still of robert de niro and Anne Hathaway from the intern movie

The Intern Review (2015)

Nancy Meyers has a knack for making ‘pleasant and delightful’ movies. The Intern is no different. The flick is upbeat. Almost like a fairyland, where good things keep happening, and everything is quite refined and elegant.

Anne Hathway is brilliant as Jules. With the backdrop plot of a girl doing really well with her startup, I imagined people of her character’s age group instantly relate with her. What makes the story even more endearing is the inclusion of Robert De Niro as an intern who walks into the life of Jules as a fairy godfather. He comes as a pleasant surprise and makes things better for her, and takes the load off from her shoulders. Something tells me people are really looking for someone like De Niro in their lives. A friend or a watchful protector who just wants the best for you, and wishes good things to happen to you, who takes the driver’s seat of your life and lets you enjoy the ride, and takes the pressure off, and also helps you out with the clutter in life.

Sadly the world doesn’t really work like that. If it weren’t so dark, each one of us would be living our fantasies without life’s wretched inhibitions. The Intern is all a mere figment of Nancy Meyers imagination. She punches in forced comedy in order to make the matter in hand sound fun. Eventually she tries to create tension, which is again Meyers’ way of putting hurdles into her story. Screenplay of the movie is more like conversations with a shrink. At one point, it seems you are witnessing one.

We must bear in mind, not everything in this life is plushy and fluffy. You don’t always end up with unicorns and rainbows. Given the jovial theme of the movie, it would at once strike you how the director thinks. Nancy isn’t a great director, but for some, she is.

I would recommend it for people who don’t really like dark, who are light-hearted and are always down for a pleasant popcorn movie.

The Intern













  • An upbeat movie
  • Smooth plot
  • Great performances by Anne and De Niro
  • Makes you feel good


  • Lacks gravity
  • Not at all dark
  • Average comedy

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