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Warcraft Review (2016)

Warcraft is badly in need of a director like Peter Jackson.

You see what Peter Jackson did to The Lord of the Rings franchise, Duncan Jones doesn’t even come close to nailing. The World of Warcraft is brimming up with extraordinary stories that are in need of better helming, and even though Duncan Jones is a good director, he ends up moderating the game.


The movie picks off at an interesting juncture, right amidst a rad depiction from an Orcish vantage with a badass music to kick-start. But then soon its shortcomings come sieving to the banks. The first amongst it was the way the frames were being changed. Artful as Duncan used to be, in awesome movies like the Moon and Source Code, you don’t really expect him to hit that low. Right betwixt a good scene he would chop off a frame, changing it without caring to sustain viewer emotions. At one point it seemed fine, but then it kept happening throughout the flick.

To top that all not everybody is into Warcraft. So, if you are making a movie about a game that has millions of fans, you really need to start off slow, gradually trying to allure non-fans into this majestic world you are trying to create. Warcraft fails to do that. Half of the time you aren’t even aware, what’s what and who’s who.

No doubt there are mesmerizing scenes in the movie that will leave you wanting for more, but the tale somehow gets clouded owing to a persisting disconnect. CGI is really good but the screenplay has nothing to offer. The editing is quite poor as well. Plot is awesome but you just wish it was manifested in a better way.


Travis Fimmel was a brilliant blend of badass and finesse as he takes the character of Lothar to great heights. Paula Patton as Garona is good too. Ben Foster does a great Guardian Medivh who unfortunately keeps succumbing to weakness.

Focusing on the high points of the movie, the clash between Durotan and Gul’dan was a good one. Also, whenever Lothar came into the picture with his sword, you would instantly know that an Orc is going to be ripped apart. The part where he tries to save his son by doing everything he could to get through Guardian’s magic was magnificent. At times camera takes a satellite view showing wars across the Warcraft realm which is reminiscent of the game.


Despite all the good stuff it had, you end up overlooking everything owing to the sour taste it leaves you with in your palate. I really wish a good director picks Warcraft up to make its future sequels.

The Hobbit The Battle of the Five Armies Review (2014) | Epic closure to an Epic Tale

The Hobbit The Battle of the Five Armies is the epic finale to one of the most engaging tales ever. Peter Jackson returns with his HFR to closely project every daunting intricacies of our beloved franchise “The Hobbit” and he does it with pizzazz. Be it be the dragon’s fury on the ill-fated Lake-town, the impeccable depiction of shadows of Dol Guldur, the epic war formations of Elfin and dwarves-army or the breathtaking fight sequences that followed. Every bit drenched with beauty only Peter Jackson could perfect, and he makes it look complete badass!

Plot of The Hobbit The Battle of the Five Armies (Spoilers Ahead)

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies begins where it had left off: with dragon’s wrath. Albeit we knew that the slaying of the beast was imminent, the flick takes pace aptly with the Tolkein’s tale. We see Bard who wishes a genuine share for his people from the mountain treasure in order to help them rise from ashes. Thranduil is stained with greed and comes with his elfin hoard to rob the mountain for silver and white gems. Thorin holds the fort succumbed by dragon sickness unwilling to budge.

Dain, Thorin’s cousin, comes to the aid of Thorin to fight his battle. Above it all there is the mighty Orc army led by Azog and another gigantic Orc army that swarm with war bats. The lonely mountain of treasure witnesses it all – the tragedy called war.

Confined Screenplay

Screenplay of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies being limited owing to war depictions, we are still left with pretty amazing conversations like the one between the Bard and Thorin through a crevice in the wall. Bard’s painful urge to Thorin to keep his promise. The aftermath of Kili’s fate with Tauriel in sobs:

still of a crying tauriel by liv tyler in the hobbit the battle of the five armies

“If this is love, I don’t want it.”

Other Beautiful Bits

Without exploring gore, Jackson presents death superbly with the magic he weaves through his frames.

Thorin’s inane reasoning with Dwalin, voices in his head, his dream and finally his rad resurrection from the Dragon Sickness have been beautifully portrayed. The fate of Kili and Fili sealed by Azog’s perversion meets Thorin’s wrath. Their clash powerful! Even more engaging was the fight between Legolas and Bolg.

The story eventually meets where LOTR begins and connecting the stream like that with Baggins and Gandalf in the picture only brings a contented smile.

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