What a complete dud!

Ericson Core tries to reboot Point Break and lands face forward in his own muck. There isn’t a plot to bind the characters properly. A story that is totally implausible, and devoid of substance. Not at all sticking to its roots and contorting the original beyond limit.

What was a complete disaster was the direction bit. Frames would jump to an unprecedented area almost abruptly, chipped right in the middle of a conversation. It is a poorly made flick that just crawls on without a point and breaks often too.

The only good thing about the movie was the stunt bit. All stunts were inscribed under nature’s aegis. A lot of time was spent on the waves, in the mountains, mid-air, skiing that manifested sheer nature power. The eight ordeals the team was pursuing were given plenty of screen time. But it was extended too much to cover up holes movie bore throughout.

Sure thing Luke Bracey looked phenomenal with his tattoos and Edgar Ramirez coolly played Bodhi to impart a different outlook to his perversion, but there was nothing they could do to uplift the poor editing and direction of Point Break. Befooled by the trailer that showed rad incessant stunts, the movie doesn’t cash in on them properly either. The skydiving stunt that was sold in the teasers ends up in mediocrity. Thrilling were the afterthought shouts that would complement the uplifting music. Inclusion of Delroy Lindo seemed like an exercise in futility. If you try to look at the screenplay, there are two or three lines in the movie that are good but have been reiterated quite many times for emphasis.

In a nutshell, it looks like a discovery channel documentary of people that are good in extreme sports. It was more like a Pointless Break!