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The Finest Hours Review (2016)

A survivor tale that goes dodgy mid-way, scrabbles towards the end with an insipid feel.

Unfortunately for this one, I can’t say my two hours were the finest hours of my life. The movie’s dramatic quotient is bland.


Chris Pine is an absent unimpressive Coast Guard hero who seemed oddly placed in the shoes of Bernie Webber. Ok, so he was trying to depict a sheepish introvert, yet Craig Gillespie just makes him disappear like an apparition. He does the opposite with Ray Sybert played brilliantly by Casey Affleck though, the guy who kept the Pendleton afloat for hours in a punishing storm. Casey looked engrossed in his job, very intelligent, and despite being scared was trying to save lives of the people around. Ray, au contraire, just wanted to get married to Miriam, and follow orders. It seemed in the beginning the way he slouched around with his team that he didn’t really care about people’s endangered lives.

Screenplay is very shoddy, doesn’t have anything interesting for word-freaks. The love story that Casey Sherman and Michael J. Tougias have endeavoured to weave makes you indifferent towards their romance. It starts out pretty good though but then is lanced by mediocre lines, and unfelt romance. Editing is below average and often makes you wonder out loud what should have been shown and what we could have lived without.

There is literally at one point a “What-the-hell” moment when Miriam Webber walks into the office of the Coast Guard, and refuses to leave, and “orders” the Coast Guard officer to bring the boys back. When Daniel Cluff (played by Eric Bana) retorts, she storms off in her car only too drive into a snow mound. I mean, that entire affair will make you go “Whaaaaaaaaat!” It was supposed to be subtly written and should have packed in the right amount of sentiment, which was clearly missing. But it all seemed so stupid with her weird acting that you can’t really shake it off.

The Finest Hours misses big time on its much needed emotional trauma. You don’t feel a thing for anybody. If it was helmed properly, you would. At the end of the movie, Bernie doesn’t get a hero’s welcome as he disembarks the CG-36500, but rather his lover’s warmth, which leaves you actually vexed. You wish it was milked more or maybe shown in subtlety.

The Finest Hours is good but it could have plunged in better waters to be honest. A one time watch if you want to know about the Coast Guard bravado, a rare feat that saved 32 lives on just a mere lifeboat.

Deliver Us from Evil Review (2014) | Shoddy Attempt at Horror

Deliver Us from Evil is not a horror movie exactly. Primarily because there is nothing to be afraid of. Yes, there is exorcism entailed but it doesn’t make you even flinch. That being said, if you don’t look at it as a horror flick you might actually enjoy the story.

Deliver Us from Evil Horror Factor

Scott Derrickson’s previous horror ventures like ‪‎Sinister‬ and ‪‎The Exorcism of Emily Rose‬ packed in brilliant creepy factors that signed him off as a new age creative ghost director. All such accolades are justified since Scott Derrickson has gone pro behind the camera.

Unfortunately in the flick Deliver Us from Evil what he endeavours to do is uplift a bland tale of devilry, savagery and diabolism and mashes it up with gore, dark and a lot of cop activity. That being said, there is nothing in the movie that makes you skip a beat at all. If it were not for Eric Bana‬’s presence who seems to be working really hard to make the true story of Deliver Us from Evil appear elevated, the movie would have tumbled down miserably.

still of Eric Bana as Sarchie in Deliver Us from Evil

Plot of Deliver Us from Evil Movie

The movie claims itself to be a true story of a New York cop Sarchie played by Eric Bana who fights a series of crime that has his city in shivers owing to a case of the unworldly.

If you look at its complete story, you can imagine why the director might have had picked it up in the first place. The story is a true account of an NYPD sergeant, and constantly capers on the them of horrific bits he came across trying to solve unforeseen crime. Something a bullet can’t really understand.

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True after watching the likes of scared shitless horror flicks like ‪The Conjuring and other mind-boggling semi scary movies like the ‪Insidious‬ franchise we have inadvertently created a mindset that demands shat-your-pants scary stuff from Hollywood, and anything less than that makes us go meh! I guess that’s why the movie ends up becoming not that enjoyable, or even thrilling.

The Final Verdict

Deliver Us from Evil however burns down to downright pathetic in terms of the eerie quotient! Keep your hopes extremely low and you might as well place it somewhere amongst the likes of ‪‎The Rite‬ and other such exorcism entailed horror genre flicks that made ample noise but faded away almost abruptly due to jaded content.

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