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Maze Runner The Death Cure Review (2018) | Finding Minho and The Cure

Surprise! Surprise! In a world where book franchises aren’t doing so great, stands out Maze Runner with a steady record. Maze Runner The Death Cure is as brilliant as its prequels, continuously thriving on an amazing storyline that has been written by James Dashner. The good thing about it is that the franchise keeps rolling up unnerving moments for its protagonist Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) and seems to be putting him at strange crises.

I am afraid the immense downside of this part, in particular, is its tragic plot that hides not just one but two big moments in its womb. It was an unnecessary stretch the end of which we could have used in a separate part itself. But Dashner chose to compile all of the heart-rending moments he had in his head in a single novel.

Direction and Writing of Maze Runner 3

Wes Ball is really getting there with his direction, creating some amazing scenes, experimenting with his frames. You can literally sense how he has grown as a director. The story of Maze Runner The Death Cure kind of feels complete in itself, but you know it’s open-ended given what Dashner has already accomplished with the books.

Whilst Maze Runner The Death Cure movie remains as action-packed as its prequel Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, it somehow turns out to be better than it. There are plenty of enjoyable moments in it that make you appreciate the filmmaking. Dylan has been downright outstanding as Thomas once again. He looks intensely invested in his character.

All the supporting actors are dead serious about their bits too with Newt (Thomas Brodie-Sangster) getting a lot of focus. The best thing about the flick is that it milks on in the tension between Teresa (Kaya Scodelario) and Thomas. The villainy that Jansen (Aidan Gillen) brings in to the table, however, supersedes everything. He just reminds you of how badass he was in Game of Thrones. He makes you realize why he is such a good actor.

Maze Runner The Death Cure Plot (Spoilers)

The plot is basically a mission to extract Minho (Ki Hong Lee) and his friends, trying to save them from WCKD‘s captivity as we had seen blooming from its immediate prequel. Unfortunately, it is a wild-goose chase for Thomas as Minho is held captive by WCKD as they are trying to use him (since he is a Glader immune from the virus) for a cure.

Unable to find Minho, Thomas risks his life as Newt and Frypan (Dexter Darden) accompany him alongside. They are saved by Jorge (Giancarlo Esposito) and Brenda(Rosa Salazar) as they head towards the Last City where WCKD’s headquarters are located.

Three years we spent behind those walls, trying to break out. And now you want us to break back in.

The Last City in Maze Runner The Death Cure

The city awaits with raging guns as they discover it is impossible to get inside. There are sentinels opening fire every now and then to disperse the crowd. Some masked men capture the group identifying Thomas. It is later revealed that it was Gally (Will Poulter) who had refused to die in the prequels.

Enter Lawrence (Walton Goggins) the Voldemort of Maze Runner franchise. The difference here is, we can say his name, and he is not a bad guy. He is the rebellion leader of all those who have been denied entry into the WCKD’s city. With his permission, they are allowed a covert entry into the city. Despite their differences, Thomas works together with Gally who knows the way in, as he accompanies them on a deadly mission to save Minho.

The mission remains the same, however, it passes through Teresa now as Gally suggests them to capture her since she has top clearance. Little does anyone know, that it is hard for Thomas to stay around Teresa and not have feelings for her. There is this intense emotional tension that’s tearing him apart, and you can sense why and how Thomas is in a constant churning machine of pain.

Do you regret it? What you did to us?

Teresa in Maze Runner The Death Cure

Teresa as a Bait

Using Teresa to get inside, Thomas and Newt bump into Janson who sniffs them out. A fight ensues as they run further into the maze. Gally is looking for a serum to treat Flare as he chooses to stay with the Immunes. He is able to find one.

Turns out Newt is not an Immune and he is gradually succumbing to the effects of the deadly Flare virus.

Thomas: There’s no guarantee we will make it back from this.

Newt: But we started it together, we might as well end it that way too.

Meanwhile, Teresa had a plan of her own as she takes Thomas’ blood to run her own tests. She is able to make a serum through it that treats the Flare. His blood is the cure!

One of the most absurd scenes is that of Brenda being saved by Frypan using a crane. Literally, nobody even tried to shoot her or take a step forward to stop her. It was weird how all the hooligans became the spectators themselves and let all of it happen.

Amidst all of it, a rebel war is about to go down as Lawrence the Voldemort is busy delivering the speech of his life outside the city. They destroy the sentinels and head inside the city with every means to seize it and bring it to rubbles.

Brenda: You can’t save everyone, Thomas.

Thomas: I can try.

The Showdown

Minho is saved as the trio theatrically jump into a swimming pool and are saved by Gally in nick of time. Newt is on his way to becoming a zombie when he hands him over his pendant.

Minho, the fastest runner, he is, runs to Brenda and Jorge who have a Flare treating serum with them.  Newt has already become a zombie and he attacks Thomas. It is a painful transitioning of emotions that makes the whole scene simply epic. It is that same old churning that we have often watched in movies aplenty that turn a friend against a friend.

