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I know what you are thinking. Why Straight From a Movie has been branded The Best Movie Review Site when there are a bazillion others capering around in the same genre? Well, I could just say spend a little time here, and find out why The Best Movie Review Site tag tags along.

About Straight From a Movie: Origins

Commenced as a sheer movie quotes website (which retains all the top quotes by the way), Straight From a Movie has come a long way ever since its inception in the year 2013. It became successful in mesmerizing you, riveted your attention to amazing top quotes from movies, and offered you a chance to relive your dead verve.

Our experience, and undying enthusiasm for movies places us amongst the best movie sites of the world. You will realize why we are the best movie review site on this planet when you become a part of us.Straight From a Movie has now boldly ventured into something much more bigger. We have primped and preened ourselves and slithered into a whole new horizon of movie reviews and movie ratings, better movie quotes all placed under one hood. Here we intend to discuss how much we loved a bit from a flick, suggest movies to each other, rate them, follow movie guides, put a pin to remember, criticize the bad ones, and shower our stirring love for the good ones.

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Gully boy movie wallpaper

Gully Boy Review (2019) | Talent Could Bloom Anywhere

What a dramatic and enjoyable hoot! Going in with not so high hopes, for the trailers belied Gully Boy making it appear as a middling ripoff of 8 Mile, the flick comes as a delightful surprise. Gully Boy will make ...
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alita battle angel movie wallpaper

Alita Battle Angel Review (2019) | Missing James Cameron

One of the most awaited movies of Hollywood, Alita Battle Angel which is nothing but Hollywood once again Hollywoodizing an insanely popular manga series, leaves you with mixed feelings. What is a tad bothering is the direction given by Robert ...
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mary queen of scots movie wallpaper

Mary Queen of Scots Movie Review (2018) | Remember the Queen

What a debut for Josie Rourke! She makes a grand entry with Mary Queen of Scots movie, a project so towering that you already knew beforehand, the story of Mary Stuart couldn't be done justice by any possible film. But ...
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bumblebee movie wallpaper

Bumblebee Movie Review (2018) | Travis Knight Saves It

Just when you thought Transformers was a lost cause, swoops in Travis Knight, the director of Kubo and the Two Strings and saves it. Bumblebee movie is a delightful spinoff made on the most admired knight of the entire Transformers ...
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bohemian rhapsody movie wallpaper

Bohemian Rhapsody Movie Review (2018) | A Tribute to Freddie Mercury

Extraordinary! Freddie Mercury finds a perfect homage in Bohemian Rhapsody movie named after one of the biggest hit albums by Queen. Portrayed by Rami Malek in an Oscar-worthy performance, Freddie is done absolute ravishing justice by the actor who is ...
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glass movie wallpaper

Glass Movie Review (2019) | Unlike Our Usual Superhero Films

Glass Movie appears like a conclusion to the story that was being built all this time by the visionary director M. Night Shyamalan. It chased after its momentum when Split movie was released in the year 2016 by introducing the ...
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Manmarziyaan movie wallpaper

Manmarziyaan Review | A Consuming Modern Age Love Story (2018)

Manmarziyaan is an emotional ride that takes you through the vale of a contemporary Indian love story. It is a heart-rending tale that at times tears you apart, at times makes you smile and then most of the times have ...
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spider-man into the spider-verse wallpaper

Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse Review (2018) | Crazy Superhero Transition

Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse movie simply nails it. Introduces Miles Morales like a boss without letting you feel the absence of Peter Parker at all, because well, technically a different version of the latter is flown into his universe. That ...
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aquaman movie wallpaper

Aquaman Movie Review (2018) | DCEU Spreads its Wings

Aquaman movie shoehorns its way into the DC universe announcing its arrival with a bang. It proves with all its might why it was naive to judge the fate of a universe with just a handful of movies. That a ...
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creed 2 movie wallpaper

Creed 2 Movie Review (2018) | Takes the Franchise Forward

Creed 2 movie keeps the franchise alive with yet another great installment that has us dive into the head of Adonis Johnson (Michael B. Jordan), the guy who is so successfully taking the legend of Rocky forward. The movie packs ...
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