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Doctor Strange Review (2016) | Benedict Cumberbatch Uplifts the Uplifted

Doctor Strange is as badass as Marvel gets. You take the inbred flamboyance of Benedict Cumberbatch into consideration and remove those palisades of expression that bind him, you take his innate knack for humour and let it flow with his perfect timing, you let him really get under the skin of a character that you so profusely adore, and lo! You have got yourself a winning movie.

Benedict Cumberbatch: The Winner (Spoilers Ahead)

Haven’t we always secretly wished Benedict Cumberbatch to portray a superhero at some point? With a diverse portfolio like that of his, that keeps getting better every day, playing a superhero for him was always on the cards. Yes, he gives you more reasons to love him every day. This time by joining forces with the Marvel golden goose that has never really missed. It doesn’t miss this time either.

benedict cumberbatch as doctor strange in doctor strange movie

When you take a good look at the movie, Benedict Cumberbatch is it. He is there in the entire movie. In every frame, in every act you can feel his strong presence. That being said, Doctor Strange is all about it too. Such a great sorcerer he is that you can’t want him enough. And so he delivers! His solo movie that runs all by his magic fuel.

Humour in the movie is just the right amount as Marvel prefers. Melodrama is superbly complemented by Benedict’s knack for it. You can’t help but feel sorry for him when you see him completely decimated by that car accident in the beginning. The seemingly torture that follows is havocking for him, and he makes you feel all of that. It is a relief when you find his life head towards a different purpose.

Characters in Doctor Strange Movie

Rachel McAdams does a great Christine Palmer, firing up that fun element whenever Strange’s strangeness is around. Scott Adkinson as Lucian gets another ephemeral yet a fairly good part with Marvel; he doesn’t go unnoticed. It is Tilda Swinton however as The Ancient One that steals the show forming the primal carver of the story. The part where she wishes to go, when time stops has been gorgeously manifested. The screenplay there reaches levels of awe.

still of mads mikkelsen as kaecilius in doctor strange

Mads Mikkelsen invests himself well, doing a powerful Kaecilius but unfortunately gets a very limited part to prove his perversion. Chiwetel Ejiofor as Mordo looks very promising and has a bright future ahead with Marvel.

Astounding Bits

Even in those rare vexing fight scenes, Scott manages to hold everything together. The depiction of the Sanctums, and the confusion of topsy-turvy worlds have been helmed with a superlative touch. One of the finest things that happen to Strange is the Cloak of Levitation. Instantly takes you back in time to remind you of Aladdin’s Magic Carpet. Extraordinary stuff!

Steve Ditko’s original comic series has been paid plenty of tribute on numerous occasions. That scene where they fight in an Astral plane as Palmer operates on him, is so intelligently thought of that you cannot applaud the creator enough.

There is beauty in Scott’s depiction as Strange bends time to his will experimenting with the fate of an apple. The final climactic scene to force Dormammu to bow down to Doctor Strange’s bargain was one of the most brilliant ways to vanquish someone. It goes on to show how insane Doctor Strange’s powers really are. You can’t help but wonder how strong is Doctor Strange really?

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Direction of Doctor Strange

I have always admired Scott Derrickson’s direction. Even in a movie as powerless as Deliver Us from Evil we found him steady as a rock, working hard. He never lets his sobriety wane, and that shows in his diligent work. Thus Doctor Strange has been helmed too. Right from the point of giving us a badass perspective into the life of the extraordinary yet egotistic surgeon Stephen Strange to the point of him coming to terms with subsequent dimensions in our reality, scenes have been brilliantly directed.


It is what follows immediately after however makes you wish there was a better visual exploration about the things we don’t know, rather than immediately getting up to speed with Strange quickly packing in powers, and heading towards unveiling the secrets of the Eye of Agomotto. It seemed as if that was the only thing left to do at Kamar-Taj. Forced!

still of tilda swinton the ancient one showing doctor strange astral plane

With that awe-inspiring push into the extant multi-dimensions, Doctor Strange’s vision is something that will give you goosebumps. It makes you think of all the possibilities that stay hidden from naked eyes. Till that point of time you are gnawing at a lot of plausibility. But then it bereaves you when things kind of speed up. You don’t see the Ancient One taking Strange for a ride after he begins learning stuff, which in fact, sadly pulls off the plug from reality.

