Thrives on stark suspense!

Te3n retains a brilliant narrative style that lets it stay miles away from conventional cinema. It has powerful performances by a stellar cast, with great actors like Amitabh Bachchan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui working wonders for the flick. It manages to swim across successfully despite the movie’s painful editing.


Te3n is a reflection of Montage, a South Korean thriller. The plot was well thought of to keep audiences riveted throughout the flick leaving them with their guessing games. Plenty of time is spent on character build-up in the beginning which Amitabh aces to perfection. Vidya Balan, I am afraid, doesn’t have anything substantial in her baggage to prove her mettle. Her acting prowess ends up getting overshadowed by the two beastly players. Screenplay is kind of okay but good enough for a thriller.


Music, well, I would like to put it this way:

Indian Cinema is still wrapped under the girdles of songs. To make you listen to an entire track, a director would do anything to make you connect emotionally through its lyrics. Wading through a Bollywood movie is like swimming across a lyrical sojourn. Te3n is no different when it comes to packing in music galore to open all your senses. Even though it is a pleasant addition, deliberately done to cater the needs of Indian public, something like that, if prolonged too much, messes with the gravity of the situation. Also, the subtlety in cinema making ends up getting withered. Ribhu Dasgupta tries his best to keep action frames afloat as he painstakingly appends backdrop songs to tingle your emotional quotient. To be really candid, we could have lived without it and the movie could have ultimately become much shorter.


Also, if you closely look at the direction of Te3n, there is no subtlety to it. Ribhu takes you for an amateur film-viewer showing every teensy bit till you get it. So, there is a frame for every theory. It is like spoon-feeding the audience. You couldn’t help but say, “I get it, get it. Move on please!”

Overlooking the apparent, if we look at Amitabh’s performance as John Biswas, you have to hand it over to him. He has been giving some of his life’s best performances nowadays which is good for the future of Indian Cinema. Standing close by is Nawazuddin’s naturalistic blunt yet powerful act that goes on to show that we are finally boldly heading towards progress.


Unfortunately this movie comes at a time when Amitabh had chosen a similar project just months ago, that entailed his granddaughter being killed, in Wazir. Even though how mediocre Wazir turned out to be, it skimmed on a similar story setup. Maybe the next time he signs a thriller, you will be able to guess who the culprit is. So you can enter a movie theatre with a know-it-all smug smile. 😉

Anywho, Te3N is a great thriller for a change! Go watch!