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Dracula Untold Review (2014)

Dracula Untold is told by a beautiful dark direction of the newbie ‎Gary Shore‬, Stoker’s tale has found a perfect variant.

Luke‬ is ravishing in the drac shoes and the tale of Dracula Untold is brilliantly scripted. There are subtle glimpses that Shore uses like depicting rad scenes of war through the dead eyes of a Turk that makes things different. Although the action bit isn’t that great and put out quickly, the story still keeps you rooted. Some clichéd pieces pop up here and there, but its our own favourite fictional protag Drac, what do you expect? The score is apt. It makes you feel the vampire wrath. Screenplay is good.

When we contain the awesomeness of Luke’s gripping facial gravity, make it dark, combine it with some twists and turns of the legendary Bram Stoker’s tale, add some ‪Cooper‬ to it, throw in some ‪Charles Dance‬ grim screenplay voice then lo! we get a good decent movie that has the potential to run a fine franchise on its own.

We have forever rooted for a better depiction of the bad-ass Dracula tale, haven’t we? Well, Dracula Untold might not be the right justice we expected for our beloved anti-hero, but it isn’t quite bad either. Gary Shore might have ignited a franchise spark, that could be picked up by a much better director and an imminent promising story as well.

But everything aside, If we really want the right adjudication and the perfect hammer to drop, we want it to be picked up by some brilliant directors like Cameron, Nolan or Scorsese to give it the perfect verdict.

Dracula Untold













  • Subtle Direction
  • Good screenplay
  • Average drama
  • Luke's badass acting


  • Messes with original history
  • Script required something more

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