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Wild Review (2014)

Extraordinary feat! Exceptional stuff!

Wild is downright wild. The title insinuates so many things; it couldn’t be more justified. The restless state inside the head of a woman, who has encountered a recent tragedy, the aftermath of that catastrophe, the wilderness she resorts to for recovering herself – everything indicative of the apposite title of the flick. Wild is a movie of self-discovery through an ordeal of hiking.

The movie digs in to explore human emotions, the commotion in a sane head that could victimize even the boldest soul. It skims on the concept of human attachment, frivolity, grief and repentance.

There is only so much that a heart could take. A time rushes in when it topples you off the sync. You are no longer living and you aren’t dead either. Wild takes a dive into the life of Cheryl, the protagonist with a broken past, who inflamed by her deeds embarks on a hiking expedition across the PCT.

Reese Witherspoon plays Cheryl superbly. Her face dons Cheryl’s gravity with ease. She is ballsy, she is dramatic and she is on a path of redemption. Also, she is pissed and you can hear her talk! Thanks to an exceptional feat in direction by Jean-Marc Vallee as he lets you listen to her thoughts, just like you would listen to yours on a journey so rough.

Wild is also carved with brilliant drama. Hands down top-notch! There are so many moments in the movie that simply shatter you to pieces. Cheryl’s grieving process is intermingled with imagery from the past. At some instances, different frames are deliberately run in a fleeting manner, and then unravelled gradually at a later stage to complete its story. This type of direction and editing is downright phenomenal! The screenplay is also drenched with emotional vibes that compel you to think. Overall a sensational movie that can’t be missed.














  • Extraordinary direction
  • Sensational acting
  • Brilliant editing
  • Great Screenplay
  • Reflective of one's struggle for redemption


  • Not everyone will enjoy it

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