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10 Cloverfield Lane Review (2016)

An invigorating joyride like you have never experienced before! Extraordinary thriller!
10 Cloverfield Lane lets you get into the shoes of the protagonist Michelle played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead to experience a nail-biting gut-wrenching thriller that doesn’t even lag a bit. With a superb editing to do it justice that is all over its beautiful pace, it keeps you on your toes whilst the excitement lasts.


Dan Trachtenberg’s fully-fledged debut is an exceptional dig into a theory that starts off a bud, only to reveal itself into a bigger plot at play. The way it slowly opens in psychosis is similar to a crime flick, and will leave you wondering if that is all to the tale. But no, Josh Campbell and Matthew Stuecken’s story is brimming with enthralling twists strewn all across per se to keep you wondering about the veracity of the storyline. It is just that impossible to see through it.


The most exciting thing about 10 Cloverfield Lane is the way the story picks up. One moment you are wondering it is an abduction, but then suddenly you see an affected zombie-like person smiting at the door. You are forever thinking akin the character Michelle, which further makes the story very tangible. A possibility that reeks of both fantasy and palpability.

Howard played exceptionally well by John Goodman keeps things interesting as it is difficult to get a read on him. One moment things seem ugly, the other fine, and then the perversion returns. You will keep questioning yourself has the world really gone kaput or is that psychotic villain just feeding you a shitload of bull. That is what the 10 Cloverfield Lane thrives on. But the beauty lies in whether or not to believe Howard, a blemished soul with a twisted head, who will do anything to stay indoors and slap judgments.


The only problem with the movie is that it bashes into an unpredictable climax something which the spectators weren’t really prepared for. For me it was a welcome twist. But I realized some people got miffed in the theater. For some it was too much to handle.

Then things kind of start sprinting and the movie loses its focus. There is little time for Michelle to grab a breath, which makes her character harder to believe and relate to. If I would have been there I would have pissed my pants, or died would be your first thought. But no, Michelle is a ballsy player. When cornered she does everything in her hands, to survive. You could say the aforementioned but then Mary Elizabeth Winstead looked a little out of place to ace those cornered emotions.

We get to see that it is an alien film that finally sieves in place as all the psychosis ends. Yes, it stands against some elite alien films helmed till date.


Whatever that little put off might have been for you, you have to establish 10 Cloverfield Lane certainly had a unique concept, a very disparate way of showing it just like the movie Room, with an outrageous stunning plot and a mind-boggling twist in the end. It kept us forever rooted. Isn’t that what a good movie is supposed to do?

Whiplash Review (2014)

Intense and epic!

Damien Chazelle has landed a knockout blow in extremity with his epic jazz project. Whiplash is a story of a young drummer with a potential to stand amongst the greats and an abusive instructor who seeks perfection at every note to help his students achieve the greatness.

The casting couldn’t have been more perfect. Both Teller and Simmons fit the portrait of their characters superbly. Simmons is an exceptional actor. He dons the abusive and mean demeanour quite naturally and carries it throughout the flick, reeking of perversion, cruelty and foul-mouthed barbarism. Going inhumane to create a musical virtuoso was something Simmons was trying to achieve. Teller, an equally great actor leaves no stone unturned to play the obsessive drummer, who fumes with confidence and rage when tipped over the breaking point. You see him burn in wrath and conviction when he is trying to prove himself.

Direction is enthralling. The way camera moves quickly capturing every gesture of the instructor and the protagonist and then landing on every instrument in the orchestra was a delight to watch. Beats in the background subtly wrapping up New York buildings show exceptional direction skills of Chazelle. Editing was outstanding. There wasn’t a moment of ennui in the entire movie.


There are excellent dramatic scenes in the movie that simply goes on to show how Teller has significantly evolved in the acting department. Watch out for the bit when he gets rammed by a truck and still goes on to play. Also when he plays so fiercely that he bleeds and jabs the drum in resentment.

The climax of the movie would literally stop your breath. My hands were moving along with Andrew’s sticks as if I was drumming it. One of the best drums you would ever listen to.

Wasn’t a big jazz fan. This movie has transformed the way I looked at it. Highly recommended quality cinema ladies and gentlemen!