he was put in jail for violation of probation against his ex-girlfriend Monica Keena. Put away for domestic violence a couple of times, and then arrested again in 2013. So far he has served 61 days in prison!

Wishing Eddie a Revival

Now that I think of it I feel utterly bad for him. Even though I haven’t lived in his shoes, or tasted his life. Somehow deep down I feel I have known him all my life. A life parallel to mine that I tried to imitate at one point. All that coolness however vanished with time, role models changed, fandom moved from one actor to another.

But I would always come back to find him, just to see how he is faring in life. I would often check on him if his movies are doing okay or if he ever made out from that chasm of hell he had inadvertently ended up in.

He had found some ground in Aftermath but then again was quick enough to lose it. The Reunion was yet another fail. I see IMDB flaring up his next projects as The Endless Whispers and Karma beyond which his existence as an actor is a blur. It feels pretty weird when you see him constantly struggle to make a living like that scouring for whatever that comes his way.

Personally, I wish the Terminator Boy all the best. Things could begin to look up for him if he regains his posture, and becomes once again the lad who had it all, and who was loved by all. Our very own child with dreams in his eyes – The Terminator Boy Eddie Furlong!

Understanding Arrival Movie | Full Arrival Movie Explained with Spoilers

Finally got some time to write the explanation of one mind-bender of a movie Arrival! Such a beautiful concept Arrival movie has that it explodes you, when you figure it all out. It is a movie that teases you with its inklings until it drops the bomb at you. But the true nature of its beauty lies in its profound direction, of how the rest of the world interprets the word ‘alien’, and their incapability to understand the unexplained.

Without wasting any more time let’s dig into it. Also, if you haven’t seen Arrival movie yet, there was no point coming to this page. You should go first watch it, read our review maybe first,  and then proceed, coz it’s full of spoilers!

Arrival Movie Explained (Major Spoilers Ahead)

The best way to understand Arrival movie is via the fact that there is no definite order to things. There are no tenses. So if you are being shown a scene that looks like a memory it could very well not be.

  • We see what appears to be a flashback of memories, frames that show our protagonist Louise Banks (Amy Adams) playing with her daughter, raising her up all by herself. Then we see her grow up to be a beautiful teen, but unfortunately one day she passes away from a disease that looks like cancer.
  • We move on to gather the profession of Louise Banks. She is a linguist who teaches in a college. That’s when 12 Alien Spaceships appear all across the globe at different locations. Everybody freaks and leave as she too gets the day off and decides to hit home. She is least interested in what’s going on, as she speaks to her mother.
  • Forgetting about the huge repercussions of Alien ships, she goes to the university yet again to find it deserted. That’s when enters the U.S. Army Colonel Weber asking for her help. She is briefed on to help them understand why the Aliens are here, as she joins the team that comprises of Ian Donnelly (Jeremy Renner).

You can understand communication and still end up single.

Visiting a Spaceship

  • In Montana, they are brought in to check out one of the spacecrafts. On entering they find the spacecraft had its own strong gravity that explains how throwing something upwards rivets it to one side.

still of suited up scientists from Arrival movie

  • They follow the path to meet two huge aliens behind what appears like a protective glass. Ian names those heptapods Abbott and Costello in an effort to make them understand the concept of introduction.
  • It is there where they discover their language was, well, alien. Huge confusing circular symbols are drawn on the glass with a disappearing ink. With that begins ceaseless session of questions and answers in an attempt to understand what the hell the aliens were really trying to say.
  • Meanwhile, Louise Banks keeps getting visions of her daughter. Let’s not forget that! Till this point she thinks those were mere dreams. Also, Ian makes an allusion that Louise could be dreaming in a foreign language, the language of Heptapods.

The Huge Twist of Arrival

  • Then comes the huge twist. When Louise and Ian finally fixate and relate their letters to our letters, Louise asks a question about the nature of their visit. They answer with the word ‘Use Weapon’. Even though Louise is convinced that the word weapon is open to more than one interpretation, the rest of the world goes loco and opts to attack the pods instead.
  • Further communications are barred as Louise and Ian make one final attempt to understand what Abbott and Costello were trying to say. In the backdrop an explosive was put in the spaceship to knock it out of space. A series of complex messages are left by the Heptapods, to decipher in a hurry. But the bomb goes off, as Abbott saves their lives in process.
  • Ian and Louise wind up in military beds, and the spacecrafts go further up in the atmosphere for their safety. Ian deciphers the symbols that were left by the aliens to be pointing towards the concept of time. That it was nothing but one-twelfth of a gift they intended to give. Thus they figure out that the heptapods want all the nations where the 12 spaceships were present to cooperate with each other so that the intended gift can be utilized.
  • But it is too late. Chaos has ensued. Entropy of life has seeped in. All communications have failed, and the world is ready to attack the innocent ships that have come seeking our help and are hanging mid-air gawking at their certain sealed fate. That’s when a pod is sent for Louise by the heptapods.

