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Power Rangers Review (2017) | What a Load of Monstrous Crap

Being a movie buff, I often choose to reserve judgment when it comes to shitty movies. But after watching Power Rangers I have been compelled to blurt out. It’s a preposterous drag you don’t want to be a part of. After watching this movie, heck even while watching it, I couldn’t help but think, can a movie be so boring, monotonous, stupid, and pointless, and stupid. Did I say stupid?

Direction of Power Rangers

Dean Israelite who has come of age (I presume) did an alright job with Project Almanac in 2015. It was a fine project given how everything was shot on a camcorder, plus it had a nice sci-fi story to tell which made for a one quick okayish watch. I mean at least the editing was good there, and the story was quite thoughtful.

Contradicting everything that movie was, is this dud of a film named Power Rangers. It has one of the worst editing that you are possibly going to find in a movie. You can’t wait for their conversations to get over, because they are so vacuous and dim-witted that it hurts your ears listening to them. Yeah, that being said the screenplay is inane too.

Good Things to Spot

If you have been a fan of Power Rangers growing up, then characters like Rita Repulsa, Zordon etc. might light you up for a bit. You might remember their names and it might fill you up with nostalgia. Apart from that, the character of Jason (Red) is played with the right attitude by Dacre Montgomery. He is a rising star and you can tell that with the way he acts. It’s just that he wasn’t given the right words in his mouth. Ooh! and he almost looks like Zac Efron. Strange huh!

still of power rangers actors in power rangers movie

Another good thing to remember is its dope visuals. It’s above average and you can sense it has been born in this era. At least the guys behind visual effects worked really hard in making things look promising.

You can order Power Rangers here:

Limited Action

Action is so little that you might end up being sober if you turn the movie into a drinking game for action. Hey! You wait enough and you might end up dozing off.  I am surprised at their conversations that end up being so cliched, sometimes so daft to sound and surprisingly the movie is full of it.

It is as if even the director got tired of making the movie and dozed off while they were talking amongst each other. It stays very much detached with the ‘real’ world at every juncture. Even their powers haven’t been shown properly. Even Morphing has never sounded so idiotic.

This isn’t how I imagined our Rangers to work out. Well, it’s a proven fact – trailers sell lies.

The Final Verdict

It is in everyone’s best interest to simply avoid the movie. If you are still bold enough, and a big fan of the Saban franchise, or can do with average mammoth action, you will be satisfied after watching this. But if you are even remotely related to the real world, and have a knack for watching good movies, you are definitely not going to like it.

You can watch the trailer of Power Rangers here:

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Review (2014)

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is a perfect example of how to make a perfect movie.

We saw the gradual development of a baby ape into an intelligent leader in Rise. In Dawn, we see him reign.

Reeves offers us an insight, a glimpse about the impending chaos in a Simian afflicted world. He spends hours into character building, the crucial element to any flick, where a director makes you feel ‘value’ and ‘importance’ of every soul at large. With apes spending more time on screen than humans, the title of the flick justifies.


There is Koba, the bad-ass scarred ape, who defies the leader of the herd with his differences and engenders villainy and exasperates chaos. Maurice, the lovely and loyal orangutan, is charming as ever, whilst Blue Eyes wears an apt role exhuming strong emotional vibes, his best part being: where Reeves uses his perceptive to show the ugly side of war, the absorption of the aftermath on a young amateur heart, the effects of violence, the dread, the fallen victims and the cadavers of the innocents. The war presentation was drenched in beauty.

Caesar emanates pizazz. We see him develop into a more thoughtful and intelligent being. The maturity that adorns his countenance makes him stand out from the rest. His personality would put you in awe.

The CGI is marvelous. It was thrilling to watch each and every Serkis emotion captured into a series of dark and grim frames impeccably.

On the humans counter, we have Jason, Gary, Kodi and Keri in the driving seat as crucial elements trying to help their own species for survival, by gathering resources for sustenance. The fear in the eyes of Jason Clarke is natural and relatable, when he ventures himself into the ape territory. A strange blend of geniality and fear persists whenever he is around Caesar and he dons it brilliantly.

If we take the downsides of the movie into account, we find a clichéd tale that has probably been narrated many times before in epic tragedies. There is no element of surprise in the flick. Nothing memorable to cherish too. Matt needs to take these factors into account, whilst directing the next sequel.

But overlooking the above fact, we do have a brilliant moulding of a tale that is on its way to become an epic saga of Caesar, his scion Blue eyed wonder, probably the next possible leader, an ape family who is willing to follow the footsteps of its leader, extinction of humans and their gasp for survival in a Simian-ridden Earth and a fight for coexistence – nature’s felony of keeping predators and preys in one basket.