Taken 3 is a big dud.

“l’ll come for you, I’ll find you and we both know what will happen then.”

When the screenplay of the movie gets as cheesy as the aforementioned, we fathom how limited thoughts have been spent writing the final part of this franchise. Taken 3 goes to that unimaginable doom and comes back alive narrowly escaping from being branded the worst trilogy ever. Things that probably saved the movie can be easily counted on fingers: a twist in the plot, Liam Neeson and…..okay so two fingers actually.

The cameras are so dodgy that you could hardly watch those car action seqs that were supposed to be great. It is as if the director didn’t want you to see the crash because…er it’s ugly? There is less violence, no gore basically.

SPOILER LINE: A promising villain, well who promised you badass in the prologue alone, and then disappears for the rest of the movie only to return again in his undies. (Awkward fight alert! :P)

So there is one rad flight scene that can be passed as the most memorable in the entire flick. That and the fact that Dougray Scott gets to end this franchise. Someone offer him more roles! Also while we are at the optimistic column for a second, let us not ignore the fact that the flow of the movie was great. Everything was happening for a reason and the unfurling was actually making sense. Also, Megaton was really concerned about showing things that might have confused laymen. Nothing subtle about his direction though.

Franchises like Taken eagerly wait for a script to be written (why a franchise? Moolah of course) for a possible exploit because of that sole fresh idea in the pack that got applauded in the first place for its originality. Rest is downright hunt for gold.

Now that the franchise is finally over, we can say sequels of Taken are mere dispensable piggybacks that we could have probably lived without. While there are producers and directors wasting resources in order to grab more booty off a triumphant brand, on the other hand, we have great directors like Guillermo Del Toro who make sequels only to genuinely tell the people the rest of the story they conceived in their heads. (Intended wink to Pacific Rim sequels)

A mediocre clichéd tale of false-framing, revenge, a cop who eats bagels off the crime scene, of finding people and you know the rest. I assume you have seen the prequels. 😛