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  1. i want to know, has cynthia pavri continued to has an affair with vikram after the first night she slept with vikram or she has stop after the first time

  2. tell me about the relation of mrs cynthia pavri with vikra makhidja, how many months, weeks or days she had an affair with vikram, so, i can understand the movie

    • Hi Jeeten,

      If you take the original case into consideration, where Nanavati (Rustom), Ahuja (Vikram) and Sylvia (Cynthia) were involved, Nanavati would be gone for long assignments. Given the letters that went to and fro between Ahuja and Sylvia it can well be established that their relationship went on for months.

      But the movie tries to show Rustom and Cynthia’s relation in a positive light, thereby branding Vikram as the main culprit. So according to the movie, it was just one day er.. one night with Vikram Makhija. After which she realized her mistake, and stopped visiting him. It was shown all the letters she received was one sided and that she never wrote back. So even though the inflow of the letters kept happening for days, she never went back. And when finally she did, Rustom accidentally saw him in the balcony.

      I am afraid, the no. of days were not highlighted, but we can establish that it went on for some time.

      Hope that answers your question. 🙂

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