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The Age of Adaline Review (2015)

The Age of Adaline is a beautiful glimpse into the eternity.

The Age of Adaline if not great, is a good movie that skims romance gorgeously. The concept though a mere fantasy is brought to life with a scientific outlook and a background narration that doesn’t properly explore the how. The theme of the movie is romance and it tries to stay on it with Lee Toland Krieger’s beautiful direction. The drama is great to watch owing to exceptional performances packed in by Harrison Ford and Blake Lively.

In the beginning things are a little mediocre, with the far-fetched concept and the narration that often returns at unwanted moments, where the director tries to show the past through a black and white film Adaline is looking at and tries to milk the resemblance. However, it becomes an exercise in futility and you wish the narration to just stop as it skims unnecessarily into the diegetic territory. But soon the story resumes its right course with the introduction of Ellis Jones played by Michiel Huisman. The spark that he brings with him complements Adaline well and the story gallops into something from nothing.

The moment Harrison Ford is introduced into the story the flick’s luster refurbishes itself completely. Melodrama becomes grave and the tale becomes a tad dark. However, it soon gets wobbled up by mediocrity once again and Fordism disappears eventually.

What stops this movie from being great is its screenplay. There aren’t many lines that explore profundity. Also, unlike David Fincher’s dark aftermath, this movie doesn’t explore the many phases of time. There is so much poetry to a woman that cannot age, and all goes to waste since Krieger was too busy exploring romance, failing to milk the concept enough. What could have been a literally orgastic flick drenched in poetry, dies down into a bleak love story confined to a woman quandary.

The Age of Adaline













  • Great Direction
  • Exceptional acting by Harrison Ford
  • Marvelous concept


  • Director doesn't milk the concept enough
  • Screenplay most of the times lacked profundity
  • Could have used some dark

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