Epic Revelation

  • It is here that we get to understand what is really happening. When she reaches the spaceship Costello communicates with her telling her that Abbott was on its deathbed.
  • When she asks the heptapod who was the girl she has been seeing, you realize that her daughter “Hannah” wasn’t actually born, and that it wasn’t a memory we were being constantly shown.
  • The heptapod explains to her that what she has been seeing (her dreams) the future all this time. That time is non-linear from their perspective.
  • 3000 years from now they would be needing humanity’s help, and that it is crucial for them to teach us how to use the gift which was nothing else but their language, something that gave us the ability to fathom time, its surreal non-linearity. If we understood that, using its help we could be helping them out in the near future somehow.

still of Louis and Ian in Arrival

Dodging off War | Arrival Ending Explained

  • When Louise returns with this epiphany, she envisions her distant future where she has managed to unite everybody, and written books on Heptapods and stuff. She is felicitated by General Shang in a United Nations meet saying that it was Louise who had changed Shang’s decision to suspend Chinese attack. To her surprise he even goes as far as to show her his personal no. that she had dialed in order to waive off the Chinese attack.
  • In the real world, China was about to attack the pods. This gives her the inkling to act quickly and so she runs for a SAT phone and calls the General on the no. from the vision. Now she doesn’t know what to say, so she scours for it in the future vision yet again, only to realize Shang telling her the exact words she said on the phone that did the trick. It was Shang’s dying wife’s last words,

“In war, there are no winners, only widows.”

  • It was the only thing that could have possibly changed Shang’s mind. With that intimate knowledge Shang calls of the strike, and the other nation’s follow suit, eventually cooperating to understand their language, the cardinal gift.
  • When the heptapods realize their job was done, they disappear.


We realize through plethora of allusions that the physicist she used to talk with her daughter about was none other than Ian. The following line then eventually gets delivered:

“If you could see your whole life laid out in front of you, would you change things?”

It gets responded immediately by Ian:

“Maybe I would say what I felt more often. I don’t know.”

Soon he adds,

“You know I’ve had my head tilted up to the stars for as long as I can remember. You know what surprised me the most? It wasn’t meeting them. It was meeting you.”

This confirms that it is Ian that she ends up marrying. That she conceives Hannah with Ian in the near future, and that her knowledge of Hannah dying, forces Ian to leave her. That’s why we see Louise alone raising her.

But the line about the future leaves it to viewer’s imagination as to whether or not Louise would do something different to change her doomed future. Because it is after all, what she gives the aliens to learn from.

Bottomline of Arrival Movie

The bottomline in Arrival is that aliens don’t know how to save themselves from their looming downfall, their imminent death in the future. So, they have come to learn to handle this from us. So when they tap in our understanding of freewill, they have a shot at it. That they are to benefit only when we unite to understand their language. As to what is that imminent threat, we don’t know. And I think it is not important either.

The moment we work on World Peace, they leave us, because time being non-linear their impending doom gets called off, by something some human did in the non-linear version of time.

Well, to put it bluntly as I have put it, might sound stupid to some, but the thing is the movie’s true strength lies in its concealed timeline. It tries to cloud your judgment by showing glimpses from a different juncture in time. But it also patiently waits with its titanic climax to reveal everything in the end. It leaves you intensely satisfied, and that’s what a good movie should do.

Arrival movie is simply a work of genius. The more you think about it, the more awesome it becomes. Let your thoughts shower in.

Before The Flood Movie (2016) | The Damage Is Done | Let’s Undo It

Before The Flood movie is an eye opener.  It kills me inside to see how inconsiderate we have been all our life, to the planet that gives us the right to live. The right to survive in it, to experience its stunning creations, to stay ensnared by its bountiful fruits. While one man is on a mission to disclose our eyes, and has been ranting all his life addressing a situation so grave that it calls for immediate action, it becomes our moral duty to take care of our invaluable home.

