Deliver Us from Evil is not a horror movie really.

Derrickson’s previous horror ventures like ‪‎Sinister‬ and ‪‎The Exorcism of Emily Rose‬ packed in brilliant creepy factors that signed him off as a new age creative ghost director. All such accolades are justified since Derrick has gone pro behind the camera. Unfortunately in the flick Deliver Us from Evil what he endeavours to do is uplift a bland tale of devilry, savagery and diabolism and mashes it up with gore, dark and a lot of cop activity. Thanks to ‪Eric Bana‬ who works really hard to make the true story script appear top-notch otherwise there is nothing that makes you skip a beat in the entire movie at all.

True after watching the likes of scared shitless horror flicks like ‪The Conjuring and other mind boggling semi scary movies like ‪Insidious‬ franchise we have inadvertently created a mindset that demands shat-your-pants scary stuff from Hollywood, and anything less than that makes us go meh!

Deliver Us from Evil however burns down to downright pathetic in terms of the eerie quotient! Keep your hopes extremely low and you might as well place it somewhere amongst the likes of ‪‎The Rite‬ and other such exorcism entailed horror genre flicks that made ample noise but faded away almost abruptly due to jaded content.