I know what you are thinking. Why the website Straight From a Movie has been branded The Best Movie Review Site when there are a bazillion others capering around in the same genre? Well, I could just say spend a little time here, and find out why The Best Movie Review Site tag tags along. Or I could stop being lazy and show you around its evident awesomeness.


Commenced as a sheer movie quotes website (which retains all the top quotes by the way), Straight From a Movie has come a long way ever since its inception in the year 2013. It became successful in mesmerizing you, riveted your attention to amazing top quotes from movies, and offered you a chance to relive your dead verve.

Straight From a Movie has now boldly ventured into something much more bigger. We have primped and preened ourselves and slithered into a whole new horizon of movie reviews and movie ratings, better movie quotes all placed under one hood. Here we intend to discuss how much we loved a bit from a flick, suggest movies to each other, rate them, follow movie guides, put a pin to remember, criticize the bad ones, and shower our stirring love for the good ones.

Our experience, and undying enthusiasm for movies places us amongst the best movie sites of the world. You will realize why we are the best movie review site on this planet when you become a part of us.


You! Yes, you guys! If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t have even decided to expand in the first place. All those recommends, likes and reblogs made us believe – you love us. Love is all we seek. It kept us going and it will continue to act as our fuel in the long run.

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the shallows movie wallpaper

The Shallows Review (2016) | Shark vs Human | A Survival Tale

Shark vs Human. That’s how I would like to outline The Shallows. For a survival tale it isn’t exactly great, but it is still somewhere ...
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Pink Movie Review (2016) | Shattering Indian Societal Stereotypes

Pink Movie is exactly what India needs today. A clean wipe off to re-enter rules on our societal slate. To bend the rules that traditions ...
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the light between oceans movie wallpaper alicia vikander and michael fassbender

The Light Between Oceans Review (2016) | Tears you Apart | Profound

The Light Between Oceans left me speechless. I hadn’t broken down to a good drama in days. The Light Between Oceans had me in tears ...
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how to be single movie wallpaper

How to Be Single Review (2016) | All Those Things You Shouldn’t Do

For the better part of How to Be single, you are left to ponder, if the movie is trying to feed you how not to ...
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picture of flight 1549 on Hudson river water from Sully movie

Sully Review (2016) | An Incredible Biopic of Sully’s Miracle on Hudson

Sully took my breath away. I was rendered speechless by Chesley Sullenberger’s humanly impossible act, unbeatable acumen, extraordinary decision making and his unrivalled acuity that ...
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still of Anton Yelchin as Pat in Green Room Straight from a movie Best movie review site

The music is for effect. It’s time and aggression. And it’s shared live, and then it’s over. The energy can’t last.

Pat, Green Room

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