“You said it yourself, bitch!”

Marvel‬ has simply blown us away! Guardians of the Galaxy packs in a marvel-lous hilarious story! We are in the era wherein Marvel can’t do anything wrong. It even shits gold now! True story! ‪Gunn‬’s a super-rad director planted in the perfect shoes by Marvel and boy does he deliver! By far the boldest move, as the Guardians of the Galaxy is the finest venture in the comic-turned-into-a-movie department and the decision to bring Gunn to the front page couldn’t have been more perfect! ‪

Dark Aster‬: The superb depiction of the badass floating frigging gigantic warship would make you forget any spaceship stereotype you ever had! Things are getting artistic!

Thanos‬: All hail the mighty Thanos! Bow down to the soon-to-be-God master of villainy! Though he braces us with a cameo we still get the picture of the Assembling of the Infinity Stones and an even bigger picture of the oncoming war and the impending chaos! ‪ Pratt‬ is adorable with his wits and awesome humor doing justice to “Star-Lord” while ‪Rooker‬ breathes life into ‪Yondu‬, with his accent and flair he makes the Ravager fun to watch and he is extremely lethal yet badass with the arrow! Watch out for that bit! ‪

Del Toro‬ permeates Collector with pizazz yet again, whilst ‪Lee Pace‬ strives to make ‪Ronan‬ a grim intimidating character however Marvel still ends up making him another passable villain that might disappear as a hungry-for-desolation and power lout. We might cherish him as the Kree-ian who dared defy Thanos though!

Rocket‬: Words fail to describe this guardian. He’s the life of the group and a true hero just with a filthy mouth. His pairing with ‪ Groot‬ is kickass! whilst Groot’s our ‪Hodor‬ in disguise! He is packed with surprises! Not that Vin Diesel had much to say anything about it (you see what I did there?) ‎Gamora‬ the unfortunate adoption was good with the team. ‎Saldana‬ plays it fine. Bautista‬ is brilliant as the dumb ‪Drax‬ who’s bent on revenge and getting his ass kicked and Stan‬! Go get a room man!

If you can’t somehow watch this movie, just stop existing! 😛