High one!

Penguins of Madagascar is so funny, I still can’t stop laughing!

Cuteness, humour, action, adventure, drama all jam packed in one. The quadruple wonder are so famous that they actually came with their own spin-off. May I say a thoughtful investment.

Skipper still calls the shots in his unique classy bossy voice and if it weren’t for Kowalski there is no way he could have ever hit bulls eye all the time. We get a better glimpse at Private’s life in this one and see how underrated he has been in the entire Madagascar franchise. Well he truly is a gem, besides being cute, cuddly and stupid. Less focus on Rico but yeah team’s incomplete without him.


He who shall not be named, Classified is actually Benedict Cumberbatch under the dog skin and he reins in competition with a team called The North Wind that comprises of a bear who stress eats, an owl for whom Kowalski has the hots for and a cute demolition expert seal that looks a lot like Mort. But this storyline is just a side story. The actual one runs with the perversion yet stupidity of Dr. Octavius Brine, a.k.a Dave who is bent on ruining everything cute as part of his Octopussy vengeance.

Brilliant comedy. The slapstick, witty and cheesy bits like celeb names mashed up for fun, that cricket chirping, human guitarist, struggling villain, Osteoporosis, all layer up extra bits of laugh. Just my kind of comedy. A must watch for everybody. No exceptions.

Oh and wait for the post credit scene, it has pizazz written all over it. Mort and King Julien show up to set things right!