It is high time, for once, we start caring about something that is real. Something that holds the fate of our future in its hands. Climate Change is happening as we speak. It is time we act.

Before The Flood Movie

Even though I have been following environmental acts by Leonardo DiCaprio closely, the true gravitas of the situation speaks volume in Before The Flood movie.  On the anvil of Fisher Stevens, Before the Flood Documentary is helmed. It gives us a knell of sorts, warning us of the impending danger our future holds for us. Trust all the environmental scientists that have been bawling out all this time – It does not look good!

Enric Sala and Leonardo DiCaprio in Before The Flood Movie

Improper Education: A Big Inhibiting Rock

It makes me really sad how I have never really looked into that direction. As if it was a sub-conscious distant issue that failed to affect my life on the go. Now that I pay the utmost heed, I feel swollen up with a dozen questions.

How growing up nobody ever taught me to do things the right way? Why was I not informed not to harm my environment by learning fossil fuels are not good? That their usage should call for an immediate ban? Instead I was taught how coal is formed with fossils. Why was I expounded everything about excavating hidden treasures for creating things? How about they should be left intact underground so that they don’t soil our future?

Yes, there were insinuations no doubt, but where was the focus? Where was the gravity in the teaching and my learning? Why wasn’t I taught anything about how to curtail prodigal actions? To not consume things that can’t be renewed? To not go for a bike or a car when all they do is create environmental pollution? Why didn’t I learn to create renewable sources of energy, and not just for the heck of it or for experimental purposes but to actually benefit a village or a group of house instead?

India: A Land of Unmindful Festivals

Half of the things in our lives are habits that have tacked along by following conventions. You can’t shut down a nation that dons its culture on its showy countenance. People are too ignorant to realize if anything could have such a massive impact. Half of the multitude has never even heard of Global Warming. Some are lost in their flashy ways of living. They do things simply because it elevates them to a stratum well above the others. That’s where their grimy satisfaction lies. Whilst what remains is a hoard that is just trying to have fun irrespective of repercussions.

If you say your festival is noisy, they get offended. You can’t even imagine bringing them to the gavels, because the judge wouldn’t find them guilty either. For a country that is written in bookish regulations that they follow by their heart, a concept like that of Climate Change is more like a fairy tale.

still of Leonardo DiCaprio in Before the Flood movie

Actions to Fend Off the Wrong

As Before the Flood movie documentary tries to show us the ugly side, it is time we get serious for once, and start doing something about it. I have made a list of little things we could start off with almost immediately.

  • Replacing Light bulbs

We can start off with something as small as changing our light bulbs to save energy. That’s one easy place to start, and ensure that we do something at least, take a step towards a positive direction. Opt for the bulbs that are environment friendly that will help you save a lot of energy.

LEDs are the new fad. They help you save tons. Make sure you keep yourself posted for technological advancement and move forward in the direction of beneficial change.

  • Stopping Festive Insensitivity

I wish a serious action is taken against them all those who bend festive celebrations to their liking by going loud. A law be passed against firecrackers banning them for good, and punitive actions taken against those who disobey. That’s one way to fight environmental pollution.

  • Beef Consumption Issue

To fight off that lingering beef issue, we need to ban it for good for the sheer fact of Methane eruption as shown in the Before the Flood movie and not because it has sentimentality attached. Even though with a heavy heart, you have to let go. Try Vegan products for once. You never know, you might even like it better?

We have to start becoming mindful of our acts. Saying no to things that are not environmental friendly. Lowering our consumption of food that are not heedful, we can deter their reckless manufacturing.

  • Replacing Thoughtless Smoking

People smoke for the sheer fact that others are doing it. Sometimes to justify a myth that it makes them look cool. Hell, their favourite stars are doing it! They just want to try everything that helps them to get under that radar of resemblance. That falsified image is not only killing them but also our planet in the process. It needs to be understood. Their protagonists need to slap those who smoke in their movies. That’s how it would instill. Learn instead from Leo guys!

An answer to smokers shouldn’t be an image of tarred lungs on the cigarette boxes rather the encouragement of vapes. How do we do that, you ask? Well replace cigarettes with e-cigarettes that will not only be harmless to the environment, but will also to the people who stand around them. Promote that shit! We can evolve! Just like we have always managed to.

  • Rallying Usage of Solar Energy

Then amongst other important things, we can start off with switching to solar energy completely. I think it is doable. One can start from one’s home, and then slowly inspire a society, a city, a state and then in the process the whole country.

