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Cinema is bigger than boundaries. Hell! it helps us lose them. Instill all the good things to learn how to live. Top Foreign Films page is created to help you find some of those magical movies extant today in different enclaves across the world.

As art lovers, we don’t really care about barriers, do we? It doesn’t matter, where the work has originated or in which language it has been garnished in, for us art’s art, and it will forever remain so. Timeless and without boundaries. Period.

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With that intent this page tries to celebrate the world all across the globe. The list will keep augmenting the more movies I watch of course, because there is only so much love to give.

Drop by occasionally to check the movies that has made it to the Top Foreign Films list.

Top Foreign Films

If a movie has made it in our top foreign films list here, it doesn’t mean there aren’t other good movies that the country retains, or wears on its bosoms. There are plenty of them, I know! It’s just that I haven’t had the good hap of coming across them. So if there is a movie you wish to bring to my notice, please comment and I will try to watch it right away.




Wait till you see this page boom with excellent movies to watch from all across the globe. Let there be more art, more love, and more freedom to watch good movies irrespective of the place where it has originated. Let there be no boundaries to sunder out the good the world is missing on, just because some top foreign films are hard to fathom because of language barriers.

Keep visiting this foreign language leaflet. Let the collection of awesome movies grow!