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Trainwreck Review (2015)

Trainwreck is not exactly weighing on a plot, but it’s damn funny!

So this is how comedy movies ought to be. Okay not exactly slow paced, and rummaging at a snail’s pace for a plot. But I am talking about the humour. A1!

Amy Schumer is excellent with her slapstick witty comebacks. Her one-liners and her prime comic timing crack you up and you burst out into fits of laughter at times. Bill Hader complements her beautifully. Both are excellent comedians and have been placed beautifully in the flick that see a lot of cameos by the renowned.

Judd chooses a quirky storyline to punch in huge sports figures like Lebron, John Cena, Amar’e Stoudemire. Also, he doesn’t leave out the entire cast of SNL. So it’s like watching SNL do a bit, only that lasts 125 mins. Also, there are quite brilliant cameos by famous actors like Daniel Radcliffe, Marisa Tomei, Matthew Broderick etc. each one of them imparted an excellent humorous bit to nail.

The drama doesn’t exactly tingle your nerves but it wasn’t supposed to in the first place. The story whatever little we had in the baggage was basically the most cliched one. Also quite predictable as you see everything coming. But the characters and the cast of the flick furbish it quite superbly.

So the bottom-line: A comedy movie that tries to walk on a sports backdrop and on comic ventures of the famous.

Inside Out Review (2015)

Hands down! Animation’s finest!

Inside Out is definitely one of animation’s biggest benchmarks in the history of the animated. So good a movie! It is not just entertainment, it is edutainment. If you pay attention you would be logically thrilled as well. It is like the inception of animation. Only simpler to understand yet intricate at so many levels!

This has to be placed amongst the greats. Not only is this movie extremely hilarious, it is also very dramatic, highly educative, and morally impeccable.

Taking up two big plots simultaneously in the vanguard was a Herculean task per se. But Pete Doctor and Ronaldo Del Carmen merge them just fine to weave an excellent coming-of-age story of Riley whose life decisions are technically controlled by voices in her head. We have Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust that literally define the head of our protagonist.

The concept is simply outstanding. Notions that define how we feel have been brought to life by Pixar’s amazing animation and they look downright perfect. Thoughts, memories, imagination, sub-conscious every area of a human brain has been beautifully and subtly portrayed using humorous characters as props. Watch out for the adorable Bing Bong!

The drama is absolutely melting. So warm and so right that it beats every non-animated drama flick to pulp. The Bing Bong fate and the gloom of the memory dump are the most melodramatic bits in the movie that would uproot your heart away.

Michael Giacchino’s music is simply amazing. The composition is quite soothing. He stops playing his notes at dramatic bits for emphasis and then lightens up the mood, after the grim passes. Really thoughtful!

There are valued lessons strewn all across the movie that just feels so right, and have been exploited in the right amounts. Humour is always lurking around in the corner even in the direst of circumstances and you end up laughing every time. Amy Poehler’s voice makes Joy, well you know, joyous. Phyllis Smith’s voice as Sadness is quite endearing. Bill, Diane, Kyle and Richard just make everything better.

Oh and there is an amazing short called Lava that plays in the beginning! Giving you a heads up there! Exceptional stuff!