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Ford v Ferrari Movie Review (2019) | Dreamers v Dirty Politics

Ford v Ferrari movie is simply splendid! Carries such a great direction throughout, that it brings out the sports in a whole new perspective tackling it at all times against a vivid spectacle.

Being a biopic, it instantly takes you back to a page in history you weren’t aware of. Lets you live that era as if you had always been a part of it, driving alongside those badass drivers who always carried their lives with fate.

What’s intriguing is the politics that go into the whole racing world, something that always walks hand in hand with power. It is what you could relate to with examples all around. It makes you wonder how nothing in this life could remain pure. Not even a profession that literally screams for it. But there it is, blood-curdling dirty politics, right there waiting for you at the next turn.

The Theme of Ford v Ferrari Movie (Spoilers)

Ford v Ferrari movie tries to show the real war between the two, that placed Ford in the vanguard when they came up with a car and a resolve to beat the unbeaten.

The movie is about two assiduous guys, played by two amazing actors, who make the impossible happen. Laying out all the things that try to stop them from achieving it, and yet, how they still end up doing the unthinkable. It is something that is very relatable. Pretty much life, if things steer down your way!

There are so many rocks thrown at the way of these dreamers, so many obstacles that try to restrict their progress and yet things fail to stop them from achieving what they had originally set out for.

Dropping subtle hints on the impetuous nature of Ken, the director gradually brings us up to speed with his finances. Not to mention the friendship Ken shares with Shelby that is not just confined to business.

Watching a genius from a third-person perspective feels swell, and that’s why his son Peter Miles (Noah Jupe) was introduced. Peter is like a fly on the wall who simply marvels at his dad and stays apprehensive of what might happen to him. His worrying is justified for a sport like that, utterly bases itself on luck.

Ken Miles

Ford v Ferrari movie tries to tell the story of the real Ken Miles – a forgotten hero who made his name by being one of the best racing drivers in the circuits all across the globe. Who else could portray him better than Christian Bale? He fills him up with legitimacy – making Ken yet one of those brilliant feathers on his hat.

What could you possibly say about Christian? The bloke who always portrays a character by getting under their skin so well that it puts the original to shame. Our creators must wonder, they should have done a better job in the first place.

Ken Miles is a revolt. Christian helps bring a unique vantage to this portrayal that is very endearing to watch. The hothead whose passion for cars is bigger than the size of his wallet. So many dreamers out there, who are still struggling to make ends meet, could relate to Ken Miles’ story.

What is worth noticing is what a genius Ken Miles is. The knowledge he retains about his cars, the verve that he carries whenever he sees a great ride, brings you up a notch to level up with his zeal too.

Carroll Shelby

Matt Damon plays a very convincing Carroll Shelby. A man who is trying to do what is right but simply can’t, for his hands are tied. The storyline goes on to show the ugly side of racing politics, that despite the powerful friendship he has with Ken, still leaves him powerless.

There are one two many times that he is forced to take a call from people who are above him, and Ken is always the guy who ends up getting snubbed. Despite all that, he doesn’t lose hope and leaves no stones unturned to set things right.

Carroll isn’t a bad guy at all, but he is churned into making bad calls for Ken, by his superiors. The way he is forced to deal with business tries to upend him from his mission. He takes a couple of tough calls but then rectifies his mistakes by doing the right thing.

While Ken Miles’ passion for cars is inspiring, Carroll’s business acumen is next to superlative too. It is because of his intervention, things actually get done. Watch out for that bit wherein he takes Henry Ford II (Tracy Letts) for a ride!

The Direction of Ford v Ferrari Movie

In terms of direction, it is not hard to see that Ford v Ferrari movie is a very carefully made flick, you can easily tell, for the movie runs as smooth as the wheels on the Le Mans circuit. It has order, it runs with a mission in mind. Almost everything in the movie is justified.

James Mangold whose last movie was yet another masterpiece Logan, keeps up his work by delivering another. He chooses a beautiful way to start the movie by showing how common a man Ken Miles was, and yet what genius.

The whole gang in Ford v Ferrari movie

It is great to find James indulge in two nerve-racking and satisfying races that goes on to make the whole movie very interesting. There is not a single boring movement in the movie that will take away your interest on that popcorn. You remain thoroughly riveted.

Amongst other characters, Leo Beebe (Josh Lucas) brings in that perversive element to the story, abhorring Ken to his guts. He tries to make sure, time and again, to overshadow Ken’s achievements.

Jon Bernthal too does a fine job as Lee Iacocca and makes his presence felt.

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The Final Verdict

Overall Ford v Ferrari is a very good movie. Highly recommended even though you are not a fan of the sport. It is highly likely you become one after watching it.

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  • Outstanding direction
  • Great Biopic
  • Christian Bale as Ken Miles
  • Matt Damon as Carroll Shelby
  • Great depiction of politics
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