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The Pensieve: Lock up your memories

Movies are impactful. They leave marks and smears in our heads with their fantastical concepts and thought provoking ideas. But many movies are based on books. This takes us back to the origin, a place where a brilliant head conceived a particular notion out of mere thin air. Yes, the writers who were hit in the head with the out of the box rockets. So talented humans are! So talented! One such exceptional bit from a franchise we all loved beyond limit got impregnated in the head of Rowling. The Pensieve was one of the most badass ideas one could have ever imagined. Whilst there are myriad variants of this fictional inanimate beauty, Rowling’s invention still beats the craziest of all ideas.

Not only does it let you take out and store your memory but it also lets you revisit it like reality. You can have a third person vantage too, and experience someone else’s memory in a first class comfy seat. Just imagine the things you could do were this idea to breathe in reality! Jury would be dispensable as judges would have a blast giving judgments. You would be able to relive a joyful moment of your life thousand times. You can shun the worst ones, lock ‘em up and focus only on the good ones. Ah! Sheer bliss!

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The memory cabinet was something we have always dreamt of. I have more than often found myself circling on the thought of storing my memories at one place, like a hard drive, to retrieve the crucial ones only when required. As a kid I used to ponder: Are we ever going to run out despite our storage space being so vast?

With the advent of a memory bowl like Pensieve in our lives, we would turn into better versions of ourselves. Wouldn’t that clear our heads for good? Wouldn’t that make us ballsier? I think we would be more focused, unleashed from chains of past, unaffected by fear of any kind, bold, brazen, zealous and more committed to every job at hand.

But Alas! It is chained to glimmers of fantasy and unfortunately we can’t have a shot at it. Can we hammer this beauty alive? Only in dreams, I surmise.

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The Judge Review (2014)

Robert Duvall‬ is outstanding and so is Robert Downey Jr. in the movie The Judge.


Little outbursts and disagreements of the duo have been executed brilliantly and framed exceptionally well by ‪Dobkin‬. The bit where Duvall rushes up in high squall carrying a temper whilst Downey follows for war is one of the most dramatic scenes that shows how puny nature is against human commotion! Humour is strewn in the movie and when you have Downey with the bat, it always makes home runs.

Drenched with drama the movie has an apt theme that runs around the convicted irony – the Judge who isn’t willing to let his guard down and who hates his middle son Downey for so many irreparable reasons that he can’t just give in. Whilst Downey, the forlorn child who never returned to his parents owing to the long born and bred abomination he burnt in, tries to save him from the clouded murder of a foul-mouthed obnoxious hill-billy.

The score is apt and the screenplay is intense. Loved how Dobkin carried it all. The amount of focus he put in, in every frame is worth commending. A must watch for Downey’s wit lovers and also for dramaholics.