Newt is going through a lot, asking Thomas to leave or he would kill him. Thomas doesn’t want to leave his friend alone. Eventually, Newt kills himself left with no choice.

Teresa announces through a transmitter throughout the city that it is Thomas who could help people get rid of the virus.

You can save your friends, or you can save us all.

For the Cure

Thomas finds Ava Paige (Patricia Clarkson) who tells her that WCKD’s intentions were good even though its name meant something else. Jansen shoots Ava and hits Thomas on the head making him unconscious. It is revealed that Jansen is turning into a Crank himself. He straps Thomas on a stretcher alongside Teresa who is busy taking out his blood.

Jansen, the loud mouth he is, reveals that his intentions were to give the cure only to those who could afford it. Teresa turns on him hitting him on the head. A fight ensues as Thomas releases zombies on Jansen killing him for good. As the world around them is falling and burning to cinders, Thomas and Teresa head towards the rooftop with no hope when Vince (Barry Pepper) and Jorge show up in their aircraft asking them to jump.

You already know how it’s gonna end. Thomas makes it but Teresa fails to, and she disappears into the swallowing fire.

The world is dying. If we find a cure that’s the only way all of this was worth it.

So Thomas is 2-0 down when he tries to find a happy ending in a life that fails to give him any. He loses his buddy and his love in Maze Runner The Death Cure. You can only imagine the pain.

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As an epilogue that could have been made shorter, we find Thomas waking up in a base led by Immunes and the Right Arm. Together they have found a safe haven as was pointed by Ava. Thomas discovers the pendant Newt had given him and finds a note in it that has, to be honest, nothing useful in it suggesting another part. But it has warm words.

I want you to know that I’m not scared. Well, not of dying, anyway. It’s more forgetting. It’s losing myself to this virus, that’s what scares me. So every night, I’ve been saying their names out loud. Alby. Winston. Chuck. And I just repeat them over and over like a prayer, and it – And it all comes flooding back.

Just the little things like where the sun used to hit the Glade at that perfect moment right before it slipped beneath the walls. And I remember the taste of Frypan’s stew. I never thought I’d miss that stuff so much. And I remember you. From the first time you came up in the box, just a scared little Greenie who couldn’t even remember his own name.

But from that moment you ran into the Maze, I knew I would follow you anywhere. And I have. We all have. If I could do it all over again, I would. And I wouldn’t change a thing. My hope for you: when you’re looking back years from now, you’ll be able to say the same. The future is in your hands now, Tommy. I know you’ll find a way to do what’s right. You always have. Take care of everyone for me. And take care of yourself. You deserve to be happy. Thank you for being my friend.

The Final Verdict

With that ending of Maze Runner The Death Cure suddenly you realize you have never really paid as much attention to Newt as you had in this one.

There have been some amazing moments shared whenever Thomas and Teresa are together too. You can literally feel the emotions venting out and the discord trying to keep them apart even though they are dying to be together. I think there was some brilliant emotional turmoil scooched in Maze Runner The Death Cure.

There were problems with the flick in the plot department, yes, with Dashner aiming for a double headshot in the head. The fact that Wes failed to address logical things and the way the movie ends up stretching even after the final jolt. But overall it has been brilliantly packed, and you know that it truly deserves to be cherished.

Good thing is that the franchise is doing great with beautiful winding stories and we are having a great time watching them. Who is complaining?

Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales Review (2017) | Meh!

Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales turns out to be an unwanted addition to one of the most exciting and adventurous tales that should have stopped with Gore Verbinski‘s incredible trilogy. It went on and on and look what it has become now – a money making machine that simply banks on cheap thrills.

Captain Jack Sparrow has been milked enough, so much that there has to be something new or it wouldn’t be interesting. Jests at play need to be out of the world. There has to be something eye-popping or there’s no point really in going on. Unfortunately, Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales lacks sparkle to shine out as a flick capable of standing on its own. The movie is almost like you can see through every bit.

Why something happens feels weirdly compelled. There are a fun moments nevertheless but without a proper direction to hold them taut, everything ends up becoming redundant.

Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales is an average flick yes. Poorly directed and aimlessly wading through to meet its waiting setups. Not properly written in terms of mind-boggling mojo as was the case with earlier parts of the franchise. It doesn’t have that element of surprise or something extraordinary that you can cherish or remember in days to come.

Plot of Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales (Spoilers)

To constitute the plot of Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales we have the son of Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) Henry Turner, visit his father on The Flying Dutchman trying to tell him that his curse can be broken by the Trident of Poseidon. It sounds a tad plaintive at the moment and carves the niche for another adventure in the making. You can almost tell with the father-son reunion that the resolve in the child’s head to help his father is unbreakable. Will asks him to chug it and not to return to his ship for his own safety.

Nine years later we see a grown up version of Henry played by Brenton Thwaites who is now working for British Royal Navy chasing a pirate ship into the Devil’s Triangle, an over-fictionalized version of Bermuda Triangle. On trying to stop them from going in, Henry is caged for treason. The ship is then attacked by a dead man walking nay limping, Captain Salazar portrayed by Javier Bardem, and his army of undead. They spare Henry’s life so as to deliver a message to his arch-enemy Captain Jack Sparrow.

