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Dhanak Review (2016) | A lovely satisfying movie | Krrish creates magic

Dhanak ambles on a gorgeous pleasant lively theme. It will hand you all the goodies on a silver platter. So, there is nothing that goes wrong or awry in the movie. So much unlike life. But it is a kid’s movie if you look at it up close, and that makes everything okay. There are so many things the Rainbow movie teaches, that it would be a disservice not taking your kids to watch this one.


Dhanak is more of a road trip movie. It is an immense struggle of a little girl and her blind brother to meet the elusive Indian superstar Shah Rukh Khan. Her intent so brutally honest and beautiful – To beseech him to give his brother eyes so that he could see again.

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Krrish Chhabria as Chotu is unlike any child actor you have ever come across. He is sweet, adorable and has just the right comic timing to throw you into pits of laughter. His sister Pari, played by Hetal Gada, retains an unflinching resolve to do something so selfless despite her heartwarming affection for Shah Rukh. It is simply commendable. The way she takes care of Chotu is really rare, something that cannot be overlooked at all. She is constantly there for him, even though she takes hell from him.

Despite the hurdles they face in reaching what they set out for, there isn’t a moment that will have you worried even for a second. There is nothing that would bore you either. Rainbow is a constant joyride.


The music of Dhanak is beyond comparison the best you have ever heard. All thanks to Tapas Relia. It blends in beautifully with some of the superlative Rajasthani folk-song flavours to embellish the score with a rare touch. Inclusion of Chet Dixon’s cameo was subtly done. The fusion that emanates therefrom is a rare mix of melody that goes on to show music has no language and that it simply keeps getting better and better with such winsome collaborations.

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Humour has been added in immense amount at the right places, mostly coming from none other than the protagonist Chotu. He is a witty loud mouth who has always something to say. His unrivalled love for Salman Khan is evident right from the beginning as he keeps fighting with his sister for the sake of his hero.


The big downside of the movie is its chosen cast. Sadly there were so less of them in the movie who could really act. Even Suresh Menon’s character was so empty that anyone else could have done it better.

Drama of the movie is unfortunately not powerful either. Most of the characters seem to be not in a right comportment to act. Nobody’s really glum in the movie. Maybe it has to do something with the happy theme of the movie.

There is also one bit that tries to scintillate superstition in the form of a clairvoyant which I think was not at all necessary. It should have been discouraged or edited out completely.


still of krrish chhabria as Chotu in Dhanak Movie Rainbow

Thoughtful bits from Dhanak are when Chotu is able to see again, he chooses a high spot  to see the beauty of the world. It is amazingly sentient of him to watch the sand slip through his palms. Also, the part where a guy exploits innocent ignorant people by looting them just for a selfie with a cup that Shah Rukh Khan had used, goes on to show the ugly side of film-insanity people in rural areas are still smitten with. They treat what they see on the big screen akin Gods, and it is so sad that there are such real life characters who will brazenly milk their debility nevertheless.


Dhanak or Rainbow is an extraordinary movie that teaches us to celebrate life. It just focuses on all the good in the country and doesn’t delve into the real muck of India. The latter would have rendered it abominable to see. Nagesh Kukunoor does a fine job there with the theme.

Dhanak is a must watch for everybody.

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  • A constant pleasant theme
  • A great kid's movie
  • Chotu and Pari are extraordinary
  • Music is mind-boggling
  • Great editing


  • Plot is so not life like
  • Director shows only the good side of India
  • There isn't anything glum about a movie
  • Not properly enacted

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