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Ice Age Collision Course Review (2016) | Just Like its Prequels

Hilarious! Okay, so I will be honest. Ice Age Collision Course wasn’t really needed, and we could have lived without it, unless we were driving on a stupendous plane that would have thrilled us beyond limit like Pixar movies generally do. Despite the apparent, Ice Age: Collision Course still manages to pull it off, owing to their awesome sense of snappy humour and their fascinating CGI that makes everything appear stunning.


Ice Age Collision Course comes with a very banal plot. The implausibility of Ice Age keeps on degrading as we caper towards exploring new parts of the franchise. Maybe Blue Sky Studios have been milking its installments too much, so much that they are actually running out of material. No doubt there is always humour galore in their work, but at one point it becomes kind of pointless when there is nothing in their baggage and they still try to squeeze every bit to make jokes out of thin air.

still of ice age collision course characters walking in style

The plot of Ice Age Collision Course is something as dumb as Scrat messing around with the universe. That’s what he does. He keeps showing up throughout the movie to accidentally mess with the fate of the planet. Things that avalanche therefrom aren’t exactly what we were expecting. It toys with everything – the story-line, the credibility, jokes, everything!


Remember Buck? Well, the awesome weasel is here as well, and he is probably one of the best things about the movie. Simon Pegg returns to voice the one-eyed chap who will take you on a joyride to saving the planet. He is just the way we left him in the prequels. Totally loco!

A side plot of JulianPeaches story was an impending steer, which was quite thoughtful. It tried to give the story a perspective and a good direction. Granny returns once again with her incessant nagging which never bores you. Oh and we should never forget the true antihero of Ice Age franchise, Scrat who always brings hilarity to no matter what he does.


I say the humour is way better than what the Angry Birds movie came up with. If you liked that you are definitely going to love this. If you didn’t, well, you are still going to like Ice Age Collision Course for its magnificent animation and rib-tickling humour.

Check out the trailer of Ice Age: Collision Course movie here:

Home Review (2015)

Home is a cute and cuddly entertaining ride!

A delightful movie buffed up real good by Jim Parson’s voice. You see one of the most adorable aliens ‘Oh’ come alive through outstanding CGI. Not only that but you also see him change colours as per his ephemeral mood swings. Oh speaks with broken phrases, bizarre words and incorrect tenses but not for a second does he stop being adorable. Jim’s voice just fits in the right grooves to impart the alien, a goofy yet an endearing sweetness.

The movie is all Rihanna if you give the flick a close scrutiny. She has needle dropped her own songs in the flick to strike the right vibes along with giving her voice to a crucial character named Tip. Steve Martin sounds just as great as Captain Smek. The movie is packed with adorable aliens, cute acts, good laughs, plushy clumsiness and morality messages.

The story however is really vapid and predictable. Jokes seem to be intended and aren’t properly placed. The theme on which the movie runs is also quite clichéd. Being primarily a kid’s movie, nothing dark covers the plot. All objects in the story are harmless. Sometimes the humour turns too cheesy and immature. But hey! If the child sitting next to me is laughing like crazy, who’s complaining?

Home is basically a movie for kids, and for you, provided the kid in you is still alive!