It is also up to the government, to promote and advertise it on a daily basis, so those who don’t take note, do. Make it a thing that people understand. Those who still live by cow dungs for cooking food, are people who are trying to secretly wish for a lavish life. To tell them lavish is renewable is how we create a mindset. Let’s give them all better alternatives.

  • Move Closer to your Work

If you are not living in your own house, or if your house is a rental, the least you can do is to move closer to your office. You can cut short on the fuel that way. Walk your way to your work. It would be a perfect way to get off the cross-hair. You would be doing your bit unknowingly.

  • Introspect on Earth Day

In the end let us reckon how much we have done. Let the Earth Day be a sort of a reminder of how much we have achieved on an yearly basis. Make a list every year of things you have done in the favour of Environment. Show your gratitude by keeping up the progress.

Time to Act

We have done enough damage. It is time we take a stand. Instead of succumbing to all the imminent flood damage let’s build dams beforehand; Let’s take action before the flood inundates us.

You can watch the full Before the Flood movie here:

What Does The Tree of Life Movie Mean? | Epic Tree Life Quotes | Analysis and Meaning Explained

Terrence Malick’s project The Tree of Life movie has eluded many. There are epic tree life quotes strewn across the movie that are deeply satisfying to read and feel. To say that The Tree of Life was one hell of a baffling movie would be an understatement. Since it doesn’t skim mainstream, it might be hard for some to fathom. But in a whirlpool of avant-garde films, if you take a look at its ballsy attempt at trying something out of the ordinary, The Tree of Life movie beats everything else to a pulp.

The Tree of Life movie is a beast that tops avant-garde elite cinemas. Why, you ask? Read on to find out:

The Tree of Life Movie Explained

There is a heart melting metaphorical poem residing in Emmanuel Lubezki’s spectacular frames, a bold defying question that Terrence Malick poses via human pang, and tries to answer through our creator’s perspective. Also, The Tree of Life movie retains a touching screenplay that amazes you invariably with every stellar Lubezki image.

The Tree of Life movie must have perturbed many. But if you don’t attempt to give it a fair shot at explaining itself, then you have no right calling yourself a true movie buff.

To those who didn’t get what was going on in the movie, I have tried to explain it as unequivocally as possible, rhyming things through its thoughtfulness. I hope it helps in putting things in perspective.

Theme of The Tree of Life Movie (Spoilers Ahead)

Even before you try to understand the movie, get this beforehand – There is no proper timeline followed. So, if you are expecting a series of certain frames to go in order, it simply won’t. You have to remember images on the go, and what they are trying to tell you with every change. Alright? Okay, let’s go!

still of cosmos life in tree of life movie

The titular name of the movie has been aptly named so since it is trying to present us a map to the universe. It goes spiritual, cosmic and skims human psyche at the same time. That being said, it tries to cover all the 10 prominent spheres that acquaint us with mystical extant powers. They are also known as Sephirot.

As the movie commences, we are shown a formless representation of the divine. It could reflect our creator’s formless state, since the real form of what has created us is still unknown.

“Brother. Mother. It was they who led me to your door.”

You can hear in the background a surging roar of the sea and squawking Seagulls as we look at that artless form flicker. That is enough to make you understand it is the protagonist (here Jack) who has come at His door, trying to justify his seeking Him with the aforementioned line of how and why.


Moving on let’s focus on the theme of the movie. Just like every movie has a theme by which it is supposed to bide by, The Tree of Life movie too has one, and an exceptional one per se. It gets expounded via the following diegesis.

“The nuns taught us there are two ways through life – the way of nature and the way of grace. You have to choose which one you’ll follow. Grace doesn’t try to please itself. Accepts being slighted, forgotten, disliked. Accepts insults and injuries. Nature only wants to please itself. Get others to please it too. Likes to lord it over them. To have its own way. It finds reasons to be unhappy when all the world is shining around it, when love is smiling through all things. They taught us that no one who loves the way of grace ever comes to a bad end.”

As thoughtful words of Mrs. O’Brien go in the background, we see her younger self embellish the screen. She is an epitome of grace. A personification of joy and mirth, and all the good, pleasant and buoyant things in the world. She plays with other elements of grace, meek harmless animals – like a baby goat, or cows. Then we see Nature – her father (here the men) who appears just when she talks about the existence of nature in their lives.

“I will be true to you. Whatever comes.”

