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Bad Moms Movie Review (2016) | A Light Watchable Hoot

Mila Kunis can still run a one woman show. So she proves in Bad Moms movie. The light comedy might not have a huge plot under its belt, it still manages to wade through owing to its comic pleasantries. The feel-good factor that it bides by, when you see all the goodness going on in the life of Amy, you almost realize that this movie is going to leave you satisfied. And surprisingly it does.

Plot of Bad Moms Movie

If you look at the plot of the movie, it is more like a dreamy take on how things pan out for three fed up moms who decide to loosen up a little, taking time off from some punishing parenting. Of course, it appears too fanciful to be true, as good things keep happening on a roll. But you think about all the bad times Amy (Mila Kunis) had to suffer in, and suddenly that positive snappy home run begins to feel kind of okay.

Parenting can be really debilitating sometimes. There are thousands of sacrifices and selfless gestures to be made that could take its toll on anyone. For a woman who works every single moment of her life each day, who doesn’t even have time for herself, things are supposed to be tough. As a result she winds up with a cheating husband and ungrateful  kids (You can’t really do anything about the latter). And to vent out all that, the inevitable happens – Amy decides to chill.

still from bad moms movie watching a movie in a theater

With a failing marriage that was a downward tumble, she needed to let out all the chaos that was eating her up. She encounters Kathryn Hahn‘s Carla and the cutesy Kristen Bell‘s Kiki and they strike a perfect chord together. In an attempt to shake things up and live a little, they all become Bad Moms thus justifying the movie’s moniker.

The movie also banks on an iniquitous element Gwendolyn  portrayed by Christina Applegate that fills the movie with promising twists. However, in an attempt to show the dark side, the flick ends up becoming nothing but an attempt to right the wrongs after a wild crazy run. The PTA subplot becomes the main plot which makes you want to shake your head quite often.

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In an attempt to take us to the fairyland, the movie overlooks a lot of things. I am afraid there is nothing intelligible that Bad Moms movie offers. Goofs are good but they seem driven by a vapid story-line. Characters other than major Moms stay in a vague zone, clouded most of the times. Everything appears exactly what a tired mom would want. Yes, that again waves at you far away from a fancy enclave.

The movie ends up coveting for an imaginative perfect life for mothers that seems to be waiting just right around the corner. So it’s in a way shouting – “All you have to do is wait for your husband to cheat, and things are going to be just like a fairy tale. Oh and wait you need to be hot too!”

The Final Verdict

The primal theme on which the flick tries to work really hard on is by depicting how it’s alright to be a bad mom. That life isn’t perfect, and that it will fling at you all its dirtiness. Sometimes it’s alright to loosen up. So the frames in the end try to pay tribute to some Celeb Moms as they try to recall the bad things they subjected their kids to. It is fun, yeah!

Bad Moms movie is solely driven by its light-hearted spirit. Also, by Mila Kunis powerful performance as the resounding badass Mom who revolted. Other amusing equations join in to make it a hoot. Worth a watch!

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Joy Review (2015) | Truly inspirational

What an inspiring flick! Joy is simply awe-inspiring.

Jennifer Lawrence is a girl with the golden goose. She never fails to deliver. Her portrayals are powerful. Her eyes are so riveting that it is hard not to empathize with the pain she wears. Her demeanour dons a skin that is hard not to relate to and she makes you sway to her rhythm. The natural act she puts on is unmatched.


David O’ Russell cashes in on Lawrence just right. To helm Joy as a character so marred by spears of life that she forgets her true talents is what he tries to manifest. Bludgeoning her further are intricacies that end up in a chain reaction and pile her under the boulders of responsibilities. That’s where the flick takes off. It is a pleasant perspective taken in a diegetic tone by her grandma Mimi, played by Diane Ladd, an optimist with a very kind heart, sadly clouded like any grandmother is. Sidelined and unseen she keeps pointing out the good in her, and occasionally making Joy believe that she was special.

“Maybe your dreams are on a hold right now.”


The bit about creation was an eye-opener. On behalf of all the creators across the world, I would like to thank Russell to have given it a proper coverage. If we don’t look at the reel life for a second and focus on the real, so many of us have dreams that we started up with, a natural flair that promised us silently our true purpose in life, but alas life happened to us and we got skimmed to the footpath, diverged.

Russell’s take is just brilliant when he focuses on the pointlessness of relations, tangled ways of the living, and the insanity of it all. He subtly delves into the territory of epiphany with Joy’s dreams, the only point I felt the flick’s balance missing as he tries to blend in melodrama and humour at the same time. The epiphany bit sadly needed more emphasis.

However what unfurls thereon is a constant struggle to prove the mettle, the malice in commerce and the hopelessness that doesn’t seem to stop, until it does. It is quite inspiring for people who have put their dreams on hold. There are so many people who point their fingers at you when you are doing something good, succeeding at it, so many near ones who reek of jealousy and try to pull you down, something which Russell captures magnificently.

He uses exceptional screenplay to dignify the fallen talent, and weaves some great words. The rest is picked up by the cast really well. There are bits that shatter you to pieces, despair that boils you up but you can’t simply help but marvel at the perseverance of Joy as she fights everything and comes out a victor.

If you wanna feel inspired just go for it!