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Movie Reviews and Quotes: Revamped and Buffed Up

So we have done a lot of changes on our website. We have changed entirely the look and feel of movie reviews and quotes. Right from changing the theme of it (which has now become more awesome btw), to outsourcing of quotes which we assumed was quite the need of the hour, and removing a couple of unwanted menu items that helped us to primp it down further. Quotes can be accessed via the “Quotes” menu which will redirect to you our tumblr version, which as a matter of fact, is doing pretty fine per se.


We have also ventured into Instagram waters and are wading just fine in kudos. Of course, that is restricted to quotes alone. You can find the link here:

The front static page of Straight From A Movie is still open for ideas. We have stopped including a “portfolio view” of the things we were onto on the landing page since it was causing speed issues. Another idea of revamping movie reviews and quotes site is through the inclusion of a section that celebrates the forgotten movies. We are still thinking about including such a corner, or might settle on using the Blog section We have also included a “Quote of the week” section in our movie reviews and quotes website which will let you have a

Another great idea that has still not reached fruition is the inclusion of a “Quote Rant” category that will visit bad-ass movie quotes from different flicks and squeeze out words from the mouth of our writer into expounding why the quote was chosen in the first place. What drew his attention towards it? Blah Blah Blah! It will be great to get an insight and see if there are like-minded people breathing in the world with the same stream of thoughts.

Straight from a movie is on its way to become the Big Daddy of the movie sphere. We promise to blow your minds with only the best critical-laudatory movie reviews and quotes ever.

Wish us luck!

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