Me Before You is more of a downhill romantic sojourn, where you are bound to feel sorry and good at the same time for the protagonists. The movie banks on an unvarying jocular theme with witty conversations and gradually budding love. All of it tries hard to put romance in perspective. However, in its blithe tone Me Before You overlooks a fair chunk of gloom that necessitated a part of vantage that was crucial in nailing the bond between its characters.


Sam Claflin fits like a glove into Will Traynor’s character, and there is nothing that you don’t like about his demeanor. Emilia Clarke, au contraire, beams so much that it sometimes becomes too much. Her face doesn’t look concerned, rather oddly in sync with the mirthful theme of the movie. It leaves her as a slit open flaw. Her way too much expressive countenance does create a different character altogether, no doubt, but it leaves her scampered in a gravity-deficient world.

Me Before You belies despair and tries to wrap it all in the hilarity of Lou’s life, when the truth is a lot more darker, meaner and horrible. It is good that we don’t see the ending upfront from our pedestal. The culminating point of the movie is very plausible and that’s what tries to help it get back onto the saddle again. It avoids hitting those shallow waters again.


The novel by Jojo Moyes finds Thea Sharrock to define it within boundaries of time. Though the screenplay is pushed more by humour, there is little that it feeds us on depth. A mishap leaves Will Traynor paralyzed that renders him useless. In another world Lou Clark struggles to find a job after her thread’s cut. She lands one by chance, as the caretaker of the affluent Will. What gradually develops from thereon is written in happy feels, where she toils hard to bring Will back into the world of the living. But the pointlessness of it all nibbles at his soul, and despite all the good times he gets to live with Lou, he chooses euthanasia.

still of Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin from Me Before You

The score of the movie is abounding with songs. Aptly put at various intervals. But you begin to feel its banality when there are less thoughtful notes sputtered.


Me Before You’s story remains a gorgeous one nevertheless. Putting yourself before someone selflessly is worth an ovation. The fact that love can happen at unusual places lets us have faith in it. That’s what counts.

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