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The Angry Birds Movie Review (2016)

Given the multitude the flightless birds have covered via its endearing game, the Angry Birds movie falls far away from its tree. It doesn’t come close to meeting the levels of jaunt Rovio Entertainment had set out on through its gaming venture. Things that stop it from hitting the spot are – bland story, vapid shenanigans, mediocre humour, and absence of real substance to keep things together.


The Angry Birds Movie is more like having a conversation with a pissed off Jason Sudeikis. It doesn’t have a real direction and stretches out beyond limit till their nemeses arrive; an inevitable rock-bottom that we all knew was coming. A character portrait of Mighty Eagle was shoehorned into the tale to kill time, which apparently seemed more like a clichéd sub-plot, something we all have seen thousands of times in animated movies. Peter Dinklage makes it better though, no doubt.


The weirdest thing about The Angry Birds Movie is that 20 minutes in it and you know how hollow the movie is. It is as if nobody really cared that they were making a movie. You could almost hear yourself in the backdrop – the movie-makers might have thought, “Let’s put that joke, let’s squeeze in a funny line like that. THAT would be funny!” Music is more like no matter what stuff is played it only comes out as their trademark song.

Though there is entertainment imbibed but it is more like in parts, and with no real connection to each other. So if you could pull them out, the whole flick would fall apart. It is almost like someone from the company who was tired of playing the game, filled with apprehension of them losing business got up in epiphany and shouted, “Hey guys! I know how to ensure we stay in business. Let’s make a movie!”


To look at the bright side, you have chubby cute birds that make your day. A funny character called Chuck that makes the movie enjoyable. Rest is a mere deliberate attempt to tickle you.


The Angry Birds Movie will lighten your mood though, but there is nothing like a classy witticism to throw you into fits of laughter. If you have a good sense of humour you are definitely going to hate it. Period.

Home Review (2015)

Home is a cute and cuddly entertaining ride!

A delightful movie buffed up real good by Jim Parson’s voice. You see one of the most adorable aliens ‘Oh’ come alive through outstanding CGI. Not only that but you also see him change colours as per his ephemeral mood swings. Oh speaks with broken phrases, bizarre words and incorrect tenses but not for a second does he stop being adorable. Jim’s voice just fits in the right grooves to impart the alien, a goofy yet an endearing sweetness.

The movie is all Rihanna if you give the flick a close scrutiny. She has needle dropped her own songs in the flick to strike the right vibes along with giving her voice to a crucial character named Tip. Steve Martin sounds just as great as Captain Smek. The movie is packed with adorable aliens, cute acts, good laughs, plushy clumsiness and morality messages.

The story however is really vapid and predictable. Jokes seem to be intended and aren’t properly placed. The theme on which the movie runs is also quite clichéd. Being primarily a kid’s movie, nothing dark covers the plot. All objects in the story are harmless. Sometimes the humour turns too cheesy and immature. But hey! If the child sitting next to me is laughing like crazy, who’s complaining?

Home is basically a movie for kids, and for you, provided the kid in you is still alive!