Then the aforesaid is dropped all of a sudden. I believe it could be reflective of a time when Mrs. O’Brien had accepted Nature as a part of her life. Either through her marrying vows, or her offering herself to the universe in the form of prayers.

Demise of the Son

Then we time travel to a time in the future in The Tree of Life movie, where Mrs. O’Brien receives a letter that reads to her the demise of her son. Both Mrs. O’Brien and Mr. O’Brien take it heavily.

“I just wanna die to be with him.”

Death is nature. It is part of Universe’s way of creating and destroying things that has forever eluded us. But to her, it appears like an unfair, unjust act that has ripped off her son and taken him away from her.

People try to justify the ways of nature with condolences:

“I know the pain will, it will pass in time, you know? It might seem hard, my saying that, but it’s true.”

To that she replies:

“I don’t want it to.”

The way of the creator, the unseen is justified with a beautiful line then:

“He sends flies to wounds that He should heal.”

Grief is havocking. At the same time, it is pure. The purest of human notion that lets you brood profusely on things you could have done differently to change the outcome. So Mr. O’Brien laments for the first time succumbing to the ways of grace:

“I never got a chance to tell him how sorry I was. I made him feel shame, my shame. That poor boy. That poor boy.”

Jack’s Memories

That’s where the second flicker of the same artless light consumes us. Jack’s talking again. This time with himself, trying to remember his brother.

“How did you come to me? In what shape? In what disguise?”

That’s also the place in The Tree of Life movie where we get to see an even further future memory glimpse of Jack standing right next to a doorway. It could be a place in his memory, where he is trying to reconcile with himself. We see seagulls for real this time too.

still of Sean Penn as Jack in the tree of life movie

We then find Jack in gloom waking up to the news of his brother’s death. His distant wife who doesn’t have the right words for him is just staring at him. She is a victim to human nature, and Terence makes sure of it that they don’t speak in those fleeting frames. At another point in his office, Jack even though miffed with dusky thoughts, can’t help but stare at a woman who passes him by. That’s again human nature coming at play.

“The world has gone to the dogs. People are greedy. Keep getting worse.”

Within split seconds come images of trees, an entity that has stayed with us at all times, even as we have evolved, and Jack begins to wonder:

“How did I lose you? Wandered? Forgot you?”

Searching his Brother

That’s when we see Jack in a desert. This could be analogous to barren corners of his brain, and he is seeking memories of his lost brother therefrom.

A glimpse shows us a lady who has found his little brother and is kissing him. She is yet another paragon of grace. She could be an angelic memory or a messenger that has him, that also symbolizes the dead boy is now in good hands, with grace. That’s when Jack also finds an image of his little brother at a sea asking him to find him. It could very well hint that Jack wishes to come to terms by seeking faintest memories of him so as to succumb to reconciliation.

Right after that we see Jack imagining himself home, checking on her mother and wondering how she took it. Her screams echo, and he feels it in his bones that it didn’t go well for her.

Mrs. O’Brien is still talking to the almighty meanwhile.

“Was I false to you? Lord? Why? Where were you?”

Incessant Frames of Cosmos

That’s one of the high points of The Tree of Life movie when the real Lubezki magic begins to flow. And it flows straight for 16 wondrous minutes. That gets complemented gorgeously by Alexandre Desplat’s awe-inspiring music. In the form of Nebulas, gases, flickers, shimmers, cosmic energy and big bang, we find our creator answering her.

image of cosmos universe in the tree of life movie

“Did you know? Who are we to you? Answer me.”

When a mother demands God to answer, asking if He even cares, Malick shows us our creator answering her through stunning frames of creation. A poetic gesture manifesting universe, big bang, volcanic eruptions, hot springs, and evolution ensue, as if He is trying to answer that he was busy creating, balancing, maintaining and nurturing the universe, all this time.

“We cry to you. My soul. My son. Hear us.”

We find nature creating grace too. The advent of life with an uplifting music, cells splitting, forming new lives in the process and thus giving rise to multi-celled organisms.

The Dino Era

Life began with water. So we are introduced to a lot of water animals. We see an injured amphibian dinosaur near a water body trying to figure out the gravity of its wound. It has been caught in an ugly side of nature. Something it doesn’t have control over. We see blood in water, and then a hoard of sharks. They are nothing but aquatic behemoths that are simply balancing life even in its blunt ugliness by killing ways of grace.

the tree of life movie water dinosaur injured

There is a beautiful frame wherein we find a predator sparing the life of an easy prey, an injured dinosaur, showing it mercy. It simply goes on to show how grace was present at all times, defying nature silently.

