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Men In Black: International (2019) | Men Monikers Bothering Women?

What a complete waste of resources! Men in Black: International is a really bad spinoff of the popular franchise that’s clearly done to make money.

First things first! Why is it so important to mess with already established things? I know it used to be a man’s world, that everything was created to man’s pleasing. I personally hated how the women were treated earlier, how they were never the center of the attraction in many stories. We lived in a time that didn’t celebrate them, and that’s very sad. Concurred.

But how does rewriting or rebooting already established franchises help? Why do you have to mess with the already released movies? First, it was the X-Men, now it is Men in Black International. Jeez! they were even talking about making a woman-oriented James Bond movie. What has the world come to?

Current Hollywood Obsession

Women today retain power and freedom but why mess with the classics? Why can’t you create your own original stuff? I would be down for it if it were a completely different and original story you were trying to weave. Don’t we have a Tomb Raider franchise we are dying to see? How would you feel when a male actor, one day, decides to be the protagonist of Tomb Raider? It simply can’t be done because he isn’t made for the role. Exactly! Thank you.

Why do you have to rewrite things again? Now if you were doing a great job at it, or if the logic was working, it would have been okay still. But even the end result is suffering. Can’t you see that?

Why is Hollywood so obsessed with it? Do you want to come up with the argument of – Wrong the right? Hell, this formula isn’t even working. Why are we even following it when it isn’t working?

Men in Black: International Theme

It hurts to bring back memories of all the places where Men in Black: International went wrong. Paper thin characters it tries to sell as important ones, it feels like no amount of effort was put into the movie whatsoever. There’s not even a hint of gravitas, to begin with. The writing is simply bad. Dialogues that try to be funny, aren’t at all.

What Men in Black: International tries to do is to spread its wing in the MIB universe, but doesn’t literally care about the things that helped the franchise stand out in the first place. It is one of those non-serious movies that try to fill its pockets while people remember the franchise’s name.

The universe has a way of leading you to where you are supposed to be, at the moment you are supposed to be there.

Bright Side in Men In Black

If you try to look at the bright side, you can say Pawny was well crafted at least. The CGI was done great on him. Kumail Nanjiani gives his voice and jests to make the character a pleasant company to have around. However, it wasn’t enough, unfortunately. The movie was trying really hard to be comic which it was failing at all times. Nothing, like nothing could be taken seriously. Even the choices the director makes for a particular scene feels shoddy.

The Seed of Competition

Feminism and equality have spread like wildfire. So many women-oriented movies ushered in this year. But none of them up to the mark. Okay, Ocean’s Eight can be called one exception. But how hard is it to fathom that simply by choosing women protagonists or blending in some humour doesn’t make a movie cool.

Half of the things don’t even carry logic. So, there’s a great story which is already in place, and people loved it for the story. Why does some director jump in, out of the blue, and say, “Hey! There were a lot of men in the movie. Let’s bring a woman into the vanguard and reshoot it all over again.”

We watched it for the frigging story in the first place! Didn’t we? And not for the fact that it had something to do with the gender. Who in their right minds watches a movie based on gender? If everything in our life was based on such demarcations, and everyone demanded their own versions of a movie, taking an example of religion into account, we would have a whopping 4200 versions of Men in Black! Each religion would then have their own Men in Black movie. How crazy is that! Does that make you happy or sad?

Titles and Monikers

Oh! Is the title in Men in Black bothering you? Why don’t you rename everything that has the word “men” into women? Why not change mankind into womankind? Like seriously? How confined is your thinking? Why does it bother you so much? I am pretty sure someone, in the long run, would even be bothered by the “Black” in the title, and call it racist. Why are we getting offended by almost everything that has been branded already? You want to change the world? Create your original stuff, why mess with things that are already there.

You know there’s a reason we love James Bond, that has nothing to do with the fact that he is a guy. There’s a reason The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo can’t be played by a guy, it wouldn’t make sense. Stories! We don’t decide to love stories based on gender. They have become famous and now we have grown to love them. You can’t decide to, one day, switch genders and expect us to like it.

People need to take it easy. Some things are better left untouched. They are classics for a reason, not to be messed with.

Why am I so pissed after watching Men in Black International? Because the movie literally screams “Men” in the title. It is frigging Men in Black! Why do you have to turn that around too?

The Final Verdict

Well, there are times when you think that the movie is trying really hard to get on the saddle towards good things, but just when you think it is, it disappoints you furthermore. Watch it only if you feel a desire in you rising to watch something really light!

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  • Pawny
  • Climactic Plot


  • Pathetic in every respect
  • Unserious storytelling
  • Bad Direction

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