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Eye in the Sky Review (2016) | Aisha Takow Questions Moral Decisions

The girl and her bread. Aisha Takow plays Alia Mo’Allim, the girl who decides the fate of a scrupulous showdown in Eye in the Sky movie. Her natural flair for acting mixed with the experience of a stellar cast makes the movie a perfect watch. It is a stunning solemn flick.

From the enthralling head of Guy Hibbert comes a conscience tale that will throw your brains into pits of disarray where you will be compelled to live with the choices you make as dependencies of life get entailed. What weighs more? It is something you will keep questioning throughout the flick’s climax until the final call is made, and the curtain is dropped.

Stunning Plot On Decisions We Make (Spoilers Ahead)

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Amidst a world of chaos sits a girl trying to sell her bread. Unperturbed. Unaware. Heedless of impending danger, carrying on with her routine life. She has no idea, meters away holed up in a safehouse terrorists were busy concocting a plan to bring a bigger annihilation to fruition.

A bunch of authorities watching them from the skies, like Gods, hold the handle to the trigger to take the terrorists down but are faced with a dire conundrum so lethal that could take one innocent life in the process of imminent quelling. Their act has no absolution. They have to live with the choices they make. So poetic! Right?

The Character of Aisha Takow

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Aisha Takow who plays the character of Alia Mo’Allim in the movie Eye in the Sky seems to have a natural knack for acting. Aisha Takow doesn’t feel like she is acting for she is lost in her act. Such a young soul and yet she masters the mannerisms required when there is a need to go natural. Unfazed by all the things around her she still remains confident, mastering the seller parlance. She is a winner, hands down.


The innocence of Alia Mo’Allim will make you feel sorry for her, and you don’t blame her for picking up fallen pieces of bread for the second time. She was only thinking about her family. It is something children often do. The fate of Aisha Takow’s Alio Mo’Allim will bring tears in your eyes. In an instant, she becomes one of the most relatable characters, and with a mere snap of decisive fingers, her world uproots.

Breaking Down Eye in the Sky Movie

We see a political pandemonium go murky as people refer up for the Herculean decision that stares them in their eyes. It shows how incapacitated we are into making real life’s choices. No one’s spared. You wish to keep your slate clean and yet wish to do something good for the world. A soldier’s life is a constant battle of what needs to be done against what is right. Eye in the sky is reflective of that very thought.

As Lieutenant General Frank Benson played by Alan Rickman puts superbly it in the end:

Still of Alan Rickman as Frank Benson in Eye in the Sky

Never tell a soldier that he does not know the cost of war.

Eye in the Sky movie will also let you comprehend the concept of the Phantom Drone and how powerful a weapon it really is. The technology is easily one of the deadliest of all since it gives the wielder incomprehensible power over pygmy humans.

As Eye in the Sky movie progresses into a nail-biting finish you couldn’t help but feel a pang of emotions erupt in your heart. So powerful is its vigour, that it captivates you, right from the moment it delves into the deep waters. 

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Powerful Performances

Eye in the Sky is a decisive voyage that forces us to question our abilities. It has been beautifully helmed by Gavin Hood with endearing music to keep us company.

The star cast is stellar as they pack in powerful performances together as an ensemble. The movie has every element shoehorned in the perfect amount, right from the heartless, the hearty to the sentient.

You see exceptional performances by Alan Rickman, Barkhad Abdi (of Captain Phillips fame), Helen Mirren, Aaron Paul, Iain Glen and the beautiful young girl Aisha Takow. Powerful intense acting by the cast that converts it into a dramatic success.

Eye in the Sky movie is a must-watch!

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