You come back wondering – it’s a comic after all. Stephen’s transformation into the superhero we think he is, gets affected owing to that, and it heads into your vantage of Marvel’s illusion almost immediately.

Doctor Strange Movie Editing

Editing, I am afraid, hasn’t been done properly either. As the movie quickly gallops towards an astral perspective, you see a lot of scenes getting chopped off mid-way, in order to move on. Viewers aren’t allowed to have a proper focus when it’s the learning hour for him.

To the point where the learning of Dr. Strange begins, the flick works seamlessly with ample plausibility. And then in order to move the story forward you see frequent time lapses making it chug at the speed of bullet.

Also, the fact that there is no calm sieving explanation of how and why laws of physics are bent in their worlds or how it all functions. I wish Ancient One had taken him for a ride explaining their ways of living, even though it would have been a spiritual sojourn, it would still have made things a tad more believable.

The Final Verdict

At the end of the day, Doctor Strange remains a character in Marvel’s colossal database. And that too one of the finest ones! MCU has been blessed with Benedict’s presence now. I guess it is time to show him crossing ways with the other Sherlock. Can’t wait for that!

With Benedict joining the elite house of the Avengers, things are endearingly heading towards the ultimate act of badassery.  And Thanos wink intended.

Yes there are end credit scenes. Two of them. So you can wait if you like fitting pieces in the puzzle.

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You can also check out the trailer of Doctor Strange movie here:

Guardians of the Galaxy Review (2014) | One of the Best Marvel Teams

Marvel‬ has simply blown us away! Guardians of the Galaxy packs in a marvel-lous story with awesome humour. I think we are in the era wherein Marvel can’t possibly do anything wrong. Whatever it touches turns to gold. True story! ‪

“You said it yourself, bitch!”

James Gunn‬ is a super-rad director planted in the perfect shoes by Marvel and boy does he deliver! By far the boldest move, as the Guardians of the Galaxy turns out to be the finest venture in the comic-turned-into-a-movie department and the decision to bring Gunn to the front page couldn’t have been more perfect! ‪

Guardians of the Galaxy Elements (Spoilers)

Dark Aster‬: The superb depiction of the badass floating frigging gigantic warship would make you forget any spaceship stereotype you ever had! Things are getting artistic!

Thanos‬: All hail the mighty Thanos! Bow down to the soon-to-be-God master of villainy! Though he braces us with a cameo we still get the picture of the Assembling of the Infinity Stones and an even bigger picture of the oncoming war and the impending chaos! ‪

The Cast of Guardians of the Galaxy

Chris Pratt‬ is adorable with his wits and awesome humor doing justice to “Star-Lord” while ‪Michael Rooker‬ breathes life into ‪Yondu‬, with his accent and flair he makes the Ravager fun to watch. He is extremely lethal yet badass with the arrow! Watch out for that bit! ‪

guardians of the galaxy wallpaper

Benicio Del Toro‬ permeates Collector with pizazz yet again, whilst ‪Lee Pace‬ strives to make ‪Ronan‬ a grim intimidating character. However Marvel still ends up making him another passable villain that might disappear as a hungry-for-desolation and power lout. We might cherish him as the Kree-ian who dared defy Thanos though!

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The Rest of the Team

Words fail to describe this guardian. He is the life of the group and a true hero. It is just that he has a filthy mouth and weird enough somehow fits the bill. His pairing with ‪ Groot‬ is kickass! whilst Groot’s our ‪Hodor‬ in disguise, he is packed in with surprises! Not that Vin Diesel had much to say anything about it (you see what I did there?) ‎

Gamora‬ the unfortunate adoption was good with the team. ‎Zoe Saldana‬ plays it fine. Dave Bautista‬ is brilliant as the dumb ‪Drax‬ who is bent on revenge and getting his ass kicked. Stan‬! Go get a room man!

Oh before I forget, Stan‬! Go get a room man!

Guardians of the Galaxy is bound to have a sequel by the way, and I think we are going to see the MCU merge it with the Avengers at some point.

Check out the trailer of Guardians of the Galaxy here: