San Andreas is one pathetic film. Earthquakes and Tsunamis couldn’t save this disaster of a movie. So pathetic that it would make you question your life choices!

To begin with, we don’t have a good story, okay probably a clichéd one. Drama is literally absent when you see confused faces, remote feelings that are further made shoddy by the poor screenplay. The latter department has just words, unfelt and bland. Carla just goes on to embarrass us further by reacting awkwardly with dialogues like, “You left my daughter alone?” and creates a see-through anger glass that becomes sad at one point. Dwyane, The Rock he is, didn’t have to try hard to play himself. Alexandra Daddario sizzles on screen but her inclusion seems deliberate by the casting director. Bringing Paul Giamatti into this was simply a waste of talent.

Whilst the movie quaked, I thought probably a Tsunami would bring home a twist. But to my surprise things kept going downhill. There is no profundity in the movie. No gravity to frame creation. Pathetic actors that make everything just look crappier than it already was.

Trying really hard to look at the bright side, I would say visuals sometimes looked rad. But does it really matter when you make such a bad flick?

To sum it all up, Peyton sucks!