No Escape rushes in with a story that would scare any expat venturing into unknown borders. But has it been executed properly? The answer to that is a big No.

John Erick Dowdle’s movie covers a situation. It endeavours to answer the ‘What if’ when you move to an alien land where the entire mob is against you. More like a zombie apocalypse but with people.

The movie is very predictable. You see almost everything coming. There is no subtlety in Dowdle’s frames. The rabid crowd executes headshots from miles away. The attackers have been portrayed as ruthless fanatics without a heart. They kill everyone not just the foreigners. So more like zombies. A little hard to believe there.


Screenplay is also very poorly written. Pierce Brosnan has just a cameo and he barges in like an assist. His role ends in a jiffy.

Lucy and Beeze are adorable, and they try to beam up things. But all of that happens in the beginning, when chaos hadn’t started. Soon they get out shadowed, except for the occasional “I want to go potty” and “I am hungry” distractions. A lot of things in the movie are not highlighted properly. There is no proper aftermath to an emotional trauma. What is sad to see, Owen Wilson not afraid to put his family into harm’s away. He keeps them on the edge, and someone in the family is always willing to help him by doing something stupid.

Not that great.