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Big Eyes Review (2014)

An enchanting flick!


Big Eyes is in a way reflective of a feeling every artist goes through when someone else steals credit for their work. It is a crime that Walter Keane, played superbly by Christoph Waltz, commits without batting an eye and Margaret Keane, portrayed by Amy Adams, endures for the better half of her life. Screenplay coming from Walter Keane is very reassuring as he inspires Margaret to not underestimate herself, and drops soothing lines to make her believe she is gifted.

“You shouldn’t sell yourself so cheap. Your heart’s in your work.”


Music is endearing and so is its editing. Has a constant charming pace that keeps everything strung well in place. Tim Burton’s intelligent style of film-making can be read through his thoughtful frames that occasionally drop off humorous subtleties to make things alluring and delectable.

The paintings of Big Eyes have a telling veracity that is told my numerous stunningly drawn children with their beady eyes. As Margaret expounds:

“Eyes are windows to the soul.”

Big Eyes beautifully captures the struggle one had to go through in order to be seen. Even though art was revered profusely, beginnings were still as relentless as baby steps of any creative profession.


Christoph Waltz does a fabulous job as he tries to convince the whole world of his lie. It is hard to see through him. He is that good! Hell, he convinces you in the very beginning that he is for real. It is kind of a slow reveal when you start guessing his ugly facade.


At times you can’t help but feel sorry for Margaret and wonder why she doesn’t revolt. Trying to look at things from her perspective you realize she was pretty meek and weak. Also, he had a smooth talker for a husband who would always bring her around, probably why she was always in a constant dubitation. Also, there was moolah being pressed out on a regular basis; one of the major reasons for her mum.

You might wonder, despite the conning, Margaret does fairly well for herself, with a lie that helps both parties entailed. But for an artist who is fond of one’s work, money is always secondary. It is pride that matters the most, which Walter exploits profusely.

The fact Tim Burton doesn’t toy with the flick to make the biopic darker will compel you to raise brows. Dramatic elements don’t induce gut-wrenching feels which could be a downside to Big Eyes. But it does fairly well walking on its pleasant and bewitching theme to manifest eclipsed art and an engaging tale in its truest form.

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Goosebumps Review (2015)

A light popcorn entertainer!

Goosebumps fails to give you what its name promises. Or wait….maybe it didn’t promise anything in the first place. More of a tribute to R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps series. The movie is a very light comedy which banks on its sheer adventurous story to work. It does work though but not exactly the way you wanted it to.

With a fantastical plot where characters pop out of books into the real world, it basically gives you the idea where things are headed. But when you don’t slip in logic or even try to give a proper explanation things begin to go downhill.

What is quite surprising about the movie is the fact that it manages to hold on, even when things don’t. Both direction and editing of the movie have been done brilliantly. Helmed by Rob Letterman this flick has proper focus and runs at a great pace. There is slight comedy hurled hither and thither to make things jovial, which keeps the theme upbeat.

Jack Black plays Stine, the renowned author. But here you see a different version of the Jack you used to know. He is a non-comical recluse holding a dire secret. Both Dylan and Odeya are delightful to watch and have been complemented well by the remaining crew.

If you love dark, this isn’t a movie for you. You might want things to go out of hand and to an extremity like in Cabin in the Woods. However, this movie makes everything seem pretty normal. Adrenaline doesn’t pump much. Love looks mediocre. Loss doesn’t bring tears. Proper thought hasn’t been given in that department. Almost reminds you of all those Disney flicks they make!

Quite childish this movie, if you ask me! Kids are gonna love it though!