Something that would catch your attention ASAP – The Score of The Equalizer! The composition is very Jesper Kyd-ish. It almost instantly sent me back in time. Brilliant notes by Harry Gregson-Williams that wouldn’t let you lose focus. The movie literally runs on Harry’s brilliance. He uplifts even bleak scenes and makes them super rad. I was swaying even before the flick started.

Antoine Fuqua’s direction is breathtaking. Every frame has a story to tell and he masters it superbly. Denzel is mesmerizing. The fact it was a Denzel movie itself was reason enough for me to watch this film. His face has this gravity that he pulls off so brilliantly, that only a few could nail. As Chloe puts it perfectly:

“Your eyes are not sad. They are just lost.”

The movie breathes on gore. Super cool scenes of amazing kills, bullet time and Denzel’s sixth sense perception are absolutely thrilling to watch. The screenplay simply trickles down with thoughtful words.

The most badass scene in the movie is when Robert meets Teddy. Time stops by when they have “the conversation”.

If we want an agent or a merc, we want him to be like Robert McCall. Period.