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Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse Review (2018) | Crazy Superhero Transition

Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse movie simply nails it. Introduces Miles Morales like a boss without letting you feel the absence of Peter Parker at all, because well, technically a different version of the latter is flown into his universe. That is one way to save a superhero, and Spidey gets saved, you know, like energy which can neither be created nor be destroyed but transformed into another form. The transition is endearing which eventually makes our acceptance facile.

So many Spider-man movies out there and yet Marvel always finds a way to weave a new and inventive story altogether. Introducing its friendly neighborhood superhero in a new avatar, Marvel creates a whole new spider-verse to introduce exciting versions of our favourite affable superhero.

Apart from being upbeat, humorous and savvy, Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse helps the audience grow a gradual appetite for change. When we were at a brink of not getting used to watching someone else fill the shoes of our favorite superheroes, Spider-man Into the Spider-Verse does it effortlessly by being immensely entertaining and badass. You don’t feel the change really as you quickly grow to admire this new heroic character which has one too many similarities with the original.

The Concept of Multiverse

MCU had introduced the concept of parallel universes up early but Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse movie gives it a whole new direction and perspective.

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Even though we have seen multiple instances of multiverse flung at us earlier, none of the parts cover it as effectively as this one. Lucky for us, multiverse finds a proper meaning here as we see various characters of Spider-Man drop in one common universe to explain the how and the why.

In here, we see the concept of the multiverse in action, like all those countless possibilities stuffed into a pragmatic example giving wings to our fancy. You can’t help but imagine how huge multiverse is. That there are so many universes out there which have their own stories and each one is a bit different from another. Yet the crux of each tale remains the same.

If there is sadness entailed, then that Spidey endures it in each one of them. You can’t help but marvel at how the fate of a person never really changes that no matter what one does, they are always supposed to face their demons in every life. It is outright poetic.

The Uncle Ben Angle (Spoilers)

Playing its cards extremely well again, Marvel walks in with that Uncle Ben tragedy. Herein, he has an uncle yet again, Uncle Aaron (Mahershala Ali), who is a bad guy in a warm light. Following orders of his boss, Wilson Fisk (Liev Schreiber) he ends up being a victim at the hands of fate. Like a truly admired character in Spidey’s life, Uncle Aaron, too becomes a marionette to kismet, falling like a fallen destined warrior to teach another Spidey, life’s tricky yet tragic lessons.

Pain is inevitable and inescapable. You have to come to terms with it one way or the other in your life, and when you do, you become a changed man. You begin to fathom someone’s emotional pang in a way you have never before, and you become more profound. Miles Morales’ trigger is his Uncle’s fall, that makes a man out of a boy. He comes out flying like a hero who has just got a proper hold of his handle, as if he had just found control and taken the reins that dictate his existence in his hand.

Tragedy is what makes him see clearly. It helps him grow. We see it ground in his comeback in the end and it is a wonderful revival. He bounces back like a true superhero as if he had always been one. Clouds of dubitation vanish as he is able to see clearly what held him back and he is able to truly defeat it.

The Tragedy of Wilson Fisk

I absolutely love it when a villain isn’t just wicked without a reason. Like there is something more to him than just perversion. There is always more to a person that we fail to see. A rare untouched psychosis that emanates because he has had a tough day, or a vision that the rest fail to see like that of Thanos from Infinity Wars or a backstory like that of Killmonger in Black Panther.

Here the crooked villain is Wilson Fisk and the core of his villainy boils down to something tragic. He almost makes you feel sorry for him if he wasn’t killing people for no reason at all.

A crooked man doesn’t go crooked if he isn’t pushed. Wilson is trying to get his family back by using a particle accelerator to access the multiverse. He is trying to get his son and wife from a different universe and in doing so has upended the balance of the universe, thus causing different Spideys from other universes to bounce into his.

What Wilson Fisk fails to understand, and wouldn’t until the bubble in him bursts, is that the fate of his family remains the same irrespective of the universes he chooses, something similar to that of Miles’ uncle. Fisk would always end up being the primal reason for his family’s death. So no matter what he does, they would always wound up dead.

Peter B Parker

Introducing Peter B Parker as a Spidey from an alternate universe, who isn’t even trying to get his life back on track, is a superhero we could relate so much to. He has grown a paunch, loves food and loves to procrastinate. He has also broken up with Mary Jane Watson which is yet another ugly thing going on in his life.

The voice of Jake Johnson does him ample justice and he feels like a really jaded superhero. Good news is that he hasn’t lost his touch and despite all the disgusting habits he has slithered into, he still is our Spider-Man who looks after his city. He reluctantly agrees to teach Miles how to be a Spider-Man but literally guides him into his own shoes. Again, that’s one hell of a way to do a transition of a superhero we wouldn’t have been comfortable letting go.

Remember what makes you different is what makes you Spider-Man.

I loved how the card of Mary Jane gets played at desperate times, and how hard it is for Peter to meet her in person even though knowing she isn’t the Mary Jane from his universe. A heart really doesn’t understand. Even though that bit was put for fun, it strums hard on some emotional strings.

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A Melting Tribute

Apart from keeping the legacy of Stan Lee alive by letting a piece of him survive in the movie, thus tearing up fanboys, the flick also takes scenes from all the previous parts that have been made so far. It tries to even recreate the classic Sam Raimi‘s Spider-Man 3 moves when Spidey had tried to become a lot cooler with his Venom elements.

The editing is just next-level in this movie. It tries to keep the flick constantly entertaining and well packed with great moments to watch out for. There are so many Easter Eggs to look for that it brings a smile to your face whenever you see one. Like the name of Steve Ditko as a contact list in Miles’ phone, or the popular Spidey theme song that brings a smile whenever played or Spider-Man cereals, or Spidey-Man popsicles or Lady Doc Ock, or even that Spidey and Gwen Stacy connection despite them being from different dimensions.

Above all, the feel of the entire movie is like a really good comic book. All the illustrations seem to have been painted painstakingly into a comic strip that you can’t let go of. It leverages this quotient to the maximum at each juncture. At some places, even pages turn! It feels just exhilarating to be watching a comic book in motion.

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The Final Verdict

Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse is loaded with humour just like any good Marvel movie ensuring we get a proper blend of rad action and uproarious jests. Then you cannot also ignore all the music and art that goes into this movie. It gives out some really realistic vibes in terms of visuals. You forever stay in awe as you see each frame imitate original “would-have” shots on camera. Fighting sequences are dope too.

If you try to squeeze really hard for errors, you realize for the most part Peter B Parker’s paunch disappears, but it reappears when there are talks about food. Other than that there are fewer issues in Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse.

The part that you have to accept is how smooth the process of superhero transition is that you do not feel the real orig Spidey resting his claws.

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  • Outstanding Concept
  • Magnificent CGI
  • Great Editing
  • Humorous
  • Top-notch Direction


  • Minor Problems
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