We see that destined meteor heading towards the earth that had disrupted the experimental life of dinosaurs back then, paving way for human life.

We once again reach Jack’s perspective who is scampering along barren lands, still trying to find the spot of placation in his brain.

“You spoke to me through her. You spoke to me through the sky. The trees. Before I knew I loved you. Believed in you. When did you first touch my heart?”

Waco Origins

He is now trying to remember how grace had him from the very start. This is the part that takes us back in time wherein he was conceived by Mr. and Mrs. O’Brien played powerfully by Brad Pitt and Jessica Chastain.

Pregnancy has never been such poetically depicted before. We find Mrs. O’Brien calling out children, whispering into their ears, showing them gates to life, steps to the world, summoning them at all times. You see different types of children there, which could be suggestive of the process of fertilization and then how despite all odds only one makes it in the end. Here Jack! A child swimming in water leaving his room (womb) behind could be intimating us of how a womb is a world per se  for foetus.

still of Jack being taken by Mrs. O'Brien in Tree of life

We find Jack growing up as Mrs. O’Brien helps him at all times. Then comes another child, and we see Jack becoming wary of all the attention that is given to him instead. There is repressed jealousy that once again directs us towards nature, something we have no control over. Then we see bubbles. A sign of grace! Then a man dying, a violent act of nature yet again.

Amongst other things of nature that follow are: a dog barking at Jack, him being afraid, his father scolding him, yet another baby etc. Then at the same time grace stays close by in the form of her mother caring for them all, their celebrating Halloween, lighting up sparklers, mother reading a story book, playing with water, Jack holding his brother’s hand, good night kisses and also them playing with each other.

Nature and Grace Speaking through Things

Whilst tucking children in bed Mrs O’Brien is asked to share a past good memory. She tells them about the time she went for a ride in a plane. Then we actually see her fly in the air which is in fact her telling them that it felt as if she was flying for real.

“Mother. Make me good. Brave.”

There are glimpses of miscreants showed, the bad elements in life (nature), and then a frame that shows Mrs. O’Brien helping a miscreant drink water. (grace)

“Where do you live? Are you watching me? I want to know what you are. I want to see what you see.”

We find contrasting images, in the Tree of Life movie, of their mother trying to wake them up with their father’s. The latter always compelled them to comply with a glum face. Whilst the former would mischievously yet gracefully wake them up with ice, bringing smiles to their faces.

Lessons by Nature

Then comes remarkable lessons from the father:

“Don’t do like I did. Promise me that. If you are looking for something to happen, that was it. That was life. You lived it.”

Then at one point we see Mr. O’Brien using this beauty of a line:

“Wrong people go hungry, die. Wrong people get loved. The world lives by trickery. If you want to succeed you can’t be too good.”

Without Nature

We find a boy ending up getting drowned and a boy razed by fire, which compels Jack to question God’s existence.

“Where were you? You let a boy die. You’ll let anything happen. Why should I be good, if you aren’t?”

Jack succumbs to vandalism, animal abuse and trespassing when his father goes to a long business trip. The absence of Nature, goes on to create a subset of nature. His heart fills up with guilt when he finds himself getting weirdly attracted to a neighbor, and ends up stealing her nightgown. This again is an aftermath of a wild uncontrollable act of nature. All of it gets aptly justified by:

“Things you got to learn. How can we know stuff until we look?”

His mother on the other hand keeps teaching them good:

“Help each other. Love everyone. Every leaf. Every ray of light. Forgive.”

There’s malice, hatred that flows as part of nature in Jack, and there’s nothing he could do to feel otherwise. In a deep reminiscing voice Jack says:

“How do I get back…where they are?”

There is this moment where he accidentally takes a joke too far, and ends up shooting his brother’s finger. He goes abounding with guilt as the backdrop says:

“What I want to do I can’t do. I do what I hate.”

He is truly sorry and is instantly forgiven by his brother too. It is like an unnamed feeling for him, but it shatters him beyond limit nevertheless. He learns compassion, sympathy – the ways of grace.

What was it you showed me? I didn’t know how to name you then. But I would see it was you. Always you were calling me.

