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Hardcore Henry Review (2015) | Gut-wrenching Gore Action Galore

A deafening howl to gore action lovers! People, you have got to watch Hardcore Henry if you wish to experience non-stop gut-wrenching action that is beyond the levels of Shoot ‘Em Up. The action this movie has, places it right up at the top amongst the elite avant garde action group.


What does a good action movie need? Thrilling stunts, profuse gore, constant adrenaline rush, great story to keep it all together. Well, Hardcore Henry has it all, except for the latter which unfortunately stops it from becoming an epic action flick. Nevertheless, we keep our eyes closed and ignore those apparent bits just for the uncanny style of film-making the movie induces.


It is hard to look away (unless you are a wimp) from this action-packed affair of a movie, which gives you a first person perspective akin a game. Just imagine all those place where action might seem possible, and it is all there. Imagine the heights a flick could go to create palpable gun fights, and it soars high to shoot them all. Imagine how ugly a hand-to-hand combat could go, and it surpasses it too.

Hardcore Henry might be odious when it comes to showing gritty yet ugly fight sequences, but they are all spot on. It walks you through a world of chaos as if you were in those Henry shoes. Things that happen in 1 hour 36 minutes of stark scrimmage is something you might want to prep your feeble heart for, in advance.


The surreal part about Hardcore Henry is that Henry can’t speak. So, that leaves us with all ears, listening to other characters talk.

The best character of the movie is undoubtedly Jimmy played superbly by Sharlto Copley. He puts himself in a couple of crazy shoes creating mind-boggling characters, out of which the best one is that of the British World War 2 Corporal. As he occasionally drops off witty one-liners icing them with “Laddie” he scores extraordinary kills alongside Henry.

A still of Jimmy from Hardcore Henry

A grenade a day keeps the enemy at bay.

Also, watch out for that musical dance bit that he does whilst leaving bodies.

Hardcore Henry has a gaming air to it. Right from the start, it would seem as if you are playing a great action game. Guns, grenades, hand-to-hand, it has everything squeezed for emphasis. It has a stunning sniper moment too!


Unfortunately the flick scores really low when it comes to showing a decent movie mien. Things that stop it from hitting that territory are its surreal looks and a weird comportment that it tries to build for its countless action shootouts. The plot of the movie seems like a game rip-off.

Also, there is a sustained palpable absurdity to it that makes you take its characters for a joke. Also, some actors, despite the theatrics, degrade its quality beyond limit. Starting from Danila Kozlovsky as Akan, who comes off as a strong villain, is really shoddy with his acting.

Hardcore Henry movie scores the lowest in Screenplay as well. There aren’t many good lines to cherish except one or two. Melodrama looks really fabricated as well.


You could only imagine the heights the director Ilya Naishuller is willing to scale to ace this beauty. Visual effects are insane! Stunts astounding! Watch out for some thrilling slo-mo bits that the movie retains. You can’t help but give an ovation to him.

Overlooking every flaw the movie has, for its avant garde rare ‘reaching-for-the-moon style’, we focus on what it Hardcore Henry really is. Outright Hardcore!

PS: If you are a die-hard gamer, you are going to fall in love with this movie instantly.

You can check out the trailer of Hardcore Henry here:

London Has Fallen Review (2016)



London has fallen, and does anybody seem to care? How would they? Streets are running empty! You wonder out loud, “Where is everybody?” Oh, Wait! This could be a different dimension altogether! But is it a sci-fi movie? No! So that gets ruled out too! The movie is so bad that it will make you remember the already forgotten previous installment, and make you go, “I think I liked it more when Olympus fell!”

In a world, where cities keep falling and directors try to cash in their checks through big names like Butler, Freeman and Eckhart, by showing meagre action without a good plot or direction to keep the pieces together, you are compelled to wonder what the action-world is degrading into.

In a planet which already reeks of terror, Babak Najafi believes you haven’t had enough, and tries to feed you a mouthful of terror-jargon with ample gun shots, bombs and some third-grade CGI. There is no subtlety in his direction, and you almost see everything coming. What is worse is the way he decides to snap off a frame, and then spearhead into another one, without a proper closure. In his head, he thinks he is being cool, but really Babak, Not Cool! Not Cool!

What was cheesy was the fact that every character in the movie gets a label. Najafi thought we were really that interested to notice who’s who. There is one juncture where all presidents get exterminated within seconds, which was laughable rather than being poignant. So, if your country’s president was insinuated there, you would go “Damn!” and might walk off the theater.

The screenplay has nothing to offer. It is further exacerbated to pulp just as victims of Gerard-fury were by the flick’s shoddy direction. Radha Mitchell just makes matters worse by running with a baby in her belly like she is on a football field. Gerard Butler stares at his screen with a scrappy resignation letter without emphasizing enough focusing on the words honor and privileged (wow! Writers!) just to tell you that he is thinking about it. Subtle, eh! Aaron goes live and suddenly he decides to be a man and show some real ballsy presidency. In his head he must be like, “Look at me, I am your ideal tough!” Shivani Ghai shouts at Patrick Kennedy to stay on the ground and then shoots him ensuring her order is heard. Well played! Oooh-Oooh before I forget, there was this guy who seemed constantly worried; he had a weird eyebrow that pointed up, no matter what. So even if he was happy he looked worried.

Sometimes these action flicks make me wonder if adroit Presidents watch them too and say, “Hey! That’s me. I am holding a gun, and going Bam! Bam! And Kaboom!” At least Family Guy’s Mayor Adam West would say that.

If we look at the bright side, which we generally do, the final action bits are pretty dope, when Gerard goes full Rambo on the terrorists. It almost seems like a good game you are playing, that skims the surface of Splinter Cell or Hitman for that to matter. The camera goes with a continuous shot, and Babak seems to have been waiting the whole movie just to shoot that. It was good while it lasted. Then the clouds of pointlessness walk in again.