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Central Intelligence Review (2016) | Fun While it Lasts

What a pleasant surprise! Going into the theater, I didn’t expect much from this Rocky-Hart venture that seemed oddly named as Central Intelligence. Whilst from the surface it appeared the same as any comedy movie Kevin Hart had in the past pounced upon, finding it good simply made my day.


This is what I expect from a good comedy flick – a good slow paced direction to keep you thoroughly engaged whilst throwing in some laughable bits every now and then. At the same time not compromising the crucial plot at play.

Rawson Marshall Thurber ensures the audience has plenty. There were well thought of comic bits strewn all across the movie, as he tries to work upon a rare build up to get to his punch lines. He will make you used to it, and you will be waiting with jaws wide open expecting a funny liner bomb to be dropped anytime.


Central Intelligence is a buddy flick. Even though the protagonists are oddly paired, minutes into the movie and you will notice neither of them is a douche. They are totally nice guys and they gradually create a stunning chemistry that most Nice Guys movies profusely miss.

still of dwyane rock johnson with kevin hart in Central Intelligence movie

Kevin Hart’s Calvin Joyner is like a confused blend of perseverance and slapstick comedy. At dire moments when his emotional rivers go inundated, he reacts just as anybody of us would react, and that makes it both funny and relatable. That’s what Thurber pays attention to, letting Hart go savage at situational savagery.



There are endearing cameos that make you go, “Hey! Jason Bateman’s in the movie.” Or “Melissa McCarthy’s in it too.” Whilst Jason gets a shot once again at the Bully storyline, (seriously I can’t see how he fits the bill there!), Melissa’s role is ephemeral. Aaron Paul has a good role for a cameo as Phil and he will make your heart melt when he goes “Bitch!” bringing in memories from Breaking Bad. Kumail Nanjiani beams you up with his perfect comic timing in a funny Airport distraction scene. Ryan Hansen as Steve was hilarious too.

There is plenty of dope action inscribed in Central Intelligence for a comedy movie which looks absolutely spectacular when it gets delivered by Dwayne Johnson. Hart makes it all better with his rib-tickling descriptions.

still of kevin hart and dwayne johnson in central intelligence movie


On the big downside of the movie is Dwayne Johnson’s pathetic good guy acting. When I see him it feels like he is acting. Give me something that betrays it Rocky! That and the fact that the plot would make you go meh! We have seen too much of that sorts.

Another one is that it goes way too slow for a comedy movie at times. Also, Central Intelligence movie doesn’t retain something that will throw you into fits of laughter to be candid.


Overall Central Intelligence was very entertaining, had funny situations that squeezed out comedy. The movie becomes successful in giving an uncanny makeover to comedy movies.

Go watch!

Here’s the trailer of Central Intelligence movie:

Zootopia Review (2016)

Fun in every frame! Exciting stuff!

Zootopia has all the characteristics of a great movie. CGI is top-notch. So is its humour. Voiceovers are pretty great too. Binding together all the aforementioned elements is an intricate plot which is nothing but a thrilling joyride that plays out extremely well.

The fact that comedy in the animal world is distributed profusely based upon the various types of animals makes it a laugh riot. Creators find humour lurking in the remotest corners of the fauna and squeeze out every bit to ensure that you have a great time. Zootopia is brimming up like a carnival where all sorts of animals live in harmony together and basically coexist to comically impede the story with their cussing and nagging letting their animal instinctive jargon to make things exciting.

The story-line begins way back in time, and then quickly takes the plot up in the vanguard the moment Judy Hopps reaches Zootopia with her dream job. She has to solve a case that unravels into a bigger game at play as the movie progresses. The intricacies entailed and the mind-boggling revelations at the bottom of it all are thrilling to experience. Nick Wilde makes the story smugger appending some classy humour to the tale. At no point does the fun stop.

Animation is simply the best when you can see how much effort has been put into trivial things that we often ignore like the twitching of the nose, the feet movement, the mobile phone that shows a picture of a carrot (well played!), the reaction of them bunny ears to the noise around and every minute detail surrounding the demeanour of the movie characters. Well researched I must say, and well executed!

Characters of Hopps and Wilde have been given so much thought! The anthropomorphology they score with their expressions will give you the chills. They are simply that perfect!

The sloths are simply the best. Watch out for the Flash! 😀

The Gift Review (2015)

The Gift is a well written thriller!

Hats off to Joel Edgerton for his big debut as a fully-fledged director. Not only is his direction outstanding, but it is also better than most of the directors out there. His frames have an order, have the right amount of focus and they complement the score quiet beautifully.

The Gift unfurls gorgeously into a story which can’t be predicted at first. It breathes on a little suspense that coils around the question ‘Why’? Then as we progress halfway, things become a little clearer and the why gets answered. You see the true face of perversion there, and suddenly your heart brims up with sympathy.

The cast has done a great job by their majestic acting skills. Bateman and Joel are beautifully complemented by Rebecca Hall, and they all end up nailing it to perfection.

The plot is not quite intricate exactly, a little predictable when you see the end coming. But it is gorgeously wrapped under the threads of a thriller. It is very nicely written and eases quite brilliantly into the “Bullying” waters, an issue that still prevails in the society and the hunter in us never gives a damn. The Gift is all about one big bad vengeance, which skims a little horror as it progresses. The music is good and the silence is deafening too. A couple of quick surprises make your heart skip a beat.

What is however hard to swallow is the fact that the casting chose Jason Bateman to do the job of a bully. But if you look at it, the director intended to show a character that people would have trouble putting a pin to. And Joel milked this incredulity just fine.

Some things that Edgerton misses out on are screenplay and subtlety. I wished the screenplay to pack in a little bit more punch. Also, the movie could have done a tad more with the suspense building as things start to become quite apparent.


If you start to question the last bit of the movie, where Robyn had already decided to leave Simon, then even if Simon didn’t know whose baby it was, it wouldn’t have mattered much. Let us just say both end up getting divorce, the indifference of Simon towards the baby would have given Robyn the true custody. Okay, it did shatter him and break him but was Gordo’s revenge really worth it? It was, if Simon really loved Robyn beyond limit, but given the limited romance time shown in the movie and confined relationship manifestation, things weren’t exactly palpable. Hard to digest!

Leaving everything aside, the movie still manages to keep you incessantly thrilled, rooted and suspenseful. Definitely worth your time!

Horrible Bosses Review (2014)

The wacky trio is back and they are back with not only a bang, but also a good script by Sean Anders. So they wish to be bosses this time in Horrible Bosses. Little do they know getting into those shoes is a Herculean task.

The humour is brilliant. What do you expect when the likes of Jason Bateman and Jason Sudeikis steer comedy together with their brilliant comic timing? Charlie Day beams you up with his clumsiness and keeps the humour alive. All of them are really funny. What makes Bateman unique is that he is the only sane person in the group trying to jack-hammer some sense into his moronic buddies whilst Jason and Charlie keep driving into the inane all the time.

Both Christoph Waltz and Chris Pine wear the wicked veil just fine. And Jamie the MF, is still awesome. The way he negotiates. Ha! 😛 So many great laughs strewn all across the flick, it wouldn’t let you settle down for a bit.

The story was a bit predictable as we knew things had to go kaput since the franchise is all about that. However, dope comic timing of actors saved the flick from being an average comedy.

Oh! And yeah! There is Mike 😉 Breaking Bad fans will be thrilled. But alas it is kind of a cameo!

Go for this one. Hysterical stuff!