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Independence Day Resurgence Review (2016) | As Bad As It Gets

What a colossal disaster! Independence Day Resurgence turns out to be a huge bummer. Given the crazy levels Independence Day had managed to scintillate in us, we were expecting something as huge as the prequel. Unfortunately it is nothing compared to its epic first installment. The fact that it doesn’t even come close to a decent alien movie will make you resent it even more.


There isn’t just one downside to pinpoint because the whole movie is strewn with countless shortcomings. Beginning with the shoddy direction of Roland Emmerich, you might at once take it from Independence Day Resurgence that the guy’s still living in the 80s era. Any effort becomes an exercise in futility if you are not thoughtful enough. Roland showcases his childish unspooled head through reckless frames as he defines the prime basis of his movie, which happens to be nothing but bringing back the aliens and go shooting at them “ptchoo ptchoo”.

There are so many cheesy dialogues in the movie, feigned heroism from protagonists, weird reprisal plans, and plenty of role revivals that it is hard to take the movie seriously even for a second. There are hundreds of moments in the movie where you will go, “Are you kidding me?”


The screenplay is the worst. When all Madam President Lanford, played by Sela Ward, could manage at crucial moments,

“Let’s do it”

without giving an eye to repercussions; You could not help but imagine if something like this happens to us in reality, we are doomed for sure.

Everybody keeps reminding you every now and then that the events are actually taking place 20 years after. They use 20 years so many times that it could end up becoming a drinking game for you.

Bill Pullman, as President Whitmore, keeps showing up at places where he is not needed, and everybody just lets him pass. There is one African dude who kills Aliens with swords and says:

“You have to get them from behind.”

still of Deobia Oparei as Dikembe Umbutu in Independence Day Resurgence

It becomes so lame and cheesy with dialogues like that that you have to watch the Independence Day Resurgence to really believe it.

Jessie T. Usher is a bad replacement of Will Smith who is shoehorned just for the sake of Will remnants. Choosing Suicide Squad over Independence Day Resurgence is one of the best decisions of Will, hands down.

Including China seems very much forced. Putting in Chinese actors just for the sake of moolah is quite apparent to be candid.


Whilst at one end we see painstaking efforts from great directors like Christopher Nolan, James Cameron and Ridley Scott making next to impeccable alien movies, it is sad to see how Roland Emmerich doesn’t give two rats about what you want to see.

The only bright side to the movie could be that you get to see many characters reprise their roles. It might fling you in some nostalgic daydreaming. That and some cool visuals when the alien mother-ship tries to land on Earth. Everything else is simply stupid.

There is nothing serious going on in Independence Day: Resurgence. You can skip this any day.

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The Martian Review (2015)

The Martian is an orgasmic dig into science, unknown territories, top-notch optimism and undying hope.

As the beginning frames of The Martian survival painted the screen with a silent promise of grandeur, the first quotient that riveted me instantly was ‘Hope’. Mark Watney’s undying attitude towards life was really something. His optimistic nature towards survival was commendable. So what adds further icing to this survival tale? Sheer Watney genius!

The Martian is everything a survival movie needs to be. Ridley already had Andy Weir’s brilliant story in his vanguard, and he takes it and moulds it into one helluva beauty. The end result: 141 minutes of awesomeness. It keeps your heart in your mouth, your head attentive so you don’t miss all the useful science jargon, a smile on your face with its great humour whilst keeping you engaged throughout.


Matt Damon is outstanding as Watney. At times it’s like you can almost read his thoughts. He lingers his expressions like an expert and makes you connect instantly. Like one time he talks about his eventuality with a “so, Yeah……Yeah”. His instincts help him tackle every setback. His genius complements his acts. A very practical man, who takes every possibility into account but doesn’t let reality cloud his judgment. This makes you think what if the Martian wasn’t a polymath? Instead a normal human being like us? What would have happened then? Wouldn’t we have, I don’t know, died within a fortnight?

Visuals are rad. The scenic landscapes of Mars and Earth have been framed beautifully. At times the debris in the movie makes its 3D look badass. The screenplay is apt, most of the times shoehorned with Science. The plot is like a tide that makes you rove with its ups and downs. The brilliant brains manifested in the story are quite exceptional too. The flick teaches us a lot of things. The primal one being: never lose hope!

At the same time, Martian makes you feel like a layman. Had you studied properly in school, you would know every little bit they were throwing out there. If you already know something, it would still make you feel you aren’t nerd enough.

I got this sudden urge to build something when I walked out of the theatre. Guess this flick does that to you. 😉

Exodus Gods and Kings Review (2014) | A bland depiction of the Moses tale

Exodus Gods and Kings is insipid, bland and weak but carries all along that Ridley flair that we all adore. We all know the Moses story, right? Now take that and start abruptly with a war no one cares for, a prophecy that isn’t theatrical and the crucial intricate past that gets narrated via the narration of Ben Kingsley. Disaster huh? Okay, so Exodus Gods and Kings stood quite next to it.

The fact that Ridley Scott was making this epic saga into a movie was a big adrenaline rush per se. So hitting the theatres with mighty expectations was only customary.

Breaking Down Exodus Gods and Kings

The tale starts out of the blue from a mere conversation about Hittite wars and a prophecy that comes from Seti entailing a man saving another who would become the leader. A weird way to start the movie actually. Nothing theatrical about it too.

The flick lacks focus. Where story building was important, frames are clearly skipped as we caper around on to different screens without finding proper closure.

Still of Joel Edgerton and Christian Bale in Exodus: Gods and Kings

Plot Spoilers Ahead

There are some crucial elements in Ridley’s direction that simply cannot be shaken off:

Plagues that plagued Egypt were subtly shown. We find a guy who endeavours to reason everything happening with a logical explanation. Scott as an atheist does try his best to manifest Malak, the messenger of God, subtly after a blow on Moses’s head knocks him out. A couple of shots of Joshua sneaking in to find Moses talking to nobody, depicts that Malak could only be a figment in his head and that everything happened without a Godly venture. The practicality of the low tides, the sea drying out and cyclones seemed to usher in a new age thinking that Ridley perfected. Yet, there was a subconscious Hebrew-helper that seemed to work in Moses’s favor all the time.

Still of Joel Edgerton as Ramses in Exodus Gods and Kings movie

You sleep well because you’re loved. I’ve never slept that well.

Climactic bits of Exodus: Gods and Kings were great to watch. The ending wraps up with ‘For my brother Tony’ that takes you some years back to the unfortunate death of Tony Scott. It was a warm gesture. And Respect!

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Other Characters in Exodus: Gods and Kings

Even though the visuals were great, most of the movie ran dark. Aaron Paul is simply there. A mere observer. He has the most limited lines and gawks at Moses madness for hours. Falling for Zipporah is sour. It lacked drama. Joel Edgerton being a great actor ends up moderating perversion. Christian Bale looks great as Moses but doesn’t impress much.

There are so many minute details in the Exodus story that has simply gone unnoticed owing to the compact tale Scott wove. My advice: Make it a TV Series instead and justice shall be done!

Haven’t watched The Ten Commandments but from what I gather it was still better.

If you want to watch a good Exodus story, just watch the animated flick ‘The Prince of Egypt’. Way better than this one!

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