Hatred for his Father

There are conspicuous moments of abomination in The Tree of Life movie wherein we see Jack hating the guts out of his father. He hates to see his mother being fine with it all. That grace can’t live without nature, and vice versa. Jack wishing his father dead is like a person hating nature. The inevitable segment that is blunt and yet quintessential in order to ensure that life goes on.

Finally we see Mr. O’Brien realizing his big mistake:

“I wanted to be loved because I was great. A big man. I’m nothing. Look at the glory around us. Trees and birds. I lived in shame. I dishonored it all and didn’t notice the glory. I’m a foolish man.”

Jack has never seen his father so fallen or lost.

“Father. Mother. Always you wrestle inside me. Always you will.”

Mr. O’Brien realizes he hasn’t done anything substantial when they are forced to move out of their house, and asks for forgiveness.

“You boys are about all I’ve done in life. Otherwise I’ve drawn zilch. You are all I have. You are all I want to have.”

In the last moments of Jack’s memories we see how they move on ending one of the crucial chapters in their lives. It aces with a beautiful quote too:

“The only way to be happy is to love. Unless you love, your life will flash by. Do good to them. Wonder. Hope.”

You can order The Tree of Life Movie from here:

The End of Time Explained

We slowly fade away from Jack’s memory and head towards reality, where we find the mother, Mrs. O’Brien coming out of her grief. She has come to terms with all her questions with the Lord.

We also see the grown up Jack coming out of his trance, for a while too:

Keep us, guide us, till the end of time.

We finally see what looks like the end of time. A point where souls come to rekindle. Images of dead calling out people from the grave, to reconcile is evident there. Jack finally reaches the spot, a beach, where he finds every dead sauntering along trying to find each other. So, even though the place looks like a figment, it is a glimpse shown to him about how everything pans out in the end. Yes, there are seagulls squawking over them.

image of sean penn as jack in the tree of life movie beach

Finding Each Other

Jack finds his mother, and his dead brother. They are happy to see him. His whole family is there. His old man is proud of him. Love is everywhere. Mrs. O’Brien’s joy as she finds her dead child would bring tears to your eyes.

She then kisses a shriveled hand which could be a random one or could be her mother’s too, it’s hard to say.  She then leads her child through a door and is able to reconcile with the sad truth finally, and yet understands the way of the nature.

“I give him to you. I give you my son.”

It looks like there are angels around him, or elements of grace that help her overcome grief. They are talking to her with hand gestures and nimble movements, and she comprehends the way of living with their elemental energy.

We see a smiling Jack in the end as if he has realized the ultimate truth, and has come to terms with it too. He feels lighter and better.

The Final Verdict

Of course there are other explanations possible, but what would be spot on would be Terrence’s own thinking. I would love to hear it though and see how close I was to getting him.

Movies like The Tree of Life are rare gems that need to be celebrated.  If you have a knack for watching the unusual I would highly recommend you to watch The Tree of Life movie at once. It is an esoteric flick that will definitely blow your mind away. However, you need to stay on the same page in order to truly understand the movie for what it is. If it isn’t your forte, I would say don’t bother.  Because it could be really vexing for some.

You can check out the trailer of The Tree of Life movie here:

Understanding the Timeline in Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children Movie

I am assuming a lot of you were left scratching your heads after watching the Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children movie. Must be trying to figure out how loops really worked in the movie? The direction is to be blamed a little for that I surmise. You know, since the colossal significance of showing loop entries and exits was next to absent. Also, the surprise quotient that the flick should have tacked all along, never really came to fruition.

It goes without saying that the time theory is huge. To be stuck in a loop, to be able to relive a day over and over again is a concept that demands an ample amount of focus and time to process. I believe a 2 hour 7 minutes movie can’t really do a prodigious concept like that justice. Now since we can’t really wait for a TV show to watch things fall into place, let us make do in whatever little we have to work with.

I have explained how timelines in the Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children movie worked here. So without wasting more time let’s get to it.

