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I know what you are thinking. Why Straight From a Movie has been branded The Best Movie Review Site when there are a bazillion others capering around in the same genre? Well, I could just say spend a little time here, and find out why The Best Movie Review Site tag tags along.

About Straight From a Movie: Origins

Commenced as a sheer movie quotes website (which retains all the top quotes by the way), Straight From a Movie has come a long way ever since its inception in the year 2013. It became successful in mesmerizing you, riveted your attention to amazing top quotes from movies, and offered you a chance to relive your dead verve.

Our experience, and undying enthusiasm for movies places us amongst the best movie sites of the world. You will realize why we are the best movie review site on this planet when you become a part of us.Straight From a Movie has now boldly ventured into something much more bigger. We have primped and preened ourselves and slithered into a whole new horizon of movie reviews and movie ratings, better movie quotes all placed under one hood. Here we intend to discuss how much we loved a bit from a flick, suggest movies to each other, rate them, follow movie guides, put a pin to remember, criticize the bad ones, and shower our stirring love for the good ones.

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ready or not movie wallpaper

Ready or Not Movie Review (2019) | Aftermath Marriage Allegory | Analysis

If you were to judge Ready or Not movie based on what it appears to be, you know, like a mere dark gore thriller flick, I would say there is more to it than beats the eye. I say this ...
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The Angry Birds 2 movie wallpaper

The Angry Birds Movie 2 Review (2019) | Gets An Upgrade

The Angry Birds Movie 2 is a major upgrade in terms of humour. The first one was badly written in terms of jests, but this one, fortunately, is the exact opposite. We have plenty of good slapstick humour going around ...
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batla house movie wallpaper

Batla House Movie Review (2019) | Redefines an Indian Cop

Batla House movie takes us back in time, in 2008 to a case that had literally shaken the very foundation of India. It attempts to fight off that tarnished image that the Indian Police has been trying to get rid ...
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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Wallpaper

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Review (2019) | An Ode to Hollywood

Get ready to travel back in time! Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is a tribute to Hollywood paid by a virtuoso who knows his era of Hollywood best. It is like watching memories from someone else's beady eyes. The ...
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yesterday featured image

Yesterday Movie Review (2019) | An Enthralling Tribute to The Beatles

What a beautiful and lovely movie! Yesterday movie banks on an unusual plot to remind us that in a world of changing music, the classics should never be forgotten. It hints on a plot where old and important things, things ...
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the lion king movie wallpaper

The Lion King Movie Review (2019) | Nostalgia Galore But…

The Lion King movie brings back memories galore, refreshes what you were once a huge fan of. All the characters from the prequel get painted once again, this time more realistically, a feat that could have been achieved only with ...
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Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw

Hobbs & Shaw Movie Review (2019) | A Crazy Fast & Furious Tributary

Hobbs & Shaw is a fully action-packed Fast and Furious spinoff that is worthy of having its own series. The show-stealer is hands down the chemistry of the protagonists which the movie leverages right from the very beginning. What also ...
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aladdin movie wallpaper

Aladdin Movie Review (2019) | Jasmine Steals the Show

Aladdin movie is nowhere close to the original animated version, but it isn't that bad either. You are kind of left with mixed feelings because it has its moments even though it fails to blow you away. The first feeling ...
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article 15 movie wallpaper

Article 15 Movie Review (2019) | India’s False Facade

Ayushmann Khurrana starrer Article 15 movie addresses one of those deeply rooted pivotal issues that still has India by its balls. Even after 72 years of independence, the country is still broiling in the muck of casteism and groupism. They ...
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Men in Black: International movie wallpaper

Men In Black: International (2019) | Men Monikers Bothering Women?

What a complete waste of resources! Men in Black: International is a really bad spinoff of the popular franchise that's clearly done to make money. First things first! Why is it so important to mess with already established things? I ...
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