Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb lacks the lackluster of the first installment.

Shawn Levy brings, yet again, another part to the franchise that has so far been successful in raking him decent moolahs. So this one right here is just another endeavour to elongate the already majestic Milan Trenc book that should have stopped right at the first part.

Nevertheless the movie is a happy hoot and as long as it brings smile to our faces, nobody’s complaining.


Night at the museum: Secret of the Tomb is just another flick that promises a little bit adventure with a little humour. It does venture into wee bit drama, as its predecessors have, with some side story focusing occasionally at the father and son tension. However, everything still ends up being forgettable and dispensable.

Still of Rebel Wilson in Night at the Museum: Secret of the tomb

The best thing about Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb is Rebel Wilson. She tickles your guts with her cool humour.

To see Robin Williams come alive once again was actually nice. There were some new introductions and pleasant additions to the story besides the old gang, which I believe might carry forward unless Shawn starts minding the money.


Watch out for ‘Huge Ackman’. He was charming as ever, even without his blades! 😉

One weird thing about the flick is that with the inclusion of such a huge cast, screen-time became an issue. Juggling with all characters to deliver witty one-liners was kind of a hard job. You could see that hotchpotch unfurling gradually.

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb is a one-time watch movie. In fact, perfect for kids. Also if you want that, once and for all, closure.

I would recommend go for it and then toss it in the backdrop of your mind where you don’t go often to scour memories.