Death will come straight for him. Will you say that to him, please?

Javier Bardem as Salazar in Pirates 5

At Saint Martin

We cut in to Saint Martin, where a pretty girl named Carina Smyth portrayed by Kaya Scodelario is being sentenced to death for witchcraft. She meets Jack (he just happens to walk in, whaaaat?) when he is trying to rob a bank along with his pirate friends. In a failed attempt to score, Jack’s crew abandons him. Meanwhile Carina meets a captive Will who is on his way for execution, and tells him of a way to find the Trident. She helps him escape in the process getting captured herself.

Meanwhile with no money to buy him a drink Jack trades his compass at a local tavern (did the director forget about that coin he had so skillfully put in his pocket?). This breaks the curse Salazar and his crew was bound by to not escape the Triangle, which apparently was somehow tied to the compass. So Salazar and his army could now easily roam the sea.

Jack is caught (who tipped?) and sent for execution alongside Carina. However Henry swoops in the nick of time alongside Jack’s crew to save him. They escape by setting sail to Jack’s ship The Dying Gull. Carina apparently has a diary with a red gem on it, a map to take them to the Trident. Their search for the Trident begins thereon.

Captain Salazar’s Revenge

Salazar on the other hand keeps destroying ships and killing fleet in the wake of his return. Captain Barbossa finds Salazar to cut a deal to spare his fleet by giving him what he wants. Then there’s  a flashback about Salazar’s ghostly making about how a young Jack had tricked him into Devil’s Triangle sealing his fate then and there to his compass.

With the help of Barbossa, Salazar finds Jack, Carina and Henry on a rowboat headed towards an island. Salazar and his crew can’t step on land, and so Barbossa arrives on Salazar’s behalf however chooses to help Jack and his crew find the Trident instead. He breaks free The Black Pearl from the bottle and reinstates command. On the ship both Jack and Barbossa realize Carina to be Barbossa’s daughter.

Salazar charges in destroying the British Navy warship that had been after Jack all this time (what a waste!) and then attacks the Black Pearl. Fight ensues. Why are ghosts fighting with swords again? It was clearly shown how their body couldn’t be harmed and they were literally souls walking around. Another moment of not thinking things through.

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Trident of Poseidon

An island shows up just in time (land alert!), as Salazar snatches Henry away from them before disappearing. Carina discovers the island to be the portal entrance by using the missing gem to open the gateway to the Trident of Poseidon. The sea caves in manifesting the Trident on land.

Salazar, being the ghost he was, possesses Henry to walk on land and confronts Jack and Carina who were trying to wield the Trident. On holding the trident, becoming all powerful, he lets go off Henry’s body, and attacks Jack with the Trident. Henry realizes if the Trident’s broken, all the curses across the sea would be broken too. So he breaks the trident forcing Salazar and his crew to come into their human forms again.

Pirates of the Caribbean 5 steering the ship anchor

With the trident broken, the sea path portal that had opened begins to come back to its normal form (slowly and very unrealistically). Just then comes Barbossa on an Anchor with Gibbs steering The Black Pearl like Vin Diesel his car in Fast and Furious, towards the edge of the sea that has begun to feel like a cliff now. Everybody boards the Anchor including Salazar in his less dangerous form now, and yet Barbossa decides to jump on him like a monkey (inspired by his Capuchin of course) and drive a sword in his back. In the process Barbossa falls into the depth (they will probably come back with him again, don’t shed a tear just yet).

Happy Ending

Before dying however Barbossa has his father-daughter moment with Carina before jumping away from the emotional aftermath, embarrassment and trauma  just like a true hero would have.

Carina: What am I to you?

Barbossa: You are my treasure.

Carina Smyth becomes Carina Barbossa. Henry Turner reunites with his father Will Turner whose curse is now broken. We find a cameo of Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley) as she too reunites with her husband. Jack is once again aboard his favorite ship, with Barbossa’s monkey on his shoulder and is ready for more adventures.

We also have a post credit scene of Davy Jones entering the bedroom of Will and Elizabeth. So now we know where the story is headed next.

The Final Verdict

Dead Men Tell No Tales is not entirely without a purpose. It sounds like one last attempt to bring closure to the love story of Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann. But with the post credit scene it becomes obvious they will resurrect it once again. Whatever happened to Pirates 5 being the last one?

Every part had something interesting to offer. Even the previous part had the concept of Mermaids as its USP to base the flick upon. Unfortunately Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales has nothing of the sorts. The concept of dead had already been brought on board in the first part itself. So there was nothing out of the box here to sell.

Whatever happened to the outstanding accords between pirates that used to be the crux of the story? Also, the British Naval army seemed to be the weakest and flimsiest element in this movie.

I think this swashbuckler franchise needs to lay down its swords or come up with a breathtaking story to topple us from the ship, or there’s no point really in going on.

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