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Insidious: Chapter 3 Review (2015)

Insidious: Chapter 3 is another rad visit to the further.

Leigh Whannell helms Insidious: Chapter 3 beautifully in what is his first endeavour as a director. His direction is engaging just like his writing. Quite thoughtful sometimes that sways on drama subtly. While it never leaves out its horror quotient the movie delivers beautiful brave messages through its ballsy frames.

Incidents of the story take place after the Lambert family haunting which makes this movie a prequel to the second installment rather than what the misnomer Chapter 3 insinuates. We are introduced to a whole new story however its roots still skim the original. Insidious doesn’t lower its standards unlike other horror sequels which makes it one of a kind. With Whannell doing most of the job himself directing his own work didn’t come as a surprise. Preparing a whole new story was hard work, and so was connecting it to the previous ones. Whannell has waded into the right depths to come up with one hell of a plot that gives fans enough reasons to celebrate the dot-connecting.

The movie packs in less horror as compared to its predecessors however still manages to be gripping and thoroughly thrilling. The further is once again portrayed gorgeously. The dark is creepy and the scares come in at the right moments. Lin Shaye is brilliant as Elise Rainier. Her ballsy nature is inspiring that goes on to summarize real notions of life. Screenplay appears really warm when she enacts her bits.

What might bum some out is its limited storyline that fails to unfurl the villainous character enough. Also, the movie doesn’t pack in awesome twists like its predecessors. The climax dies down without exploring the storyline of the antagonist which as a matter of fact makes the movie comparatively shorter. Apart from these obvious pokes, the movie is really good and worth a watch.

Insidious: Chapter 3













  • Excellent direction
  • Great plot to connect dots
  • Brilliant screenplay
  • A revisit to the further


  • Isn't that terrifying
  • Story of the man who can't breathe unexplored

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