Films 2016 Release List

Placed in this leaflet are all those amazing movies of 2016 that we saw finding theaters in the year. Our very own Films 2016 Release List will help you understand how many of the good ones were out there, and how many of them you missed.

films 2016 release movies of 2016

This category of films 2016 release is intended to place movies of 2016 at one place. These are all movie reviews that will help place things in perspective. Also, provided are links within for you to order the concerned movie without having to go anywhere.

Films 2016 Release List

Without wasting anymore time presenting to you the enthralling films 2016 release list:

20th century women wallpaper

20th Century Women Review (2016) | Analysis of a Stunning Coming of Age Story

Mike Mills is a charmer of dramedy. He deals with pathos so beautifully it's hard not to make it your very own. 20th Century Women tries to tell a coming of age story of a boy, his upbringing overseen by his mother and two girls who help him understand things ...
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nocturnal animals movie wallpaper

Nocturnal Animals Review (2016) | Full Analysis and Ending Explained

Speechless! Nocturnal Animals would render you dumbstruck. It is an outstanding avant-gardeĀ flick that is more art than cinema. Yes, there is art laid out in the form of poetry and if you pay attention enough you would begin to appreciate the stories they tell. Nocturnal Animals movie ends in a ...
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the lost city of z movie

The Lost City of Z Movie Review (2016) | The Pursuit of a Dream

The Lost City of Z movie is a beautiful dramatic biopic of an explorer churned between his family, war and his dream to find an ancient lost city in the Amazon. It might have been a failed expedition in actuality but it never was any less than an intense elusive ...
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hacksaw ridge movie wallpaper

Hacksaw Ridge Movie Review (2016) | A Biopic to Celebrate a True Hero

Hacksaw Ridge Movie is a game changer for those who think taking lives is alright. It is powerful enough to stand against ideologies, makes you want to question your belief, and puts the right thoughts that brazen heads tend to overlook. There is nothing noble in war. It swallows everything ...
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Paterson movie wallpaper

Paterson Movie Review (2016) | A Shout-out for all the Poets | Full Analysis with Spoilers

It is hard to put a movie in words when there is much to say and you know, no matter what you say, it would never be enough. Paterson movie is for every poet out there, who is invariably humming the hidden metres of life. It is for all the ...
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Colossal Movie Wallpaper Jason Sudeikis and Anne hathaway

Colossal Movie Review (2016) | Analysis and Explanation | Major Spoilers

Colossal movie isn't really a monster flick. So if you are rushing into the theatres just to see a Kaiju and Robot stand off, I would say don't. Also, if you don't like movies with hidden meanings, or if you are too shallow to understand poetic vibes, metaphors, and profound ...
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Now that you know which movies of 2016 were the amazing ones from our films 2016 release list, go ahead and watch them. Good ones should not be missed for the world. There were plenty of astounding films that were helmed in the year 2016. If you have undying love for cinema I am sure you are going to love watching all these exciting pieces.

Movies of 2016

You might not find some movies that were set to release in 2016 here as well. That could be plainly because the movie didn’t make it in our theatres in time. In case, your movie isn’t here, you can check out the 2017 block as well or the previous year’s. If it is still not there, I am pretty sure that I might have missed it.

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