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American Sniper Review (2014) | A rad biopic on Chris Kyle’s life

American Sniper is an engaging glimpse into the head of an iconic soldier Chris Kyle , a Navy Seal veteran and a badass sniper. The biopic juggles between his love life, his sniping badassery, his fame and the mental state aftermath war that had him vexed for a while. American Sniper goes on to show how war gradually takes its toll on soldiers. It manifests through the yearning eyes of Kyle how he would always prefer an explosive battlefield to a quiet time home.

Prologue Jitters (Spoilers Ahead)

As soon as the screen goes dark and the movie begins, we are subjected to an enthralling booming bass that echoes power and might, depicting annexing right. All thanks to the boom operators of the flick. A tank shows up, an apt manifestation of annihilation like a devastating predator crushing rocks. It walks alongside soldiers on a mission. Not far away a sniper rests in a prone position on a roof alongside another soldier searching his target with rapt attention, cracking jokes.

Entry a lady hiding a grenade earnestly waiting for the convoy to arrive. She is accompanied by her son to whom she slips the grenade. The child rushes towards the American convoy, fully fledged, unaware of the cross-hair and bang! The deafening noise takes us to the past to the hunting grounds where a father is busy teaching his son to shoot.

Still of Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle in American Sniper Movie

Such brilliant direction! The prologue is so beautifully shot that you almost know that you are in for a treat. The story captures every aspect of the ‘Legend’ with whom American soldiers felt invincible. The flick features all his four major tours. There is a beautiful melodramatic side story showing his wife wanting his husband home. What it also beautifully captures is the aftermath of war-turmoil in a soldier’s head.

Amazing Moments from American Sniper

One of the most exhilarating scenes from the flick is when Kyle takes off his belt to smack his dog without realizing it. Also, when he takes his longest shot that ranged around 1920m and executes it to perfection. It’s the one that places him at the 8th spot on the global meter of champs.

“I want you to be human again.”

There are many other gorgeous subtle bits in the movie. Like, slaying a woman and a child wasn’t how Kyle imagined his first kills to be like. Apt coverage is given to that to make you feel his sorrow. Some beautiful dramatic pieces like Kyle shouting at the nurse to tend to his baby, asking his wife to move on if he doesn’t return, his post-traumatic disorder, perspectives of people he met on war, Kyle’s recovery and the final goodbye lap it up further bringing quality to this great biography.

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A lot of hoopla surrounds the American Sniper movie owing to the delicate topic it touches viz. Iraq War. As a result, weird rumors and a lot of plot holes quickly showed up for this one. Some of the facts have been altered for movie viewing.

But if we overlook everything that raises brows and focus merely on how good the biopic really is, and experience the emotional quotient of the drama entailed, we would see how marvelous American Sniper movie really is.

A definite watch for everybody.

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Night at the museum Secret of the Tomb Review (2014) | One-time watch

Night at the Museum Secret of the Tomb lacks the lackluster of the first installment. Of course, that goes without saying I guess. Ever since they decided to come up with scripts that could stretch the original a bit, a lot of us had already lost interest.

Shawn Levy brings, yet again, another part to the franchise that has so far been successful in raking him decent moolahs. So this one right here is just another endeavour to elongate the already majestic Milan Trenc book that should have stopped right at the first part.

Nevertheless the movie is a happy hoot and as long as it brings smile to our faces, nobody’s complaining.

Breaking Down Night at the Museum Secret of the Tomb

Night at the museum: Secret of the Tomb is just another flick that promises a little bit adventure with a little humour. It does venture into wee bit drama, as its predecessors have, with some side story focusing occasionally at the father and son tension. However, everything still ends up being forgettable and dispensable.

Still of Rebel Wilson in Night at the Museum Secret of the tomb

The best thing about Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb is Rebel Wilson. She tickles your guts with her cool humour.

To see Robin Williams come alive once again was actually nice. There were some new introductions and pleasant additions to the story besides the old gang, which I believe might carry forward unless Shawn starts minding the money.

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One Teensy Spoiler Ahead

Watch out for ‘Huge Ackman’. He was charming as ever, even without his blades! 😉

One weird thing about the flick is that with the inclusion of such a huge cast, screen-time became an issue. Juggling with all characters to deliver witty one-liners was kind of a hard job. You could see that hotchpotch unfurling gradually.

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb is a one-time watch movie. In fact, perfect for kids. Also if you want that, once and for all, closure.

I would recommend go for it and then toss it in the backdrop of your mind where you don’t go often to scour memories.

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