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Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials Review (2015)

Maze Runner The Scorch Trials is surprisingly good.

When I had watched the first installment and read about how James Dashner had dreamt about The Maze Runner, I could instantly relate to him. It occurred to me how the universe wanted him to mould a situation into a story. He spun a great tale, which promised a franchise then and there. So I went with great expectations to watch this one. The fact that Wes Ball was going to direct this again seemed great too.

Plot of Maze Runner The Scorch Trials

When the movie gallops into the ‘what happens next’ territory I was amazed how brilliantly it ran. There wasn’t a moment spared for breathing. It just ran and ran, justifying its name. Halfway through, and the adventure wasn’t stopping. I really liked how the director kept everyone on their feet. I liked how James Dashner had thought this through. How he arranged the bricks to build something beautiful. However, it all seemed pretty predictable.

maze runner the scorch trials movie still

If you take some steps back and really look at it, the story is a classic zombie tale, however, doesn’t linger in that territory, which is good. There are situations built up deliberately to up the thrill level. Horror has been scooched in the plot to make it look rad. There are a lot of characters in the movie that keep popping up and then are suddenly put down in order to make the flick less lengthy. Then again Wes Ball fails at it terribly. Which takes us to its editing, which isn’t that great after the editing.

The final bits and the epilogue of the movie are really predictable and reek of mediocrity. You almost see what’s coming, and who is going to say what.

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Given the number of characters, the tale keeps on adding Dashner deserves a TV series to do him justice.

However, the movie is still good and will make you want to know more just like any other franchise. A definite watch.

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The Maze Runner Review (2014)

The Maze Runner finds the movie it deserves.

Wes Ball‬’s first big direction venture can’t be ignored. Albeit ‪Dashner‬ hands him over his brilliant tale on a silver platter, Wes still makes it appear equally great.


Dashner’s The Maze Runner is a reflection of our real world. It makes you ponder, if we too are a part of something inexplicable, that our life is a maze and we are just surviving. Are we also pawns of someone’s experiment? Are we supposed to search for a door? Our lives have inevitable elements like ‪‎Gally‬, like a religious preacher who stops people from going out or finding a door, forcing you to stay in the labyrinth, following rules that conventions made! And like ‪Alby‬ who was the oldest who created them for mere extant! ‪‎Will Poulter‬ was brilliant as Gally and ‪Dylan‬ worked really hard to get into Thomas’ shoes! His acting is developing. The movie packs in surprises as it climaxes which were subtly portrayed.

The screenplay hasn’t much to offer, visual effects are fine. There are some flaws that can be ignored for the amazing concept. Pointing some – The deadly ‪Grievers‬ becoming suddenly less fatal when sticks were poked at them, the clichéd bit of Chuck’s fate, the knock that brought Thomas’ name back, a gal ‪Teresa‬ who has to be there even though she didn’t have a purpose, questions like why couldn’t they make a ladder Maze-tall in three frigging years? At least they could have seen where they were at, or if the walls were concrete and they had weapons couldn’t they create fractures in the wall and try to climb?

Overlooking every such minute bits it was overall a great movie on its way to become an even greater franchise!