Placed in this leaflet are all those amazing movies of 2016 that we saw finding theaters in the year. Our very own Films 2016 Release List will help you understand how many of the good ones were out there, and how many of them you missed.

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This category of films 2016 release is intended to place movies of 2016 at one place. These are all movie reviews that will help place things in perspective. Also, provided are links within for you to order the concerned movie without having to go anywhere.

Films 2016 Release List

Without wasting anymore time presenting to you the enthralling films 2016 release list:

The Great Wall Movie Wallpaper

The Great Wall Movie Review (2016) | Typical Monster Flick

The Great Wall movie is one of those monster flicks that starts abruptly without offering you any perspective. Unlike mythical horror movies that are built on sheer horror and tons of suspense, The Great Wall movie doesn't bank on the fear factor rather chooses to go with the action platitude to the ...
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Manchester by the sea movie wallpaper

Manchester by the Sea Review (2016) | Immensely Mournful

Extremely sad and touching. Kenneth Lonnergan's masterpiece is a movie that can't be forgotten. Manchester by the Sea is a soul-stirring drama that will make sure you end up in a pool of tears. It has profound grief written all over it as it moves forward showing frames of a ...
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still of Chris Pine and Ben Foster in Hell or High Water Movie

Hell or High Water Review (2016) | David Mackenzie Helms Another Masterpiece

Another great year for Taylor Sheridan as he writes another gorgeous piece Hell or High Water right after registering the extraordinary 2015 flick Sicario in the Hollywood books. The movie directed by David Mackenzie is a story of two brothers who set out on a bank robbery spree to save their family ranch ...
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The Red Turtle Movie Wallpaper

The Red Turtle Movie Review (2016) | The Speechless Leaves You Speechless

Whoever thought the mute can't speak? The Red Turtle movie might be a film where no one talks but not for a second do you feel like you are watching a dead screen. Because in the background goes a beautiful score that aggrandizes an already fantastic tale of a shipwrecked man ...
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Image of Brad Pitt and Mario Cotillard in Allied Movie

Allied Movie Review (2016) | A Suspenseful Shade of Romance

Robert Zemeckis returns, this time with a war thriller, an intriguing weave of Steven Knight's brain. Allied Movie thrives on constant suspense to come up with a tale that swivels around a sheer veil. It is a slow build up for its core suspense. But the build up is beautiful, ...
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image of passengers movie jennifer lawrence and chris pratt

Passengers Movie Review (2016) | Love at Strange Crises

The coolest people we know, Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence finally pair up together for a sci fi flick. Passengers movie acts as a gorgeous engaging flick only up to a point, after which it suddenly begins to falter and fidget. By the time we reach its end, the damage is ...
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Now that you know which movies of 2016 were the amazing ones from our films 2016 release list, go ahead and watch them. Good ones should not be missed for the world. There were plenty of astounding films that were helmed in the year 2016. If you have undying love for cinema I am sure you are going to love watching all these exciting pieces.

Movies of 2016

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