John Wick is sick. Go on, you can take the literal one here.


First things first, you don’t kill the cutest beagle on the planet, that too a pup, in a movie! We are not yet ready for that! But if you do, which as a matter of fact, ‪Theon Greyjoy‬ did, just make sure it is avenged right. ‪Ramsay Bolton‬ are you listening?

Okay, so we already knew the plot thanks to the trailer that spoke louder than ‪Keanu Reeves‬. With thousands of clichéd stories of agents, mercenaries and hit men that are out there, Wick has nothing much to offer. Except one thing – rad action. Headshots, exquisite finishes, gore and Mustang engine revving are sheer orgasmic. But what it lacks big time is a proper storyline.

The direction is not that great either. We often see building shots of the city for like 5-7 times that are downright dispensable. Fight sequences were pretty cool though. Who are the directors again? Stuntmen? Okay. That explains it. What can we expect?

There is literally no drama present in the movie, and the entire movie carries a background beat that goes boom boom, which makes it an effort to concentrate on the dialogues dispersed. The score is well, trance, basically.

It is as if the directors thought – “let’s just build up a huge crowd of hooligans and let Keanu shoot them one by one from different angles, nay make him headshot each one of them, and there will be lots of blood spluttering, and let him drive something kewwwwwl too. While we are at it, let us give him a badass name. John Wick! Has a nice ring to it!”

Passable stuff. Watch only for the action.