Timeline of Miss Peregrine Movie Explained (Major Spoilers)

Here is the timeline that explains how everything  fits in Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children movie:

  • Before dying his grandfather Abe tells Jake to go to Cairnholm island to “find a bird in the loop of September 3, 1943”. The bird yes you guessed right, was none other than Miss Peregrine. Abe tells him to tell her about what happened.
  • Jacob follows the children in his Grampa’s stories into some caves. That’s when he enters the same time loop his Grampa had talked about before dying. The day of September 3, 1943. The same wretched day when Miss Peregrine’s house was destroyed by a German bomber too. But since Peregrine was a Ymbryne she could control time. They lived their everyday without growing old. (So, that insinuates if you come out of the loop you begin to grow normally, I surmise)
  • In an unfortunate turn of events an ornithologist Rupert Everett follows Jake to the cave where the loop entrance stood. He is able to enter it since he is a peculiar. It is also revealed that he was none other than Mr. Barron, the main antagonist himself.

still of the peculiar children from Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children movie

Close to 2016

  • He walks in Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children in her time loop of Sep 3, 1943 demanding her to come to his loop, which as a matter of fact Miss Avocet (Judi Dench) had created in Blackpool. It is also the time loop where his immortality experiments were being performed in the year 2016. The loop is 6 months old from the present day with the date: January 11, 2016.
  • Miss Peregrine is abducted in her Ymbryne form and taken away by Baron. Children encounter a Hollow that tagged along with Baron. Owing to the absence of the Ymbryne Miss Peregrine, the German bomb falls closing their 1943 time loop forever. It cannot be reset.
  • The clueless children then decide to help Miss Peregrine by going to Blackpool. The same location had a loop entry point for January 11, 2016 the time loop where Barron had taken Miss Peregrine. They make a theatrical entry into the year by taking a titanic ship to the Blackpool port.
  • Remember while making that journey to Blackpool, Emma breaks it to Jake that since Miss Avocet is dead that Blackpool loop can’t be reset. That would mean the loop would close and then time would become real time. Meaning Emma and the children would have to go to their time, (if not then they might die with as “time catches up”) even though Jake could continue to thrive as a normal person in 2016.

The Final Showdown

  • The final show down, the big event where skeletons of Enoch O’ Conner, fight the Hollows, then takes place on January 11, 2016,  in the same Miss Avocet’s loop at a seaside carnival. Children had to get out of that loop before 4:30 which was the time of the Avocet’s loop closing. (If not they would get stuck in 2016 only to die quickly)
  • When everything calms down, and Baron is vanquished, Jake says goodbye to everyone, and returns home to find his Grandfather still alive. This is primarily because that event of Hollows killing Abe hadn’t occurred yet. It is also very unlikely to happen since Hollows and Barron have been killed before time. Meaning Barron would never go to Florida with the Hollow to meet Abe.

The Ending Part

  • Miss Peregrine on the other hand is hurt, so she can’t come back to her normal form to create time loops. She makes it along with other children to the year 1943. The same year when the time loop was completely annihilated with that bomb drop.
  • In the end, Abe insinuates: Even though Miss Peregrine’s 1943 loop has closed, Jake at least knew were they were. Abe offers him some international currency and a map showing the exact location of all the loops to track them down.
  • In order to reach the same time however he has to travel many time loops (that explains his hair growth) taking shortcuts that would take him to the the precise moment where they were about to leave with the ship i.e. in the year 1943 still.
  • When he finally reaches there, he finds Emma still on the ship, brooding, lost in her thoughts. For her the time hasn’t really changed.

Explanation on How Jake Managed to Meet Emma in the End

If you are vexed at how he traveled back to her, here’s an explanation of Jake’s journey from the movie.

The closest loop Jake entered was in California desert. He went into the loop and in the year “19XX” (it wasn’t told). He looked for the next loop which could have been on a different date in the same year, and was located in Tokyo. So he traveled to Tokyo, entered the loop that could have taken him further close to 1943, which was the year 1942. It’s there where he joined Navy to wait for the day of the loop from where he was supposed to enter the London loop. Two months of another wait there would have then taken him to the exact day of Sep 3, 1943 where the peculiar children were about to board the ship. So in hopes to meet Emma he didn’t actually rest at all, it was a constant struggle till he reached her year.

So that kiss in the end was justified. 😉

still from Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children movie final scene ship

Another Important Fact from Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children Movie

Do you remember how smug and unsurprised Grampa Abe was when Jake found him in the end? Well, partly because he knew beforehand that Jake was a peculiar too. Also he probably knew that Jake was already helping the birds.

Now, one of the major reasons why Grandfather knew that his grandson was a peculiar too was because he had listened to that phone call that Jacob tended to in the year 1943, telling him how much he loved him, and missed him.

Mind = Blown!

Anything you find more intriguing about Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children movie ? Drop it in the comments section below.

For a better glimpse into the Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children movie I would suggest you read our complete thorough review here: Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children Review 2016. Any fuming questions post them and I will try to answer them or get them resolved.

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